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Originally uploaded by jsslotter Clothes are optional but the funky monkey on the floor is not.


Originally uploaded by jsslotter Meet Appleman and Johnny Appleseed.


Originally uploaded by jsslotter He's so focused.

Why I Can't Make Mom Friends

I love these videos.


We have a ton of toys but I take pride in keeping the pieces sorted and separated.  At the end of the day I sort trains, blocks, cars, books, etc.  Every couple of months I rotate toys and search under couch cushions and put lost lonely parts back in their bins in the basement.   Just before we moved I finally gave up on finding all the pegs to this toy:

At the time we were missing two of the pegs and the kids really never had much interest in it so rather than order the replacement parts online I threw the thing away.  And it bothered me.  And I swear I've found a dozen pegs floating in random spots ever since, I think they are haunting me!

Old Dog New Tricks

I taught Nugget to shake.  We were all pleasantly surprised to learn that you can teach an old dog new tricks.  Now if I could only get him to quit drinking out of the toilet.

So Long, September

Okay, there are a few days left but I'm always getting ahead of myself.  Due to past experience gluttony I have figured out that buying Halloween candy early is not a good thing.  I've bought, eaten, bought, eaten and bought for most of the past few years.  This year I will not buy until the big day and save my eating for afterward!

I saw Christmas trees at a store yesterday.  With regard to Christmas, buying early has served me well.  Especially when I've created a visual blog post of the gifts because it saves me from digging them out of hiding and whenever I feel the urge to pick up just one more thing I can refer to the list and realize enough is enough.  Here's my list of ideas so far:

Alex: multiple LEGO sets:10212, 8129, 10211, a stopwatch, 2010 Hess toy truck a subscription to National Geographic, a Red Sox jersey, Star Wars Episode 3 and 4 on DVD, Six Flags season pass

David: multiple LEGO sets:7748, 8961, 5985, 8089, 7573, Hess truck, replacement Galactic Her…

Hershey Half Marathon

I've officially made it to the taper week!  I've done all I can do to get ready at this point and now I just need to rest up and mentally prepare myself.  I plan to try extra hard to avoid getting sick, avoid alcohol, drink plenty of water, do a few short runs to keep my legs in gear and try my best not to go crazy.  Which means you should feel sorry for Allan!
He'll start his taper for the Hartford Marathon (he's running half) the day of my race.  Perhaps I'll have some words of wisdom for him.  I really wish he was going first since we've been doing the same training plan because then I'd have some confirmation that it is enough, that a maximum long run of ten miles and roughly 15-20 miles/week for 12 weeks is enough.  Now I have the pressure to show him that it's enough.  Because, it is enough isn't it?!  What was that about not going crazy?


Did you know you can help me earn my own way in Scouting?Just click here and place an order on my behalf. Trail's End hasmade a lot of improvements this year. All microwave products aremade with canola oil and all caramel products are naturally sweetened,so there are plenty of healthy, flavorful snacks to choose from.70% of your purchase will be returned to my council, my unitand my Scout rewards. Online purchases help us fund fun,educational activities and help more kids experience all thethings that make Scouting great.Thanks for your support,Alex

I guess this would be the equivalent of taking the order form to work, but with less pressure.


#1 fights with #2
#2 fights with #3
#3 doesn't fight with #1...yet.


Our local pricey grocery store has Gold Medal all purpose flour 5 lb bags on sale for $.99 each, limit two.  As a baker trying to make one income do the work of two, I happen to know that BJ's sells 20 lbs for $7.99, Walmart sells 5 lbs of Great Value brand for $1.58 and Aldi has their brand for $2.29.

We go through a lot of flour and I have a lot of extra room in the freezer.  I would like to go everyday and get a dozen more bags but I'm wondering what the probability is for the remainder of the week's sale that I walk out with just the flour...I guess the store is betting low but they haven't met me!


There's a Chili's restaurant right off I-84 that we used to stop at when we lived in Massachussetts on our way to Pennsylvania. I'm pretty sure it's the one where we were sitting in a booth and I passed a fussy baby Alex across the table to Allan and clocked his head on the light fixture. Now I pass this restaurant on my way to the mall area and think it's so weird that we live here now.

Likes 9/10 Edition

Today I like:
Google Chrome
Diet Coke
Cash in my wallet
Survivor Wednesdays
leftovers for lunch
napping toddlers
dogs that aren't afraid to nap on the couch
race T-shirts
milk for $1.98/gallon at BJ's
beautiful Fall days

A Taste of Thai

My mom introduced me to this peanut sauce mix. You mix both inner envelopes with a can of coconut milk and pour half over boneless skinless chicken to marinate overnight. Set the rest in a separate container and refrigerate. Grill the chicken, serve with jasmine rice, sugar snap peas and heat up the extra sauce for dipping or pouring over the rice. Yum!


The big one: has an hour of homework everyday, won his first baseball game on Sunday and is already complaining about wearing a 'fancy' shirt for school pictures tomorrow.

The medium one: earned a sticker for staying dry and staying in his own bed last night, loves preschool and wants to be Darth Vader for Halloween.

The little one: still cries at the Y's childcare, continues to be obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and is now wearing pajamas that David wore at three.

The furry one: is off his rocker today.

The manly one: got to play 18 holes on Sunday and 9 holes on Monday.

The girly one: needs a night out; see above.

Mrs S.

I taught my first Sunday school class today. I have a great co-teacher and an adorable group of well behaved 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders. One kid told us he has a new cousin, one kid told us he lost a tooth and may have swallowed it in his sleep, one kid told us she earned a special privileges bracelet at school and it makes me wonder just what my kids are sharing with their teachers!


September 2006 New Baby
September 2007 Home Renovation
September 2008 Broken Leg, Heavily Pregnant, Naughty Toddler
September 2009 Moving
September 2010 Calm by Comparison!


Last Sunday I was changing Thomas' diaper at church.  He does a lot of crying at church and a lot of crying in general.  So it didn't hit me that he was crying more than usual until I was in the middle of the diaper.  He was really upset.

And then on Wednesday we were shopping and I decided to change him in a store bathroom.  He started crying loudly again and this time I noticed he had a death grip on the changing station.  Duh!  He's afraid of the wall mounted baby changing units.  And it makes sense, they look like they're suspended in mid-air.

My mom accuses me of underestimating his intelligence.  I'm so used to treating him like a baby that he surprises me sometimes.  Yesterday I went in after his nap and instead of saying, "Are you awake?!"  I said, "Well, hello!" and he replied, "Awake!"  My baby is growing up.  And I guess I'll quit changing his diaper in public bathrooms.


How can a 21 month old know the difference between Thomas, Edward and Gordon?
Somehow he does!


is so dumb that he jumped and looked scared after his stomach growled this morning.

Dear Mother at the Childrens Museum

I'm pro breastfeeding and it's great that you can nurse your baby in that front carrier. But could you please do something about the fact that I just came face to face with your nipple? Like, look embarrassed, cover up or get the kid back on or put it away!!

Glued Them...Screwed Them


Preschool $190
Back to school clothes $100
Church golf tournament $95
Baseball $75
Scouts $55
Swimming lessons $43
Soccer $40
School pictures $20
Nut cup $15
Scholastic book order $9
Hot lunch $10 (5 days, fortunately he likes  my packed lunches)
PTA membership $7
And our FSA account is now empty so:
$60 prescription copays
$15 office copay
I miss summer!


The 3 and 4 year old soccer was a little chaotic (imagine that!) and required much parental help.  Allan was running a race and I had Thomas who was all over the place, stealing balls, attempting to scale the bleachers, etc. and David wasn't getting the drills.  And then he got kicked in the ankle and was so upset we had to go home.  Next week he's getting 1:1 with Daddy while I take the beast and Alex to baseball.  

Latchkey Kid

David and Alex both get out of school at 3:30.  David's school is on the other side of town, Alex's is equidistant between our house and the preschool.  Alex rides the bus.  David responds to my hurry-ups by slowing down.  There are a dozen stairs that Thomas likes to climb.

So I hooked Alex up with a house key, a note for the bus company, a spare note for his backpack, and plenty of instructions on how to be a smart and safe latchkey kid.  And on the first day of David's school I beat the bus home.  Knowing Alex was excited to take on this new responsibility I drove around and waited for his call.

He did everything right and told me he really liked being home alone.  So instead of rushing to get David home am I going to spend the rest of the year stalling to give Alex a break?

Red Sox Cupcakes

Our local firefighters passed out cake boxes looking for donations to sell during the annual carnival.  Since I owe them a favor I decided to make some fancy cupcakes.  I made the decorations using royal icing (2 cups powdered sugar, 2 Tbsp meringue powder, 5 Tbsp lukewarm water) and piped it to outline the B's onto waxed paper.  I covered the bowl with a damp dish towel and waited an hour.  I then added red food coloring and additional water to make it thinner and then piped it in the spaces (it was thin enough to 'flood' the spaces.) You need a toothpick handy to pop any bubbles.  I let them dry 24 hours before removing with a thin metal spatula.  If you want the template email me and I can email it to you.  You could really make any logo using this technique, you could do the Yankees if you have rotten egg powder.

Coffee Nap

I've discovered a great afternoon pick-me-up.  I put an episode of Curious George on for David while Thomas is napping, drink an iced coffee quickly and then set my timer for 20 minutes.  I lay down and nap and by the time the timer has gone off the caffeine has peaked and I'm surprisingly alert.  I follow it with a glass of water and the afternoon slump is gone for good.

Job Security

I just finished filling out our calendar to reflect the Fall travel baseball, peewee soccer, swimming lessons and preschool special color days.  There is a Saturday coming up that has two baseball games six hours apart and in another town, a soccer game, hazardous waste collection, a farmer's market, a 9 mile run for Allan, an hour of cross training for me and Yom Kippur all on it.  It's a good thing we're not Jewish.

And it's a good thing I'm not working weekends!  A little job security is a good thing.


We had a successful orientation today and the first day is tomorrow.  I have been dreaming of September 8th for months (and not because it's Linda's big birthday) because I'll have Alex in school, David in preschool and Thomas napping from 1:00-3:00 pm.  Whatever will I do?

Terrible Twos

He's surlier than a teenage girl.

Taste of India

The tandoori paste I'm using in tonight's chicken is a product of the UK and distributed through Memphis, Tennessee.  I wonder how authentic that will be!

Operation Oatmeal

Allan and Thomas eat a total of three packets of Quaker instant oatmeal each day, consistently. In fact, Allan has been eating one box by himself every five days for the last ten years.

So I've noticed that it goes on sale in the Fall.  The best price I've seen is $2 and it's on sale now.  And there were $1 off one box coupons in some newspapers somewhere.   I paid $4.01 shipped for 20 of them on eBay.  So now I can get 20 boxes for $24.01 and it's time to stock up.

Last winter I had to do some late stocking with our move so I bought several boxes and discovered that they had $.75 off one coupons hidden inside and it just so happened that a local store that doubles coupons up to $1.00 had the oatmeal on sale for $2.00 so I was getting boxes of it for fifty cents.  I must have had 50 opened boxes  spread just at the bottom of our basement stairs in January which was less than a month after our move so I didn't have a chance to sort  and stack it when a tax assesso…

Dandee Creme

There was an ice cream place in NY called Dandee Creme.  The double misspellings made us nauseous and not at all hungry for ice creme.


The picture of Alex below reminds me of this picture of my sister (right) and I (left.)  I think I was in third grade.

First Day

Fourth grade!

My New Keychain