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Beach Day

I picked the big boys up from bible school and we met some friends at the lake. We had our lunch and they played a bit in the water. Then David was whining that he wanted to go home. I pulled out the popsicles and after he ate his he went back to the water and played for a good hour. Then when I was ready to leave guess who wanted to stay?


Here's a text I sent today:
at this # iphone in storm drain
Pretty much sums it up, but I dropped my phone in a storm drain as I was trying to get Thomas out of the car at play group. I have 6 months left on my contract, an iPhone 4 would be $199 with a new 2 year contract and a refurbished 3G (like the one I had but this one will still have the buttons attached!) for $19 with a new two year contract. I went with the 3, I've played with Allan's 4 and it's not $180 better. I will definitely get a case for this one so when I drop it I won't lose the buttons.

Dry and Spring

My sister's house is dry! I think we'll still visit in July, against my better judgement but with my mom's encouragement.

And I've never been more excited to see a spring. The one on the top is the reason why my washer isn't working and the one on the bottom is the one we paid a pretty penny to have express delivered. Yay!


Thomas has been showing his age lately. He's two. Very two. He frequently puts his hands on his hips and announces, "YES I DON'T!" Usually followed by, "DAVID!" Sigh, there's a reason toddlers are so stinkin' cute.


David's preschool graduation performance. Yes, they gave them blue lollipops before the program.


I don't know much other than the most important thing: my family is safe. It must be awful being displaced and not knowing what kind of devastation you'll discover when it is all said and done. It warms my heart to hear how much people are pulling together and helping. Everyone is doing what they can, including the oil workers and military people that have no ties to the area. Prayers are welcome! You can text 'MINOT' to 80888 to donate $10 which will appear on your phone bill.

Where I'm From

I'm from curly pigtails and Downy April Fresh.

I'm from the rolling plains and plowed snow mountains.

From orange and yellow marigolds, tulips every spring and the long, silvery leaves of a Russian olive tree.

I'm from spaghetti fisherman on Christmas eve and the Metz nose.

I'm from Pauline, Peter & Phyllis and Lyle H. & Annie.

From, "because I said so," and "I love everyone in this house."

I'm from mucilage and paper punch-outs in Sunday school because we couldn't be trusted with scissors.

I'm from Germany and nobody knows for sure.

I'm from mashed potatoes & graby and chocolate chip cookies in a yellow Tupperware canister with a slice of bread to keep them soft.

From a glass of water before bed to clean out your system.

I'm from Kathy's in the hospital again and Jim got called to go to work.

From the African woman with outstretched arms beholding the colorful globe lamp that used to sit in Grandma Roll's apa…

Fourth Grade Graduate

The last day is late this year thanks to record snowfall. He goes to intermediate school next year with lockers and 210 other 10-11 year olds.

I've been blogging awhile.
Here's his first day this year, he's grown relative to the door!

Half Full

I could complain about dragging children to the laundromat today because my washer is broken. Or I could be grateful that my family owns twelve loads of clothing, sheets and towels. That I easily have the money to operate the machines. That clean water is a given in this country. That I can get twelve loads done in two hours. That Tide reminds me of my mother. And that I can get a strawberry lemonade from McDonald's on the way home!

The Champs

click to enlarge

Is free braces for the team too much to ask?


After 3 rainouts Alex's team finally played the championship little league game. And they won! I had David at tee ball so I missed it but it sounds like it was a nail biter. They trailed 2-8 at one point and Alex batted in two runs and they tied it up and forced an extra inning where the opposing pitcher walked in the winning run.

And David's last game went well to, he's learned a lot.

I'm looking forward to a few weeks off.


The fourth grade party is tonight and I signed up to bring cookies. I had big plans to whip up a batch of frosted sugar cookies but somehow didn't get it done. The dough has to chill overnight. I could make chocolate chip today but I've been dreaming of sugar cookies for at least a week so I'll be buying a few packages of these:
And we'll see if I can make it to the parking lot of the grocery store before sampling one!


Be still my heart.

Yankee Shoes

Thomas needed new shoes and I found a pair of pleather cheapo ones that fit for $18.75 after my discount at Bob's or a pair of nice leather Reeboks on clearance for $9. The only problem is the pesky Yankees logo on either side. Allan & Alex both balked at it but I bought them anyway. He'll be welcome at Aunt Linda's house with Yankee shoes!


Art Turock said " There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results."

Today it's cold and actively raining but I'm getting my run in!

Alex's 10th Birthday

Alex's 10th Birthday, a set on Flickr. What started as a Survivor theme quickly turned to the Lord of the Flies as the shirts came off and all the pent up energy came out. We played several games outside before the pizza delivery man/photographer showed up. I can't believe my little boy is ten.

Home Party

Last year I kept careful track of my receipts and was clearly trying to prove a point. This year, I'm feeling busy with Allan traveling for work, more sports and my own workouts. I tried to convince Alex to have a party at the Y to the tune of $200 plus the cost of food but he had so much fun last year he wanted to have it at home.

He picked a Survivor theme.

Here's my estimation of the expenses:

Themed invitations, plates, dessert plates, napkins, cake decorations, bandana for each boy, shipping from Birthday direct $23.97
Favors (major score here thanks to Allan) $1.50
Games accessories $12.00
Games prizes (candy bars from BJ's I may have eaten one or four $21.48
Cake (from scratch) Muffins (mix-it's right after school and several boys will be coming home with Alex on the bus so they'll need something to eat right away) carrots & dip, Gatorade, soda, ice cream $20.00
Pizza from Alex's favorite pizza place $30.00
Total: $109.45

So roughly twice as much …

My Boys

My big boy won his semi-final baseball game last night and is going to the finals on Saturday!

My medium boy eats strawberries the same way he eats bread:
My little boy and I had a conversation yesterday that went like this:
Thomas: "Thomas the Tank-a Engine, Mom! Thomas the Tank-a Engine...Thomas the Tank-a Engine...Thomas the Tank-a Engine!"
Me: "Thomas the Tank Engine?"
Thomas: "Okay!"


Instead of regular cashews I bought Fisher Salt & Pepper cashews because they looked interesting they were cheaper. They are so good! I'll spare you the webcam shot of me stuffing them into my face and share this:

Oh Yes I Do

Every other Tuesday afternoon in a feat of dynamic proportions I walk to the edge of my street and push the trash AND recycling totes up the driveway with the mail under my arm. True story.

My next performance will be June 21st and if Alex is lucky I'll do it all while the school bus stops to drop him off.


I tried to go to the Y this morning to put the kids in childcare and sit in the hot tub. It was closed due to a water main problem. I decided to go to BJ's but had my swimsuit on under my clothes so I just changed in the parking lot. Oh, modesty, where did you go? Wait, maybe I didn't have any in the first place!

Race Pickup

Look what I picked up along the race course yesterday.

They're energy gel packs-sugar, electrolytes, sometimes caffeine. And they're over $1 each even in bulk. I brought two of my own, the race handed them out in three separate spots and once my water bottles were empty I picked up three unopened ones lying on the ground and stuffed them in. As Allan pointed out, I could have had a faster time if I wasn't so cheap. For the record I did decline one offering spot and passed many that I just didn't pick up. But these ones appealed to me. The first one is a new flavor of my go-to Hammer brand. The second is a Gu (which I find just too gooey) but it has 2x the caffeine and the the third is a Gu with regular caffeine (I haven't tried caffeine on the run) and the last is a brand I've never seen but it's huge and has 150 calories while the others have 90-100. I'm intrigued. Alex wanted to have one as a snack last night but I wouldn't let him. I di…

Iron Horse Half Marathon

I enjoyed this one. Especially the part where I took over 19 minutes off my personal best time.


Still Here

No, the tornado on Wednesday didn't get me. It did, however, justify my decision to keep Alex home from track.

I've been watching with horror as my hometown flooded this week and then was equally impressed with the way everyone pitched in an helped each other out. My brother in law worked for 23 hours straight, came home and slept an hour and was interrupted two times by the phone.


Sandbox, a set on Flickr.

Fifteen Years

I got Allan repairs to both garage door openers and he got me four new sprinkler heads. Woo hoo!