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Thomas has hives from his neck to his ankles. I took him to the doctor and he's allergic to amoxicillin. But I get to give him Benadryl so we will sleep tonight!

Math For Moms

Ratio of purchased Cadbury Creme Eggs to number that end up in the kids' Easter baskets.
(As of today...this could change)


I smelled gas this afternoon and vacated the house then called Allan at work.  He called the gas company who told him to call 911 and the firemen beat him home.  Then two firetrucks, a police cruiser and a handful of other vehicles showed up.  Then another fire truck and some orange cones.  It turns out what I smelled was sewage from a washer/dryer hookup in our mudroom.  It's nice to know that if it were anything more serious we have good emergency response in our new town!

Egg Dying

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How Old?

How old will my kids have to be before we can make it through an entire church service without interruption???

Saturday Morning Weigh-In

Thomas 25.5 lbs
David 34.5 lbs
Alex 74.5 lbs

I was hoping David was closer to 40 pounds so we can move him into a booster seat in the car but it looks like it will be awhile.  Thomas is still rear-facing because we haven't gotten around to turning him and it is safer.  Plus it's very cute when he and David hold hands in the car.


I used to hate Fridays when I had to work all weekend.  I'd always come across someone chirping, "Have a nice weekend!"  And in my head I'd think, "wiping butts!"

It is so nice to have the weekend to look forward to as a family.  I've been reflecting on my new job  since I've had it for almost six months.  I realized that with me working 24 hours on the weekends and Allan working 50 or so hours during the week and three kids a house and a dog we had three full time jobs and only two people to do them.  We moved into a smaller mortgage and paid off our last debt and that allowed us to each take the one job we were the best at doing.

He's offense.  I'm defense.  He earns the pennies and I pinch them.  It works.  :)

My Favorite Things

No special promotional consideration provided, however, the following manufacturers are welcome to send me free products and/or coupons.
Olay Total Effects Body Wash: smells great, is very thick and creamy and leaves my skin soft even with hard water.
Windex wipes: one wipe will do the bathroom mirror, sink and counter and it's easy enough to do everyday.
Clorox wipes: one wipe will do the light switch, then the toilet handle, tank, seat, then around the rim and the base in that order only and is easy enough to do everyday.
Gerber sippy cups: really are non-spill and the valve is easy to keep track of, unlike the Playtex ones.
Sonicare: really gets my teeth clean.  The heads are pricey though.
Copco iced coffee cup: I use this every every day and somehow makes my iced coffee taste better.
Donut shop k cups: great coffee and aren't the cups cute?
Huggies wipes: thick and get the job done and the natural care scented is a good compromise for Allan and I.  I like scented and he doesn'…


My Great Grandma Roll is turning 102 on Monday.  I can't seem to find a card that says Happy 102nd.  I guess I'll have to write it in.  Or give her one Happy 2nd Birthday and two Happy 50th Birthdays.

My Feelings Exactly



I'm in a fog today. Thomas was up crying much of the night and it turns out he has an ear infection. I saved myself $5 by remembering that our local grocery store's pharmacy has free antibiotics. I'm sure they expect you to drop $50 when you come in to pick up those antibiotics but ya know I'm not the typical shopper. At the pharmacy I scanned my loyalty card and won a free silver coin to be used for money off a future visit. Then I collected my free antibiotics and left with nothing more than a thank you.

I guess Alex takes after me. He had a book fair at school today. He picked out two books and when I gave him the $11 for the books I told him it was his allowance for the week. All of a sudden he was trying to decide which of the two books he would buy.


I love love love my iPhone.  I've had it for three months and it's novelty has not worn off.  My favorite apps are:
HomeRoutine-I have recurring checklists to remind me to change which sheets on which days and to give vitamins to the boys and myself.  It has monthly deep cleaning checklists that rotate throughout the weeks.   USAA: I can snap a picture and instantly deposit a check with this app. Or just check account balances and transfer funds.
Yahtzee:  I love to play yahtzee and this is the perfect interface for it.  You can shake the phone to shake the dice.  It doesn't have a record of how many games I've played but it does say I've gotten 392 yahtzees so I would guess I've played well over 600 games.  Ipod: I listen to podcasts almost every day.  I get all three hours of the Dave Ramsey show and I also have an audiobook read by Barbara Kingsolver that I only let myself listen to while I'm doing dishes.  That should make it last! Calendar:  It's so …

My Favorite Easter Candy

My cousin Bruce claims he can smell Peeps when he walks into a store.  Peeps are yucky.  I'm all for the Cadbury Creme and Mini Eggs.


Transaction 1:
6 Yoplait Greek yogurts
3 Steamfresh veggies
2 packs of Go-gurts
2 brownie mixes
-----$13.78, earned $10 off your next order which I immediately used on
Transaction 2:
30 Yoplait cups, 29 pictured one was eaten by Thomas as soon as I got home because he can recognize it
1 Magazine, grabbed at the last minute to keep my total in the black
-----$1.64, earned $2 off your next order which I pocketed!

My piggies will go through all that yogurt in less than 2 weeks.

Afternoon Excitement

We spent ten minutes in the parking lot of Agway on Friday afternoon watching a box lifter lift and move pallets.  Luckily the operator stopped, got out and went into the store at which point I announced, "lunchtime!" and managed to escape.

In Which Thomas Expresses His Opinion

About begin weaned yesterday:

Today he is all smiles and happily slurping a sippy cup of whole milk.


Alex: has been going to bed at eight for the last five years and is now having trouble falling asleep.  I think we should move his bedtime to nine but someone disagrees with me.

David: has been waking up in the middle of the night and joining us in bed.  And then kicking us until dawn.  He now earns a sticker for every night he stays in his own bed and he's just three stickers away from earning a new Bionicle.

Thomas: is usually a very good sleeper but is teething and woke up screaming at 4:00 am when his ibuprofen wore off.  He refused to be put back into his crib on four separate occasions so he slept with us and he made sleeping with David look like a picnic in the park.  He climbed over my head, pulled my hair, farted in my face, etc.

Nugget: has been sleeping in even after Alex opens his crate door.  He raises one eyebrow if you try to coax him out.  He also has been known to put himself to bed at night if he's too tired to wait for us.

Allan & I:  are tired.




Before: (toys-many, many toys)

During: (my helpers-first one, then two, then three)
After: (totes-13 sorted, labeled and ready to stack in the basement)

Joint Effort

I sorted and labelled the bins and Allan put up the shelves and stacked them. I had to laugh when I came across an old label stating, '3-6 months BOYS' Boys indeed.


I finally figured out why my mom never minded doing the dishes. It's not about the dishes! After a meal everybody clears out so they don't have to help. In 20 minutes or less you get peace, quiet and a sense of accomplishment. Now if I could just do something about those dishpan hands.


Although Connecticut has a long maritime history, and a reputation based on that history, Connecticut has no direct access to the sea. The jurisdiction of New York actually extends east at Fishers Island, where New York shares a sea border with Rhode Island dividing Narragansett Bay. Although Connecticut has easy access to the Atlantic, between Long Island Sound and Block Island Sound, Connecticut has no direct ocean coast.From Wikipedia. And this is one of many things I did not know about my new home state.


Half way through nap time.
David: "Mommy!  No story has been readed!"

Ketchup Apple Pie

Mom A, Mom B

Mom A's house is so clean you could eat off her floor.  She doesn't let her kids have crackers unless she has the vacuum cleaner at the ready and they wear bibs until they're in kindergarten.

Mom B's house is a disaster but you'll often find her sitting with her kids and playing with playdough in the middle of the living room floor.

Mom A's kids are on such a tight schedule that they can't stay after story time to get a stamp because that takes ten minutes and they have to get home for the baby's nap.

Mom B is often seen at the library at 8:55 pm with her overtired and cranky kids.

Mom C is the perfect mix  of the two.  Her house is mostly clean, her kids are on a rough schedule and she has a pharmaceutical induced perpetual smile on her face.

So which one am I?


The spray of water hitting an almost empty shampoo bottle in my shower this morning sounded just like David yelling, "HELP!"  I was pleased to have figured it out before I ran downstairs dripping wet.

Spring Cleaning

It is a beautiful day, both boys are napping and I was just about to order this lovely set of spring cleaning products when I remembered my new year's resolution to not buy any more cleaning products because I have too many that I never use and so I decided to just open the windows instead.


Alex had a great season and really improved.  Today is his last day and then we get a breather before baseball starts.  And this Spring David is going to play 'pee wee' outdoor sports.  What will I do when I have all three of them in sports?  I'm going to need a 'mom's taxi' sign for my van.


I paid $60 or $70 for an excersaucer for Alex's first Christmas in 2001. All three boys used it a great deal. I cleaned it up and brought it to a consignment shop and went home with more room in my basement and ten bucks in my pocket!

I Heart Aldi

Aldi is a little unconventional. You have to use a quarter to release your shopping cart and you get it back when you return it. You also have to pay for your bags or bring your own and do your own bagging. They carry almost no name brands. But they do guarantee everything they sell. They also take cash or debit only and do not accept coupons. Here is my menu plan for the next two weeks:

Breaded Pork Chops, Fresh Broccoli, Rice
Pepperoni Pizza
Chicken & Cheese Crepes, Berry Smoothies
Pork Chop & Pasta Dinner
Beef Stroganoff with Egg Noodles, Fresh Asparagus
Green Chili Enchiladas, Refried Beans
Sausage & Knefla Casserole, Green Beans
Pork Tostadas, Mexican Rice
Baked Tilapia, Mac & Cheese, Sugar Snap Peas
T-Bone Steak, Baked Potatoes, Buttered Corn
Picante Sauce Chicken & Rice Bake
Spaghetti & Meatballs, Garlic Toast
Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Roasted Cauliflower
Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches, Tater Tots
Waffles, Bacon


I brought the boys to the children's musem today. Every time I come here I have to seek out the turtle. He has yet to repeat for me the action that made him famous to Allan and I.

We had all three boys in the turtle room, a small room with maybe 15 assorted turtles. He was laying upside down. None of the boys gave him more than a passing glance but fortunately Allan witnessed it too. We were pondering whether he was dead or sick when he popped up his turtle penis and sent a fierce arc of urine into the air and then quickly righted himself and acted like nothing happened.

He does smirk at me a bit when I stop in to say hello.

15 Months

Thomas is standing independently for very brief periods. He feeds himself pretty well even with just 1 tooth and three little nubby just-popped-up teeth. He says several words including doggy, eat, cracker, yogurt, no, yes, wow, Alex, David, Da Da, and my personal favorite, "cah." He does not yet pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd.

He enjoys music class and bats his little eyelashes when we sing hello to him.

His big brother Alex adores him and his big brother David tolerates him.  :)


I can't believe it's March already! That means several things:
*Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds
*Spring is around the corner
*Alex has been at this school for 3rd grade longer than the other two
*I can safely order another case of my favorite wine and not seem like an alcoholic (my last order was in Jan and if I had ordered it last week it would be once a month, now it's practically seasonally!)
*I've been out of work for 4 months. Out of paid work mind you, I do plenty of work. Twelve bottles of wine don't march down then up my basement stairs by themselves ya know.