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The Night Guard

A few months ago I went to a new dentist.  He pointed out that I have classic signs of teeth grinding and recommended a night guard.  I agreed and had an impression done and a custom night guard created and paid a couple hundred dollars out of pocket.

I had the thing for two weeks when I went to MInot.  I knew my mother's dog would love to get a taste of it and planned to have it in it's case in the bathroom drawer if it wasn't in my mouth.

Do you see where this is going?

Once morning Allan called and I started talking to him with it in my mouth only to sound like I had a mouth full of marbles.  I took it out and kept it in my hand.  Then Thomas wanted to talk and I had to set it down so I could use both hands.  After I got off the phone I couldn't remember where I had put it and Stella was right there looking all innocent.  My mom and I both started searching like crazy and I had my eye on the little dog.

My mom pulled it out from under her bed and it had been crun…

Jameson's Catch

Bad Dog!

Somebody developed resurrected some bad habits while we were gone. This morning I put a breakfast bar at David's place at the table and it disappeared.  I put another one on the island and caught Nugget red-pawed with it.

Our old neighbors had an electric fence like ours but after the first few months hadn't had the shock collar on their dog in years.  Nugget notices after about two hours and makes a break for it.  I guess that means he's smart?


Originally uploaded by jsslotter Click through to flickr to see the whole set of pictures from our trip.

Before and After

While the boys and I were in North Dakota our home underwent some masculization courtesy of  Allan and his magic paintbrush.
David's room before:
David's room after:
Tommy's room before:
Tommy's room after:

Run the Route 5k

I ran a 5k here in Minot on Saturday. It preceded the state fair parade and I passed hundreds of spectators. It was mostly down hill and very fun to run along Broadway and Burdick Epressway. The best part was my time of 31:42 which is a personal best. My next goal is sub 30 minutes.

In Loving Memory

We went to visit Grandma Roll yesterday and the other residents were in the dining room but she was still in bed and she didn't look good so we didn't disturb her.  Shortly after we got back Grandma Phyllis had received a call from the nurses.  She died yesterday evening.

1908-2010 isn't a bad run.

Trail of Tears

I did my big run from Minot to Burlington!  It was 7.56 miles and a route that my dad used to run.  Until I got to North Dakota the longest run I had done was 5.5 miles.  I did it, it felt great and I ran in memory of my dad who, if he was still alive, would have run alongside me ahead of me, occasionally looking over his shoulder and hollering, "C'mon, Bill!"  I think I heard him calling from heaven and I wonder how the trails up there are.

Free Minot

We picked a great time to visit Minot. There are several free family activities sponsored by the Community Foundation. We went to a carnival at the YMCA, trout fishing at the catch and release pond at the fair grounds and to the Dakota Territory Air Museum and saw some neat planes. Unfortunately I know less about planes than I do about birds. But I got a picture of all three boys inside a B52 tire that I can post after I get home. My sister got a picture of Alex holding up the fish that he caught.

Next week we are going to the Zoo and the state fair. And I promised Alex I'd take him birding at Upper Souris early in the morning with no noisy brothers.


My sister arranged for Alex to go birding with one of her friends.  He met her at her farm and she also took him to the park.  In about five hours he saw the following:
Ruby throated hummingbird
chipping sparrow
black capped chicadee
white breasted nuthatch
spotted towhee
Eastern phoebe
red tailed hawk
clay colored sparrow
gray catbird
red winged blackbird
tree swallow
Eastern bluebird
Eastern bluebird baby
American white pelican
ring billed gull
mourning dove
Canada geese
piping plover
pied bill grebe
blue winged teal
marbled godwit
Franklin gull
American coot
black tern
common grackle
American avocet
pin tailed duck
western kingbird
barn swallow
American robin
Western meadowlark
bank swallow
ring neck duck
ruddy duck
lesser scaup
brown headed cowbird
eared grebe
solitary sandpiper
baird's sandpiper
Wilson's phalaropes
stilts sandpiper
broad winged hawk
Cooper's hawk
house wren
wood duck

And today I took him to the upper Souris wi…


We survived the trip. There was not a single delay and we arrived in Minot a few precious minutes early. I reunited with Taco Johns and it was as good as I remember.

Thomas napped for 30 minutes in the plane and as I reached under the seat in front of me to get a cracker for David he woke up and proceeded to cry off and on for the remaining hour and a half of the flight. Then, he screamed in the portable crib for 15 minutes, kinked out for 15 minutes and then woke up screaming again. By this time it was five hours past his bedtime and the big boys were asleep so I caved and pulled him into bed with me. I simply cannot sleep with the monkey for the next two weeks!

It's a good thing he's cute.

Slow and Steady

I've finally hit the 10 pounds lost milestone.  Let's hope I don't blow it all at Taco Johns.

The Campout

Alex went to a campout at his friend Daniel's house last night.  Upon arrival, they gathered wood and made their own fire.  They roasted marshmallows and hot dogs.  They played lumberjack and split logs.  They slept under the stars in a two man tent.  Then they made their own pancakes over the fire for breakfast this morning.  Daniel and Alex are in scouts together and I think they learned more in that one night sponsored by Daniel's dad than they did in a whole year of monthly den meetings.

I was a bit nervous about them alone in the backyard overnight but if he was scared at all there is no way Alex will admit it.

Red Dress Run

I ran the Hartford Marathon Foundation's Red Dress 5k Run for Women today.  My time was 34:27 which is over two minutes faster than my first 5k.  It was hazy, hot and humid and miserable but the setting was so beautiful.  It was in Elizabeth Park in West Hartford and over 15,000 roses where in bloom.

Tylenol Recall

They've added more to the recall:

I'm annoyed and I think the coupon they sent me for a free product will be going in the trash.  Next time I'll request a refund.


My mother, probably after tiring of me complaining about the installation, graciously paid for the professionals to do it.  They dug the hole, filled it with concrete and then came back today to install the hoop to the letter of the instruction manual.  It was so much nicer than having Allan risk his back and sanity doing it!

In the video it was only at 8' but it is very easily brought up to regulation height.

Heat Wave

Air conditioning is a wonderful thing.  Yet it somehow fools you.  I made bread yesterday and a baked pasta dish for dinner.  It should be a sin to cool a house to 72 when it's 101 outside and then heat the oven up to 350.


I love having this blog record of our lives.  I just looked back and in June/July 2008 I was pregnant with Thomas and had the amnio because my AFP showed a very much increased risk of down syndrome.  Then I came across this picture.  I still wear that shirt and in 2008 it was 7 years old and now Thomas is wearing the shirt and shorts that David has on in the picture.  I still have the jeans and now they are fitting better (again.)  Maybe I'll quit saying once I lose the last 10 pounds I'll buy some new clothes and just buy some new clothes!

Family Fourth

We stayed home.  Rested our muscles from long runs on the third.  Allan set up the waterslide.  Then we capped it off with grilled steak, crash hot potatoes, mixed veggies and red wine.  Divine!


I'm flying to ND with the boys in ten days.  I did the same trip last year when Thomas was 7 months, David almost 3 and Alex 8 and I didn't dread it, didn't pack more than a single bag for the flights and did fine.

Not so much this year.  Thomas is an animal.  I'd much rather fly with a baby gorilla because then I could put it in a pet carrier under the seat in front of me and not risk arrest.  He can't make it through the first 20 minutes of church without being taken out.  He kicks, squeals, whines and he won't have his own seat.

And the worst part?  We're flying to Pittsburgh.  Then Denver.  Then Minot.  And unlike last year where Allan joined us for the final weekend and flight home it's all me.

Mom, I'd like a margarita to go with my Taco Johns upon arrival.  Thanks.


I just noticed this is my 1500th post.  Wow!

I made three kinds of cookies this week.  First, I made oatmeal raisin cookies to welcome our two sets of new neighbors.  Then I decided they are too low calorie and healthy (40 calories each) to welcome new neighbors.   Moving takes butter and salt and this recipe has neither.  So they went in the freezer.

Then the bible school asked for cookies for parent's night.  The theme is 'Galactic Blast' so I made 132 star cookies.  My boys were not pleased that all they could have were the broken ones.

Today I made my Mom's chocolate chip cookie recipe with mini M&M's instead of chocolate chips.  These are moving cookies.  And since the recipe made over 6 dozen I had enough to give each house 18 cookies.


Alex has a friend coming over this afternoon.  He's going to take this diaper smeared with peanut butter, pretend it's poop and get a spoon and taste it to gross his friend out.  Boys!