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House and Home

When I wasn't paying attention Alex ate FOUR Nutrigrain bars as an afternoon snack.


I've quit Diet Coke about as many times as my mother has quit smoking.  But I'm going to do it again just like she just did it again.  Even if all I do is decrease my lifetime amount of DC I think it's a good thing.  Ditto for the cigarettes, Mom!


On the way home from bible school David was instructing Alex as to the proper treatment of his toilet paper tube telescope:

"Don't turn it this way or it'll break.  Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay, Alex? Okay? Alex!  I said okay!"

Alex: "Okay."


You can take the baby out of Boston but you can't take the Boston out of the baby:

Choo Choos

All three of them, playing together while I read my magazine.  It was a beautiful thing.


We were at a sports store on Saturday and I was watching the boys while Allan tried on shoes. We were sitting near the sports bras and Alex was playing with a big, David a medium and Thomas a small ball.

After 10 minutes I noticed they were marked 'D' cup, 'B' cup, and 'A' cup.


I was outside with the boys this afternoon and had moved from the patio to the deck. I had left my phone on the patio. A few seconds after I realized this, Nugget dropped it at my feet. Thanks, buddy.

The Fighting

Is it because Alex and David are in that 6 week window where they're ages are six years apart? Is it the heat?  I don't know but they are beating the shit out of each other.  David eggs Alex on, tells him, "hit me!" and runs.  Alex will fight dirty and trip David.  I intervene at some point and tell them to stop and David is the one that complains the loudest.

My only concern is that Alex is turning David into an animal and once Thomas is just a bit older he's going to get pummeled.

Gage: Wrapup

It was a whirlwind of Connecticut fun for Gage Rene.  On Friday Alex's friends came over for his birthday party. We went to Cumberland farms to get free Chill Zones (it was free Chill Zone day and I wasn't about to miss out) and took them to the playground. On Saturday we went to Six Flags and spent several hours at the water park and then did a couple of dry rides. On Sunday we took all the boys out of the house for Allan to enjoy some peace and quiet on Father's day so we went to the beach where Gage sort of saw the ocean for the first time. It was technically the Long Island Sound but...close enough. By Monday we were pretty exhausted so we took them to a park with an aviary, saw some birds and then spent the afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese's followed by a much better dinner at Red Robin. On Tuesday morning we went out with a bang by taking him to the LEGO company store, McDonalds for lunch and then to the airport. Now we're all exhausted and the poor kid ha…


Alex and my mom rode a ride like this at Six Flags on Saturday:
Here is his LEGO interpretation:

Please ignore the background screaming. It's par for the course around here.


My nephew has cough and just when I was thinking I have a bachelor's degree to be a full time mother I went and found my stethoscope and confirmed that his lungs were clear.  Useful!

Sand Box

If my Dad was still alive he'd be the one in the sand digging with the boys.  You are doing a great job of being Grandma and Grandpa, Mom, so Happy Father's Day!

Lego Cake

I considered covering it in fondant and using candy melts to dip the marshmallow 'studs' for a real professional looking cake but I decided it was too much work and fondant doesn't taste good so I just used buttercream.  There are exactly nine studs in which to put candles later this afternoon.


My nephew Gage from North Dakota is visiting with my mother.  The good time I'm showing him started off right after the airport at Five Guys for burgers and fries.  He was appropriately impressed.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free

I had my annual exam with the new GYN group this morning.  While giving my history I contemplated how I went from primary infertility starting at age 23 to a blessed mother of one at age 25 then secondary infertility, recurrent miscarriage, failed IVF at age 27-29 then a blessed mother of two at age 30.  And just when I thought I had life under control our unplanned blessing arrived when I was a few weeks shy of 33.  Ten years, and what a wild ride!

It is nice knowing that we are completely done and while I may occasionally joke with Allan about just one more I am content.  If a household with three boys can ever be content that is.

The Bird

David eats like a bird. Yesterday he refused breakfast, had a cup of whole milk (we were out of skim) on the way to school, a small snack at school, a string cheese in the afternoon and then maybe four bites of taco for dinner.

So he didn't get to have any of his brother's birthday ice cream cupcakes and he didn't seem to care.

Budget Birthday Party

Invitations and thank you notes: $2.95 shipping for 50 photo prints using a coupon code
Favors: $2.75 each, using my connection LEGO store plus favor bags=$19.44 for six
Prizes: $4 total, one bag of Hershey's miniatures, one bag of Starbursts bought on sale
Food: Mostly Aldi, some Walmart, some sale grocery stores
$1.88 watermelon
$3.16 buns-two bags each of hamburger and hot dog
$3.87 chips-one ripple, one barbecue, one sour cream & onion
$1.99 American cheese slices
$1.49 pickles
FREE hot dogs-buy one get one sale plus buy one get one coupon=2 packs free
$5.99 10 pack hamburger patties
$1.99 paper plates
$.89 cake mix
$3.98 two cartons of ice cream, no longer half gallons but 1.5 quarts each :(
-$1.00 two packages of Kool Aid pouches, coupon+sale+Kraft rebate
HAVE: frosting ingredients, napkins, ketchup, mustard, lettuce and tomato (birthday boy requested tacos for dinner tonight) additional hamburger patties
Grand total: $50.63! I may splurge on a six pack of …

Halfway to Eighteen

I can't believe my first baby is nine.  Not that he'd let me forget it.
Here are some clips from his recent recorder concert. He is in the navy blue polo shirt in the upper right.

Birthday Gift

We picked this up over the weekend for our birthday boy.  It was kind of hard to hide so we showed it to him early.  Now Allan just has to dig a 20" in diameter, 3 feet deep hole so he can set it up ;)

Crossover & Rocket Launch

Alex crossed over from a Bear to a Webelo Scout last night.  And the boys launched their water rockets after the ceremony.  I wasn't able to attend, what with two monkeys to watch but judging from Allan's pictures it looked like he had a lot of fun.  


I went to CVS this morning and found mega packs of Huggies diapers on clearance for 75% off. I happened to have four $3 off coupons from (two computers, so nice, thanks, Jim) so I paid $1.49 for $17.99 packs of diapers.  Wahoo!


I put David's lunch on the table for him around noon. It was a piece of bread with butter, a muffin paper with cashews and a cup of apple juice. He took the apple juice and some of the nuts and left the bread. I left it because sometimes he'll come back and eat if he gets hungry. Five hours later I caught Thomas in the middle of the table eating the bread.

Poor Dog

It's a good thing I decided to have Alex mark on a chart when he feeds Nugget. I used to guess and sometimes feed him twice but I had a sneaking suspicion that he was missing some meals. And you can't exactly ask a dog if he's hungry.

No breakfast today, no dinner last night.

Boys Being Boys

Alex, while pinning David to the floor: "Say I win!"
David: "I win!"
Alex: "No! Say I win!"
David: "I win!"
Alex: "No! Say Alex wins!"
David: "Noooooo!"

New Members

We are officially members of our new church. We love the pastor and the music and the congregation has been very warm and welcoming.

They had a baptism a few weeks ago and for the children's sermon all the kids got to help pour water into the baptismal font to help welcome their new brother in Christ. It was so cute!

Nerd vs. Free Spirit

We're both trying to lose weight. We're both running regularly. That's where the similarity ends.

One of us tracks every calorie and daily weight into a weight loss website. This person also is on a strict running schedule created by Hal Higdon. There is no ambiguity. Total control.

The other person tries to eat right. This person eats three meals and rarely snacks. This person runs the same route with gradual increases when it fits into their schedule. A relaxed approach but with similar effort.

Guess who's having more success with weight loss?

Race For the Cure

I did it! My time was 36:57, my goal was to finish running the whole thing and that's what I did. Next time I can work on my time.


My bath tub drain wasn't closing right. I unscrewed it and found a Chuck E. Cheese token wedged inside. And it works just fine now.

Failure to Launch

David didn't want to go to school on Tuesday.  He got his wish because after vacuuming my car on Monday night I had left all the interior lights on overnight and Allan had already left for work.

He didn't want to go today either but I took him anyway.  We got there and his teacher talked to him about all the fun they had planned.  He clung to my leg and told me he didn't want to stay and after a few minutes I gave up and we came home.  He insists it's because of the loud construction going on in front of the church but he didn't know about that until we got there.

We'll try again on Tuesday and this time Daddy will have a reward from the LEGO store for boys who go to school.

18 Month Stats

Thomas: 28 lb 2 oz 35"
David 24 lb 6 oz, 33.6"
Alex: 28 lbs 4 oz, 35"
Dad: 27 lbs 11 oz, 33"
Mom: N/A where N=Neglected and A=abused

Race for the Cure

I decided to run the Komen Race for the Cure 5k this Saturday.   I had it in the back of my mind but wasn't sure if I'd be ready.  I completed a 5k this morning so I guess I'm ready enough.

If you're interested in donating, it's a great cause, click here.

I hope the T-shirt I get is pink!

Fourteen Years

Today is our anniversary.  We're going to postpone the celebratory dinner until my mom comes in a couple of weeks.  Since she's bringing my nephew we'll be leaving her with four boys-aged 9,6,3, and 1.  Maybe we should make that dinner reservation for 8 pm.

We are going to Alex's recorder concert this evening.  Live music!  How romantic!