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David's Turn

David made his athletic debut at outdoor pee wee sports today.  He had fun!  And I met the previous owner of this house and her daughter, she's in the lower right corner of the picture. She seems very nice.  Maybe I'll have her over for coffee.  I know she probably drinks coffee because they had the same coffee machine we do.  Would that be weird?  I sincerely hope my image isn't showing up on her blog today...

Anyway, without further ado here is David kicking the soccer ball.

Who's Pathetic Now?

I just spent five minutes trying to load the US Weekly video on why Brad Pitt thinks Jennifer Aniston is pathetic.  I gave up and now I'm the one who's pathetic!  I haven't had a shower, brushed my teeth nor dressed my Tomtom!  Time waster!!

Don't Ask, Don't Get

Allan has always been one to ask the question.  He encouraged me to apply for an Air Force sponsored grant when we were first married and I can remember thinking there is no way they'll give it to an officer's wife (a very broke officer's wife.)  And I did and they did!

The night before I was due to be induced to deliver Alex we drove into Boston to make sure we could find the hospital in the morning.  Since I was being induced I had to accept a slot at a different hospital than the one I'd planned.  I wanted to just pull up and leave but we went in and he explained our situation and got us a personal tour of the birthing unit.

And right now two men are completely replacing the roof on our shed because he discovered it was leaking and went to the owner of the company that built it to complain.  I would have just dealt with it.

It pays to ask, even if you annoy the crap out of people!

Do Over

My little boys so easily allow do overs.  Yesterday I tried to help Thomas by scooping up a bite of his dinner and he wasn't having my help, so he dumped it back in his bowl and made his own attempt.

Today David was ready to have his butt wiped so I picked him up from the toilet seat and he informed me that he was going to get down on his own so I quickly put him back, he got down on his own and all was good.

I wish adults had do overs.  I have few regrets in life but oh what I would give to be able to go back in time, smack myself on the face and make the right choice!


After six months of living with a palate expander cemented into his mouth, Alex is a free man.  I bought him an ice cream cone on the way back to school to celebrate.

Product Test

Thomas is currently in phase 1 of a baby wipe study.  We are supposed to use the wipes at every change and after every bath until  April 30th or the box is gone, then fill out a survey.  Then starting May 7 we enter phase 2 with a different box of wipes.

And in between the boxes of wipes he's doing a diaper study for a different company.  Beginning April 30th as soon as I get the package we're supposed to use the study diapers and record any leakage until the morning of May 6th when I have an appointment for a phone interview and then I'll receive a $10 check.

I'll go back to our regular wipes during the time he's using the study diapers to avoid any confusion if he develops a rash.  So far so good and the wipes are made by a reputable company so I don't feel bad about putting his butt on the line.

And that's one busy butt!!

TV Turnoff Week

Pray for me.


I participated in our church's town wide yard sale.  A nasty lady with a scowl on her face asked me, "what's this?" as she held up a golf club.  I said, "a golf says 'driver' on the end."  Allan had it marked $5. She asked if I'd take $1.  I said yes.  (My mistake, I was about to pack up and she caught me in a weak moment.)  
She proceeded to set down her pepsi can on my table, pay me for the club and walk away.  I said, "Excuse me, is this your soda?"  As I handed it back to her and the b!tch replies, "it's empty."  
She took it when I told her I didn't have a garbage can and I was so tempted to rip Allan's driver out of her hands and hit her with it!


It's Alex's last day of Spring Break and I'm the only one that's happy about it!

He has messed up our routine.  And as the week goes on his tormenting of David has gotten out of hand.

And I have the whole summer to look forward to.  Maybe I'll try to find him a job...

Oooh That Smell

I recently started using a hand soap that I haven't used since we were in our old house and the scent makes me miss our old house.  I also am reminded of living in our apartment when I use a perfume that Allan gave me for Christmas.

Of course, every spring the scent of fresh lilacs reminds me of our old neighbor when I was growing up.

I love how scents can bring back memories faster than anything else.

Big Bro


Afternoon Videos

Alex declined participation.  He likes to say, "Mom!  Don't put this on your blog!" when I take a picture of him.  Nugget will impress you, David will scare you and Thomas will make you want a Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee.  It was the only way I could get him to sit still and perform. 

Orange Chicken

I made this Orange Chicken recipe yesterday. It was delicious! I can't wait to have leftovers for lunch.  Photo Credit:


I took the boys to Six Flags today and went on one roller coaster. We stayed four hours, it was sunny but not hot and I brought bottled water and ate before we left so I didn't eat anything at the park. I also have my period.

Yes this is going somewhere and that last part is relevant beyond proving that I'm not pregnant, ha ha.

We got home and I got the flashing lights migraine aura and I blessedly was able to avoid the headache thanks to my friend Imitrex.

I've identified both hormones and smoked cheese as triggers for migraines in the past. I am averse to the pain enough that I've become very cautious and now I'm wondering if I need to add roller coasters to the list! Or Six Flags (Alex would not be happy!) Whaddya think?

Alex's Movie Thoughts

The book is always better than the movie.
If there is a sequel it's never as good as the original.


First, I sort them by color. Then starting with the most numerous color I put four in my mouth. Two in each cheek. Let the chocolate melt. The I crackle them up and crunch the candy as the rest of the chocolate melts. And so it goes until I have the same number of each color. Then I admire them. Sometimes I shuttle them into a flower shape: green stem, blue petals, red center. Allan sticks his hand in the bag and chomps.


I saw a light blue Chrysler Reliant today.  It was my first car.  I loved that car.  His name was Reggie.


I now have a new trouble maker.  David used to be the big problem.  Not anymore!  While Thomas cannot walk he can crawl and climb.  He either gets into things he shouldn't or he seeks me out, pulls up on my pant legs and whines.  It makes it hard to get things done.

So I have a new trick.  I plan an errand.  I get them all in the car.  Then I pretend I forgot something, run back into the house and quickly fold a load of laundry or sweep up the spilled coffee grounds or any other task that takes 10 minutes or less in complete uninterrupted peace and quiet and then I get back in the car and away we go.

I also get to preschool a few minutes early and use my phone to check email, Facebook, blogs, etc.  since they never let me do it at home.  Now if I could just figure out how to shower with them strapped in the car...

Death, Taxes, And

For mothers: laundry.

Tea Time

Allan just joined a golf league.  They golf nine holes right after work on Mondays.  From April to October.

I'm happy that he can golf again.  He loves it.  He deserves a break.  It's great exercise.  He only pays $8 a week.


Feeding the boys supper, supervising homework, bathing and putting them to bed is a job for two people.

So as long as he takes advantage of Monday tee times I'm going to enjoy some Tuesday night tea time.  I've got a travel mug of tea ready and I'm heading to Walmart and Rite Aid.  I'll come home as soon as the upstairs hallway light goes out ;)

The Switch

I have David to thank for this discovery.  He was pulling coats out of the closet and when I put them back I discovered this switch.
And when I turned it the chandelier in our entry lowered for cleaning.  This is normally the kind of thing you'd discover after living in a house for ten years (and ignoring the dust), after you rented a big ladder and cleaned the chandelier yourself all to put the house on the market and sell and then have a realtor point the feature out to you.

Beautiful Day

It's such a lovely day today.  Why, what a perfect day to go out in a sweater, a left snow boot and a left shoe.  And stick your tongue out when your mother takes your picture.

Yes No and No

I guess we'll not be submitting the Efferdent receipt, sorting cleaning washcloths from body washing washcloths and we'll be having lasagna for dinner.  Thanks to all who participated.

Recipe Help

WHISKEY RIVER® BBQ CHICKEN SANDWICHA tender, juicy charbroiled chicken breast bastedwith our signature Whiskey River® BBQ Sauceand topped with melted Cheddar cheese, crispyonion straws, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.Cowpokes and real folks both love this one! 8.99That is from the Red Robin's menu.  I love that sandwich.  Can you help me copy it?

Would You?

Would you bake, serve and eat a lasagna on Saturday at 6:00 PM if you made and refrigerated it on the previous Wednesday afternoon?

Would you submit a receipt for Efferdent denture cleaning tablets to your FSA (pre-tax health care spending account) if you use them to clean your toilets?

Would you use a washcloth that you used to wipe down the toilet with bathroom cleaner and then washed on your body?

Thanks, Mom

You bought me another Diet Coke!  She lovingly types in her my Coke rewards codes and emails them to me so I can collect the points.  Every ten that she drinks buys me a freebie.

Georgie and JoJo

I got my Curious George for Christmas five days before I was born.  He's been a faithful companion ever since.  He lost his eyes in a tragic accident but my Grandma Roll put new ones on with a Sharpie.  I cried because he couldn't see but he's learned to live with his disability.  His music box plays "Rock a Bye Baby."

Thomas got his Curious George long before he was born.  My dad and I were sightseeing near Harvard and we bought him at a Wordsworth store.  Neither Alex nor David had much interest in him but he's become Tomtom's best friend.  He cuddles him every night and recently gave him the name JoJo.  I hope JoJo has many good sighted years left in him.

Grandpa & Thomas


15 Mos

At his 15 month but he's 16 months old checkup Thomas was 25 lb 13 oz and 34" tall.
This is the closest comparison post.

Iced Tea

On our way home from Easter in Pennsylvania yesterday we stopped at a rest stop. It was one of seven stops, this time around 5:00 PM. On the way in I noticed a Turkey Hill iced tea machine. On the way out I asked Allan if he would like some iced tea. "Yes I would! That would be the perfect thing to keep me awake" was his reply.

We approached the machine. David started pressing buttons. We noted the price. Two dollars. Allan hesitated but didn't change his mind. I pulled two crisp one dollar bills from my purse and we discovered that the damn machine was only taking coins.

The first four quarters came easily. Right from my main zippered coin purse. The next quarter and two dimes were hiding in my secret secondary coin purse. The next fifty five cents were extracted from every nook and cranny in my big green purse. I thought we were there so I let David start pressing the button. We waited with baited breath (that line's for you, Allison.)
We realize…

16 Months

And he will hopefully be walking by the end of the month. He will take a cautious step between two obstacles and will stand independently in the bathtub (so he can have both hands on his wanker.). It won't be too long.

Busy Day

I have to chauffeur David to Preschool followed by a Mom's club Easter egg hunt and picnic then rush home to meet the bus for the half day then chauffeur Alex to 'choices for 3rd and 4th grade boys' after supper while somehow doing 5 loads of laundry and packing for our trip to Pennsylvania tomorrow. I had better get my ass out of bed!