Party Plan

Party planner is in my new job description.  No longer can we afford to spend $300 on an all-inclusive destination birthday party.  Yeah, I guess we never could afford it which is why we only did that a couple of times.  It sure was easy to book online and then do nothing more than show up.  But I've learned that most kids are just as happy to go to someone's house and get cake and a treat bag.

So I'm using the resources that I have and planning a LEGO party for Alex's birthday.  Prizes and favors...done!  Cake...should be pretty straightforward with a loaf pan and some frosting covered marshmallows.  I need game and food ideas please!


scissorbill said…
For one game we could have a building contest and for another have them build a car and race them. Maybe we could do a scavenger hunt in the backyard with different bricks hidden. I'll have Allan load up on 'pick a brick' and let them grab a handful each time they win a game. Or two handfuls for the winner and one for each participant.
Mother Goose said…
Is this going to happen when Gage and I are there? I could be a judge :)
Mother Goose said…
For pirses you could get some of the dent and scratch kits like the ones I brought home in Feb. for Jameson and Gage.
Linda said…
Dampen large tshirts, roll up and freeze them. The game is to unroll the shirt and put it on and run to some destination. First one there wins.
Linda said…
Spit watrmelon seeds. Whoever can spit it the farthest, wins. I seem to remember games after posting!
Linda said…
Water balloon game. Cut holes In a plastic garbage bag big enough for a foot to go through. This is for the catcher. His partner lobs a water balloon to him to catch. The team that catches the most, wins. Ps both kids have to catch.
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