I've taken some shit for comparing David and Thomas to Alex. I think it's funny because clearly it makes no difference at what age these milestones are met. I didn't talk until I was two and according to my mother I have not shut up since.

David can't learn to read because then he won't bring a book to me at the most inconvenient times and ask that I stop what I'm doing and pull him onto my lap and read while I snuggle with him.

And Tom can't learn to walk because he's the last baby and when they start walking they're officially toddlers and I don't believe I'm ready to face that. Lately he's been recruiting Allan to do the hanging on walk in the evenings and he's getting pretty good at putting one foot in front of the other.

Don't grow up too fast, boys. Learn to struggle and not always be the best at an early age because it's a tough lesson to learn when you are in college.


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