The Step

I was driving Alex home from school and after standing outside for a few minutes without a jacket I was cold. We drive by the local food pantry on the way to our apartment and I noticed a man standing in line wearing only a tank top. Normally I would have felt a pang of sadness and guilt and then done my best to forget it. Or perhaps I would send a check to the food pantry (which I've already done. There's nothing like rushing home to meet the grocery delivery van and passing a group of people waiting in line for free food to make you feel undeservedly blessed.) But today I took a step outside of my comfort zone.

I remembered that Allan has a thick heavy sweatshirt that I had given him. I thought of how nice it would be to give that man the shirt. And instead of passing off the idea as inconvenient or dangerous (you never know how people are going to react.) I took the step to go home and get the shirt and approach the man with it. He accepted graciously and thanked me and as I drove away and saw his arms go into the air to put the shirt on I was blessed with such a wonderful warm feeling that I think I'm going to stock my car with sweatshirts or better yet, warm coats in hopes that someday I can feel that again. The shirt may have warmed his back but the act warmed my soul.

I'm not posting this so you can be impressed with my Allan's-it was his shirt-good deed but so that you can be inspired to do a good deed too. You can even donate to the food pantry using paypal if you click here.


MonkeeMommy said…
You are a good person & I am thankful to be your sister!
Mother Goose said…
And I'm thankful to be your Mom. Love you Sweetie!!
LBJ11 said…
Way to go - it isn't easy to step out of our comfort zone. The first step is the hardest.

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