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My New Baby

I've always wanted one of these!

January Books

1. My Name Is Memory by Anne Brashares
2. The Last Days of Dogtown by Anita Diamant
3. Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier
4. Born To Run by Christopher McDougall
5. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford
6. The Hand That First Held Mine by Maggie O'Farrell

My favorite was #5. And no, Born To Run didn't convince me to run barefoot.

January Miles

53! I actually enjoy the speedwork and can run at 9:06 for 400 meters with 400 meter jogs in between. I'm doing 5 sets now and will work up to 8 on the plan. Unfortunately due to record snowfall the snow banks are so high and roads so narrow that even when the temperature is up I don't want to run outside so all those miles were on the dreadmill.

Basketball Boys



Allan called Thomas 'Einstein' as he carried him out of his room this morning.  I naturally assumed it was because he said something brilliant but no, it was because of his hair.

January Totals

I started tracking on Dec 28th and since we got another 14" of snow overnight I'm not going anywhere today so I thought I'd total up January.

Total spent (groceries, dining out, household supplies, clothing) $847.13
Total saved (manufacturer's coupons, store coupons, Target red debit 5% discount, bottle returns, gas rewards, rebates rec'd) $341.50

Who says I don't work?!

I hate it when people report savings only because spending $1,000 to save $350 isn't as good as spending $800 to save $350.  I was also honest about price, the 20 boxes of Quaker oatmeal normally sell for $3.49 a box and I got it on sale for $2.00 so I recorded $2.00 rather than $2 spent, $1.49 saved.  And from my coupons redeemed column I deducted my newspaper costs as well as the $13 I paid to eBay for the Quaker coupons.

Highlights of the month: I now have a stockpile of 160 loads of Tide, 300 loads of Downy and the aforementioned 20 boxes of oatmeal.  Allan got 50  of his favorite K-c…

Kids Night Out

We hired a babysitter in 2005. Since then we've taken advantage of parental visits and had a handful of date nights. I'm just not comfortable with a random teenager watching the kids, especially while Thomas is so difficult little.

So imagine my excitement when I heard that the Y is having 'Kids Night Out' every Friday from 5:30-8:30 for only $35 for three kids. They'll feed them dinner and play games while Allan and I have a nice dinner out! I can hardly wait!

8 Weeks

My foot is mostly better and I'm back to running again!  I'm running a 5K in 8 weeks so I'm following a plan to run faster and my goal is under 30 minutes.  Slow but faster than I've ever run.  Right now I can do one mile at a 9:06 pace and to hit my goal I'll run three times that at a slightly slower pace.

It's funny, I wasn't too intimidated by gradually increasing mileage during the half marathon training but gradually increasing speed feels impossible to me.  It's just a different way to push oneself.


I don't understand football, I don't like football and I really don't care who wins the Super Bowl.  I do like the commercials but there's too much that I don't like in between the commercials to even  bother watching.  

I will, however, be a good sport and make some fun appetizers for the boys to enjoy while they watch the game.  What's your favorite Super Bowl snack?

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back


Still Life

Alex made this in art class, I love it!

Snow Week

Monday: Holiday
Tuesday: Snow Day
Wednesday: 2 Hour Delay
Thursday: Normal
Friday: Snow Day

I May Not Lead

I downloaded an app called 'thankful for' and have put in a few things over the last week.  It's kind of like a gratitude journal and when you post something it adds it to the public scrolling list.

This morning I got a message that some woman in Oregon is 'following me' on thankful for.  Really?  A stranger named Sarah S. who is thankful for pinot noir, her loving husband, and disposable diapers? Okay...


To balance the negatives yesterday I'll list some positives:
*Due to icy conditions there is a 2 hour delay and not a school cancellation.
*when Alex gets up in the morning and notices that the coffee maker has turned itself on but is flashing 'add water' and he adds water
*the feeling of peace that comes from knowing not only what I'm making for supper today but tomorrow as well
*when Allan chases all three boys around the loop in our house and the squealing voices echo through the open entry and the sound of joy can be heard for a mile
*the sledding hill that is right next to our house so I can send the two older boys out to sled on a snow day and keep an eye on them from inside
*when Nugget sees that one of us is wearing running gear and getting his leash he gets so excited he can't contain himself
*streaming Netflix
*when I'm just starting to feel guilty about the TV being on all morning at 10:00 and Sesame Street comes on so I feel okay to leave it on unti…


My old college roommate used to say, when something annoyed her, "that bugs."
Here are some things that bug:

*the phrase 'that bugs'
*when people call shoes 'kicks'
*when people call legs 'gams'
*when people say, "it is what it is"
*when you cuddle with your baby in the morning and you can't tell if the smell is his diaper or your breath
*repeated snow days
*especially when repeated snow days mean school will continue to the end of June
*when I have the checkbook balanced and it's in the black and I see the propane truck headed our way
*when Thomas stinks so bad his eyes are watering and you can practically see brown fumes coming up from his butt and you ask if he needs a change and he yells, "NO!"
*when I accidentally let a FREE coupon expire
*Redbox-it seems like a good idea at the time but then in 24 hours I have to return the thing
*when people say 'preggers' instead of pregnant
*when David grabs his crotch and …

H! U! G! G! I! E! S!

I think a child that can correctly identify each letter on the diaper package as he lays down and gets his diaper changed might be ready to start potty training.

But I'm in denial.


You know, David, when I handed you a cup of yogurt and a cupcake liner full of M&M's to mix in the yogurt I didn't mean for you to dump the whole cup of yogurt into the cupcake paper!

Busy, Busy

David had his swimming lesson at 10:10 followed by basketball at 11:30.  Alex had the Pinewood Derby from 9:15-2:00 with a basketball game at 11:00.  David's basketball requires much adult participation so Thomas went to swimming with me and David then to basketball with Allan and Alex and finally back home with me.  David went with Allan and Alex to the derby after his basketball game.  Whew!  Good thing Alex will be pretty independent when Thomas starts activities.

And it's a good thing I'm no longer working every weekend.

So-David can now push off and glide to his teacher in the deep end and made some baskets in basketball.  He needs to work on dribbling.

Alex won a trophy for taking second place among his den and scored his very first in-game basket.

And Nugget pooped in the house on Friday just hours before the new battery to his collar was delivered.  Then he ran across his boundary and got shocked and got shocked again when he came back.  And today he somehow bloo…

Poor Nugget

With the collar situation David is unable to open the door and push Nugget outside when he gets annoyed.

So he somehow manages to shut him into the bathroom. How a 38.5 pound boy gets a 70 lb dog into a small undesirable space repeatedly boggles my mind. And no food is involved. The next Cesar Milan?


Poor Nugget.  He figured out last weekend that the battery in his electric fence collar was dead and after visiting a few neighbors now requires a leash outside.  Because I ordered the replacement battery from Amazon and the snowstorm muddied up mail delivery we are still waiting for the battery.

I took him out this afternoon and let him off his leash for a minute to do his business and he jumped up on a 3' snow drift and squatted and pooped.  It was a pretty funny sight.

Lasagna Genius

I made lasagna yesterday.  Actually I assembled three of them because it's almost as easy to make three as it is to make one.  But I hate having my casseroles tied up in the freezer so I lined two glass square pyrex dishes with aluminum foil and assembled as usual.  I froze them for about four hours and then was able to easily lift the foil and lasagna in one piece and transfer it to a gallon-sized Ziploc bag.  I love it!  I could have bought disposable pans but those cost over $1 apiece and while you could wash and reuse them I just know when faced with a lasagna covered disposable pan I won't bother.

We have close to two feet of snow on the ground and it's still falling so I have all my boys home it looks like they're having leftover lasagna for lunch!


Even though Thomas can say Elmo he still consistently calls the red guy, "Mopo."  I think I prefer Mopo.

I Hope Not

Conversation with David in the car after preschool.
David: "I pooped at school today." Me: "Did you wipe your own butt?" David: "My teacher wiped it." Me: "Did you wipe it first?"  David, laughing: "No, I didn't wipe hers!"


Maine Fish Market 20Skip's Septic 4
Pew!  Fortunately Alex is on the fish team.

Beep Beep

I am so glad I figured out what was causing me to set off anti-theft alarms at CVS and Walgreens.  There was a label-like tag inside Thomas' new coat.  Even though I knew I didn't steal anything it was really embarrassing me.


I ran 301 miles in 2010, not bad considering that I started running in May.

This year my goal is over 500 miles so it's really bugging me that I skipped yesterday. It's just a cold but I'm so congested that running would not be pleasant.

My other resolution is no fast food in 2011 unless I'm out of Connecticut.  Or Massachusetts  since it's so close.  I hesitate to say it out loud because now I'm going to be held to it by my nearest and dearest but I guess that's okay.  I considered Diet Coke but I've quit that so many times it's worn out and I always go back.  I don't stock it at home so I do limit it but I can't deny my sweet bubbly friend.

Does anybody else have any resolutions?


There is a woman in my town who has a child at David's preschool, the same make, model and color minivan complete with '13.1' round sticker on the driver's rear window and went to the library at 5:00 today just like I did.


I managed to catch the cold that has plagued Allan since 12/23.  What happened to good old fashioned knock you out Nyquil?  They've replaced it with blue-green placebo.


Oh yeah, if I don't get showered before Thomas finishes his oatmeal I need to bring him upstairs with me and that is not pretty he can get in David's room.  Maybe I'll just stink today.

In Loving Memory



It was 48 degrees today, no match for a snowman.  Fortunately Allan was home to deal with the grisly remains.


Last January I bought over 50 boxes of oatmeal at 50 cents each after my $.75 coupons doubled.  I must have estimated right because I have 6 boxes left and now that Thomas is eating two packets a day we go through 2.8 boxes a week and that's if David doesn't eat any.  I spent the first five years paying $3 a box for Allan but once the boys were consistently eating it too I started paying attention to the sale cycle.

There's a coupon in tomorrow's paper for $1 off and our local store has it on sale next week for $2/box.  And if I go on Wednesday and spend $25 or more they'll double up to five $1.00 coupons so I can get five boxes free and 25 boxes for a dollar.  Our paper costs $1 so it wouldn't make sense to buy 50 of them, I jut bought 100 coupons for $13.50 from a clipping service.

Last year I discovered after 20 boxes that the 75 cents coupons were inside the packages so I had 20 opened boxes on the floor of our basement and hadn't had a chance to put th…