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Alarm Clock

We've had a clock/radio with dual alarms that we received as a wedding gift...nearly fifteen years ago. It recently died and we picked up a new one over the weekend. And you don't have to set it. You plug it in and it displays the correct time, it even automatically adjusts for daylight savings. I wonder what else has changed in the last fifteen years. If we buy new dishes will they wash themselves?

Anyway the new clock is pretty darn nice but Allan can attest that it is not immune to human error. We'll have to wait until 6:45 PM to see if it works!

The Mouse Strikes Again



I guess now I'll quit complaining about golf. Allan played in a work tournament yesterday and his team won! He also personally won the longest drive contest. He took home a cash prize and a golf store gift card.

So There's This Man

This man has been taking Alex to scouts and baseball. He watched David and Thomas so I could take Alex to baseball last night. I think he's been sleeping in my bed but he waits until I'm asleep to get in and is up before I'm awake. He's going to reveal himself at 6:30 PM at my favorite new restaurant to celebrate our 15th anniversary and I can't wait!

Molded Crayons

I had entirely too much fun making these. I unwrapped dull and broken (and see the pink bears-we have several dozen like new pink crayons!) crayons and melted them in baby food jars in the microwave and poured them into candy molds. The only bad part was unwrapping the crayons and I could do that in front of the TV at night couldn't I?

TV Turnoff

So the last show I was watching ended last night and I'm fighting as hard as I can to not get sucked into another one.

First I noticed the Bachelorette is a contestant who was on the last season. I had the DVR set and then deleted it. Then during last night's Biggest Loser season finale I saw an ad for a show where they follow people losing weight for a whole year so you can see a realistic transformation. No, no, no!

It's unbelievable to me how much I could get done in the 1-2 hours I spend every evening watching the tube. In just a week I read chapter 1 of Kevin Zraly's Windows on the World Wine Course, watched episode 1 of Destinos a learn to speak Spanish telenovela, nearly taught Nugget to rollover (a few more training sessions and he'll have it) and planned a Survivor themed birthday party. By the end of the summer I should be fluent in wine, Spanish, dog and party.

Monday Mornings

Grrr. Allan drives my car on the weekends. We are the same height, yet he moves the seat back. He changes the radio station. He removes my YMCA tags from the keychain. He takes my air freshener and throws it on the garage floor. He puts up the armrest. He puts the parking brake on in the garage. What he doesn't get is that it'd be easier just to install a baby car seat in his car!

Sunday School

The last day of Sunday school was yesterday! I enjoy teaching, the kids are so cute and funny. The annoying thing is that our attendance took a dive after Christmas and the last few weeks we've been very lucky to have two kids in our class. My co-teacher and I agreed that next year we'll alternate weeks. She lives right around the corner from me and the church is 10 miles away (I know this for sure because I ran home one day.) I really think if we're going to take turns teaching whoever is teaching should pick up the other's kids and take them too. Then the person who has the week off can just show up for church at 10:30.

I think Thomas has enjoyed having his Dad to himself every Sunday morning while the big boys and I are at SS. But I love the grin I get when they meet us in the pew!

Fresh Toys

Thanks to the fact that I have a touch of OCD when it comes to toys and their parts I pulled several five year old play sets out of the basement yesterday and they came with all their pieces and even the instruction books. It bought me three hours of quiet yesterday and near as I can figure, most of today.


One year ago today I began Cool Running's Couch to 5K plan and here's what I did the first day:
Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.
And it was almost too much for me. In the year since I've run over 600 miles even though I took most of November and all of December off trying to heal my plantar fasciitis. I've run five 5K races, two 10k races and one half marathon. I have another half marathon in two weeks and then I start the full marathon training group. Sadly, I weigh only about two pounds less than I did back then. Whatever.

If I did it then you can do it too!

Thomas Eats

Graham crackers (preferably whole he'll usually refuse the broken pieces)
chocolate milk
peanut butter
fruit juice
yogurt (smooth only, no fruit or other mix-ins)
sweet potato baby food
bread (sliced store bought only, no buns, biscuits, rolls, etc.)
banana muffins
shredded cheese
cookies, candy, ice cream (non green)

and that's it! He used to eat apple sauce, white milk, saltines and raisins but now those won't do. Yet he's somehow managing to grow and wears only 1 size smaller than David.


For once, I'm caught up on laundry and know what's for dinner before 9:00 am! I have my week of workouts planned and scheduled on the calendar. Thomas' diaper is fresh (thanks, Allan.) Everybody has had breakfast and lunch is hours away. The bills are paid, the checkbook balanced. My inbox of paperwork is up to date and expired coupons are in the recycle bin. The baseball uniform is clean for tomorrow's game. Everybody has a fresh toothbrush. Everyone's sheets have been washed recently (with the exception of David.) I'm going to have to give in and wash his later today. He hasn't wet the bed in over a month so I guess it's safe to throw him in the rotation because for the last few years I didn't bother he'd require an impromptu wash at least once a week with our 'be dry for two nights go Pull Up free until you pee' rule. I'm sure I can find something to do around here this morning but until I think of it I'm going to ha…

Spring '11

Spring '11, a set on Flickr. Baseball, Day Out With Thomas and Grandma Kathy's visit.

The Dirt Brothers

While Alex pitched for the first time in a game David and Thomas played in the dirt. When they were done Thomas walked toward me and puffs of dirt blew off him just like Pigpen from Peanuts.

Stamp Out Hunger

Tomorrow the postal service is collecting non-perishable food. Just put it our near your mailbox. What an easy way to help out!

Mom's Club

It's my playgroup's turn to put events on the Mom's Club calendar for June. Here's what we're doing:

3rd--donut day @ local park/playground
6th--strawberry picking
8th--dig in the dirt at Dave's house
14th--lunch in the park
16th--banquet-Mom's night out
17th--miniature golf
21st--kiddie carwash & waterplay @Shawn's house
23rd--ice cream social @David & Thomas' house
28th--bubble day @Jake & Evan's
30th--beach day at the lake

It should be a busy month!


I ran a race on Sunday, ran 2 miles and lifted heavy upper body weights on Monday, ran 2 miles and lifted heavy lower body weights yesterday. Today I have one word: ow.

Seventeen Again

Here's my Mother's Day gift from David:

It says:
Mom's name (What I call my mother): Mommy
My Mom is 17 years old.
My favorite thing to do with my Mom: Have a picnic with no food.
My mom's favorite color is: gold.
My mom's favorite thing to do is: have quiet time.
If you could give Mom anything what would you give her?: A present like a lady thing, something that ladies like.

Water Softener

We got a water softener on Friday and today we're celebrating by working up a rich lather and using less detergent!

Mother's Day

My advice to all you new mothers out there:

Milk it!

Thomas' Pimple

At the beginning of the week Thomas woke up with a red bump above his lip. David was very curious about it and I told him it was just a pimple. So all week, anytime Thomas would cry for any reason David would pipe up, "he's crying because his pimple hurts!" At first it was cute but after several days the pimple is gone and it's still David's excuse. I was upstairs and they both were downstairs and Thomas cried his David hit me or took something from me cry and David shouted up, "it's just his pimple hurting again!" I'm going to dab a bit of concealer on that remaining pink shadow and put a stop to this!


I was so proud of myself for getting Keurig to send me a new brewer even though mine is out of the warranty period. Our water is very hard and no amount of vinegar seemed to work to stop the every fourth brew failure and short cups of coffee.

Then my lovely husband points out, from Denmark, that clearly they make so much momey on the K cups that sending a new brewer is in their best interest. At best I can get them for around fifty cents each verses $3 a pound for coffee beans. It makes sense and now I'm embarrassed that I didn't think of it! At least I'm not eating open-faced fish sandwiches for breakfast.


68 miles, 9 hours weight lifting, 1 hour yoga.

13. While My Sister Sleeps by Barbara Delinsky (3/5 stars)
14. The Doctor's Wife by Elizabeth Brundage (4/5 stars)

The King's Speech (5/5 stars)
Water For Elephants (5/5 stars)
Country Strong (2/5 stars)



BJ's Fiasco

Friday afternoon my mom & I stopped by BJ's before picking David up from school. We had plenty of time. Or so we thought.

I bought $149 worth of stuff. I went through the self checkout (against my better judgement) and she entertained Thomas who was missing his afternoon nap.

I used $13 in coupons and a $10 prepaid card that I had received from a promotion through General Mills. I elected $100 cash back and swiped my debit card. As I hit enter I knocked the pin pad off it's holder (they were missing a bolt) and it disconnected and froze the register. The helper cashier came over and tried to reset the machine. It didn't work so she called manager. He threatened to re-ring the transaction then messed around awhile pressing the reset button. They called another person over who threatened to re-ring me and pushed the same buttons. After at least 20 minutes I realized I was running out of time and asked them to re-ring the order. I knew I'd never get the cou…

The Sweetest Valentine

It arrived a little late but Thomas didn't notice that. He loves it.