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Ghosts of Halloween Past








Thomas got his first tooth very late at 14 months. He's now working on his last couple so I just realized 20 teeth in nine months no wonder the poor boy has been crabby.


He scared a little kid so much at the Halloween party last night that the child's mother asked him to remove the mask to prove that he was a real boy underneath.


David: "How old is Daddy?"
Me: "Forty"
David: "Wow!  I can't wait 'till I'm forty!"

and later...

David: "When we go to Daddy's work don't get the bread.  It's too hard to chomp."


When did Halloween become a week-long event? We had a Halloween themed playgroup yesterday, a Halloween open house for my Mom's club today, a LEGO Halloween party tonight, Alex's school Halloween parade tomorrow, David's preschool Halloween party tomorrow, a party at the Y on Saturday evening and of course, trick or treating on Sunday. When Alex was David's age he loved to dress up in costumes and I scored several on clearance on November 1st so David has plenty of choices. He could wear a different costume for each event. Yesterday he chose the police costume.  Thomas surprised me by wearing the Spiderman mask  long enough for a quick/blurry picture and for a few minutes at our friend's house.  Out of six kids four were in Spiderman/Spidergirl costumes. Maybe I'll dig in the costume box for something different for him too!


I start my day measuring non-dairy coffee creamer into my coffee and end it shoving fistfuls of junk into my mouth.


Since becoming a mother I can hear better, especially when it's a crying baby down the hall in the middle of the night. I can smell better, able to predict how many wipes the poopy butt will take before I even open the diaper. I can taste better too, knowing I better enjoy being able to sit and eat before I need to jump up and help somebody cut their meat. And my sense of touch has improved to the point that I can estimate my boys' temperature just by kissing their forehead. I can also manage to keep an eye on the boys while cooking, cleaning, etc. surely that means my sight has also improved!

I have a sick Thomas and he smells sick too. Poor baby.

Likes 10/10

Today I like:
Finish Quantumatic dishwasher detergent, I found it on clearance at Target and it must have phosphates or something because for the first time in six months all my dishes come out clean.

The power button. Some days I turn the computer off and get a lot of stuff done.

Portable heaters. We put one in David's room and he's made fewer visits to our bed at night.

"Der yar, Mama!" Thomas announces that when I come back downstairs, after he uncovers my face with the bulletin in church, when I open his door in the morning or after naptime.

The lull week between swimming lesson sessions that also happens to be the first week off after baseball.

Hot lunch days.


In a stroke of karmic irony, I have lost the Dunkin Donuts gift card. May the new owner enjoy it as much as I did!


David picked out a loaf of french bread at the grocery store yesterday. Then he lovingly placed it on the belt and carried it out of the store. When we got in the car he held on to it and at one point on the way home yelled at Thomas for ripping the paper. I looked back and realized they were eating it with David passing out little bits communion style. When we got home I saw the hole and thought they hadn't eaten much. Until I went to cut it open and found he had hollowed out a good third of the loaf! I had to make another cut to get to the untouched part.


David has been a regular nighttime visitor lately.  He comes to my side of the bed (I'm the biggest sucker) and mutters something and I scoop him up and put him between Allan and I and go back to sleep.  Then wake up to Allan sighing, complaining, etc. and finally grabbing David and returning him to his own bed.

One visit on most nights of the week was annoying but tolerable.  But lately he's been visiting twice and I can't remember a night that he's slept through in his own bed.

We have a sticker chart and once he earns ten stickers he gets a toy.  With the multiple visits I've started removing stickers from his chart but he doesn't seem to care.

We've tried asking him why he's getting up (cold, hot, bathroom, nightlight, nightmares, etc. ) and his responses vary but usually center around not being able to sleep.

Sleep.  It's a good thing.


I hereby declare Wednesday to be sheets and towels day in this house.  Thank you.


I hate the 'notification' number that appears on my phone apps. Facebook gets them when people comment after me, mobile rss gets them when I have unread items and the app store gets them when there are updates to download (flashlight needs an update-really?). I see these little numbers as to do items even though none of them are very important. Maybe someone could develop an app to hide them from me. And while they're at it come up with a way to make the trash can on my desktop look empty even though it is not.

Donut Two

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Donut Two

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Donut One

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Donut One

Originally uploaded by jsslotter I had to bring the boys with me to the podiatrist this morning, I have plantar fasciitis.  I used a bag of Nilla wafers to entertain them in the office but then needed an X-ray.  I bribed them with a trip to Dunkin Donuts if they both stayed in the stroller.  At one point David fell off his little jump seat and landed on the floor and asked as loud as can be in the waiting room, "Do I still get a donut?!" and then on the way out sang a song about which donut he was going to pick.  I'm so glad I found that gift card, they were angels and as you can see, thoroughly enjoyed their donuts.

Mother Son Game

Alex's baseball coach scheduled a mother/son game for Friday evening.  Fortunately for me, Allan had a work party so I was excused.  Then it rained.  And they are rescheduling the game.

I was such a terrible softball player that I'd get up to the plate and pray for a walk.  I don't think I swung the bat all season.  At one point the ball hit my thumb and bounced a few feet in front of me and my coach started yelling, "run!"  So I did.  And I made it to first but got out on the next hit.  When my thumbnail turned purple and fell off I shed any hope of ever being a softball star.

But now, now I'm big.  I've watched enough baseball to get the idea.  I at least know I could run the bases. I'm semi-tempted to join in.  But then reality hits and I'm faced with the fact that I'd not only be embarrassing myself but I'd be embarrassing Alex.  Can I bring treats to the game instead?

Six Years Old

Originally uploaded by jsslotter So Nugget is six today. Like most Golden Retrievers, he's better at 'take it' than 'leave it' and 'come' than 'get.'

Big Boy

Originally uploaded by jsslotter Allan did this to me on the same day we made absolutely sure there will be no more. Excuse me while I sob in the corner.


Allan and I were walking into BJ's and I found a Dunkin' Donuts gift card lying on the pavement near the entrance.  Nobody was around and when I asked at customer service nearly an hour later nobody had reported it missing.

I texted my mom while Allan got his hair cut.  I suggested it was worth $5? $10? $100? and she replied, "or nothing."  I called her a pessimist.

And when I got home I was shocked to discover it's worth $30.  I feel so bad for the person who lost it that I'm afraid the coffee will be bitter.

Look Look

David is reading!  He just finished his first volume of Dick & Jane.  Those crazy kids are up to the same crap they were up to when I was a kid.

Attention, Shoppers

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I caught Alex kissing Thomas' head while they were playing together it was the sweetest thing I almost cried.  And I had to keep it to myself because if he realized I saw he'd never do it again.

And today in church David and Thomas were kissing.  At length.  To the point that I was almost embarrassed.  I guess I should enjoy it now because these kisses won't last.

Hartford Marathon

I'm so proud of my two athletes!  Alex finished the one mile race and Allan finished the half marathon in 2:21:35!

Pictures here.  Blogger has been giving me photo upload trouble.

Eat Pasta Run Fasta

Allan's half marathon and Alex's 1 mile are tomorrow. I guess it's spaghetti for dinner. Again.


I set a glass of juice in front of Thomas and said, "juice."  I set a glass of juice in front of David and didn't say juice (I believe it was, "don't spill it.")  And of course I was called out on it.  Oh the injustice!

We do do-overs in this house though so all is forgiven.

Dark Chocolate M&Ms

Thanks and darn you, Arlene for introducing me to these!

Bread Machine

My mom bought Allan this breadmaker in the upper right hand corner of my 'first time peeling potatoes' picture for Christmas in 1995. I use it sporadically, hauling it out of hiding and then making several loaves before hiding it again. I wonder how many hundreds of loaves it's popped out since he got it. You can't beat dump, dump, dump, wait three hours and enjoy.

The Race

Here's a race report.  We arrived in Hershey around 3:00pm on Saturday and meandered around the park trying to find packet pickup.  We found the right spot and I got my Tshirt along with a Hershey bar, a Payday bar, a huge chocolate studded cookie and a chocolate recovery drink.  Then we went to chocolate world and took the 'how we make chocolate' tour.

We were fortunate to have Allan's parents nearby to host Alex and David for the night so we got them settled and checked into  our hotel in Harrisburg with the Tomtom.  It was lights out for all three of us before ten.

I slept pretty well and before I knew it it was six and the alarm was going off.  I grabbed a bagel and  a yogurt and we stopped at a convenience store for two bottles of water and Gatorade.  I drank the Gatorade and planned to carry the water in my mule pack.

Allan found the perfect spot to drop me off and I made my way to the stadium where I was lucky enough to have the um, right urge and bathroom expe…


I'm feeling better today!

Was it:
the vitamin C?
zinc lozenges?
plenty of fluids?
chicken soup?
the backup plan (I registered for Manchester)?

I don't know but my plan is to proceed with caution and not be afraid to stop if I'm not feeling right.  And, this way, I'll still get the Tshirt!

Sick Sick Sick

Well I guess all of my attempts to avoid getting sick were not enough.  I have a cold.  Wednesday I was in denial with a runny nose.  Yesterday I had a sore throat, runny nose and body aches and today I have all of the above plus a nasty productive cough.

And the half marathon that I've been training for since June is the day after tomorrow.

I'm sick.

I'm doing everything I can-chicken soup, vitamin C, plenty of fluids, even some wacky zinc gluconate lozenges.  I can't decide if I should say uncle and cancel now or go through with it and potentially have to drop out.

There is another half marathon in Manchester, NH on Nov 7 and I'm tempted to register for it now just in case because I also found three other closer halfs that are sold out.

What would you do?