I went to Alex's school's monthly assembly today to watch his class perform a play. He was the narrator and did such a great job! He enunciated and projected and emoted (?) so well that I wonder if he has a future on stage. He is not pleased to have to read in church on Sunday but maybe after today's success he will change his mind.

It's going to be sad for him to have to change schools again when we move into the house but I think it's important that he meet some local friends and the timing is perfect-he'll start on the first day after Christmas vacation. I'll miss this great diverse school that he is in now. And they'll probably miss one great narrator!


Mother Goose said…
Yay Alex! Wish I could have been there!
Anonymous said…
Alex definitely made an impression to his school and teacher to get a prominent postion after only being there for a month. I'm so proud of him. Can you video his Sunday performance?'


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