Move Out

The movers came, packed and loaded. Allan disassembled and cleaned. I arrived. We ate at the Lilac Blossom. We both packed and loaded liquids and gases. Alex and David swept the garage floor. I had a great idea for a small business: move out service. I'd come in after movers and remove all the gas cans, liquids, etc. and broom clean the place. Imagine the huge collection of lighters and bug spray I'd amass. Our realtor said he has a basement full of the stuff.

I kissed our house goodbye. I felt a twinge when I said goodbye to the beautiful custom kitchen knowing that I won't have something similar for many years if ever but that's okay. I'll happily trade it for laminate counters and builder grade cabinetry if it means I get more time with my family and a golden dooger ever on guard for something food-like to hit the floor.

Anyway, it's time to move on and we are all okay with it!


LBJ11 said…
I'm glad for you both. For me the hardest thing about moving was the memories made that I was afraid would be forgotten. Soon, soon the Nugger will be home, too.

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