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So...I have to be up at 5:30 to get ready and drive to meet my running group for a prompt 6:30 start. I was up at 3ish to pee. At 4:20 Allan's alarm clock went off, I'll blame one of the four and under duo for setting it, earlier than he ever gets up and then turning it on sometime after he actually got up yesterday. I decided just to get up anyway because based on my past history by 5:30 I'd be just settling into droolville and have to wake up again.

I gathered all my crap and turned the light on in the downstairs bathroom only to discover that I have full lipstick on from yesterday morning. L'Oreal Infallible really, really is infallible. I can't decide if I'm going to rub it off or just look pretty while I run fourteen miles. I wonder how long it will last!

Magic Bullet

I missed my Magic Bullet Blender while I was away. Today for breakfast I had to revamp my recipe, it initially contained:
two big handfuls spinach
1 navel orange
1 handful cashews

It tasted really bland so I added a chunk of ginger and a hefty squirt of honey, yum!

Yesterday it was:
1/2 over ripe frozen banana (finally, a use for these that doesn't involve bread!)
3 large frozen strawberries
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
half handful of peanuts

My favorite so far:
2 handfuls spinach
1 tangerine
juice of 1 lime
1 Tbsp local honey
1/2" chunk ginger root
splash of almond milk or handful of almonds, water & dash salt
4 ice cubes

this one positively buzzes with nutrition!


We came home to the following changes:
An empty refrigerator
A clean house (sooooo nice)
A newly padlocked Christmas present storage area in our closet
Thomas' crib replaced with a big boy bed complete with Thomas the Tank engine bedding (and he has slepped through two nights in it!)
David's room transformed into a Pirates of the Caribbean theme
A nice set of modular shelves to store and display LEGO in Alex's room
A functioning washing machine
New wheels, tires and interior detail for my van
A freshly painted downstairs bathroom
One lonely, treat deprived golden retriever
One lonely, well golfed, muscled middle aged man with childcare arrangements for tomorrow night so we can go on a date!


It was so sad to see my hometown devastated by floods. The areas we were able to drive by looked like war zones. People were working in 97 degree heat to remove drywall, carpet and all other porous materials in an attempt to save their homes from mold. They can definitely still use your prayers.

We still managed to have a nice visit. Here are some highlights:
-5 or 6 Taco Johns visits
-I ran 60 miles on the wonderful walking trails
-a fun trip to Bismarck-Raging Rivers Water Park and Texas Roadhouse for fabulous steak dinners
-a family get-together at my Grandma's apartment community room, my little boys somehow managed to turn black from the patio
-a fun weekend of camping with the cousins for Alex
-a very productive bird watching trip for Alex
-a trip to Splashdown Dakota Indoor water park with my sister and boys
-a date night for me and my grandma to see My Fair Lady at Minot State's outdoor theater
-Just one high speed chase with Stella trying to run away
-home cooke…

While I Was Gone

I'm on my way to the airport with any luck and am taking a two week internet fast. I will be checking email but that's it. While the boys and I are visiting my family in ND here's a little project Allan will be working on.

Here's one wall in our closet. It's just a regular old closet, kids. And look-your mother used to be a nurse and she has the clothes to prove it.

If you part the scrubs there's a little door. A toddler sized door.

And inside that door is the world's best Christmas present storing crawl space.
Unfortunately they discovered it a couple of weeks ago so Allan will be putting a lock on that door.


photo credit: Allan 2008

Alex has been dying to see fireworks since before July 4th. Around here, different towns have their celebrations on different days-from June 30th to July 10th. Since we always felt like we there was another show on the horizon we were not very inspired to stay up late and take him. Last night was the final hurrah so I took him. You could park at the mall and take a shuttle bus to the weekend long festival. Allan heard at work that you can see the display from the mall parking lot and thus avoid having to wait for a bus and deal with traffic after the event. So we did just that. And suffered a pretty obstructed view. Alex was impressed nonetheless and thanked me several times for taking him.

I'm still laughing over a family of four with two kids around Alex's age that set up chairs on the grass near where we were sitting. The show lasted around 20-30 minutes and about 10 minutes into it there seemed was a grand finale like pace starting up (I…


Pictures from my phone.

I call the last one, "Have you seen Nugget?"

Heavy Burden

Allan was traveling for work last week and before he left he assigned a rock garden bed for Alex to weed while he was gone.

Alex did nothing on Monday or Tuesday. He went out a bit on Wednesday and hit it hard on Thursday. I checked his work and pointed out a few spots he missed and he finished the job yesterday. As he was coming back in the house he sighed and said, "I'm glad to have that heavy burden off my shoulders."

New Phone

I plugged my new phone into the computer and synced it and now it's just like my old phone. All my pictures, text history, contacts, etc. are there. Which is really cool because I found these pics that I took last month:

Running Skirt

There's nothing like having three boys to turn you into more of a girl.

I haven't tried it on the road yet but it is very comfortable. There are built in biker-short briefs inside.


YTD visits
Alex: 20
David 57
Allan 5
Sarah 87
Thomas 56

I win!


Thomas will spontaneously break out in song with a verse of Happy Birthday. Then he alternates, "I need cake" with "I need ice cream!" It's so cute. It doesn't work, for the record.


We had a fun day today since Allan got the mowing done on Saturday and I went to the laundromat on Sunday. We went to the water park at Six Flags. I think three day weekends should happen more often!

June Miles

The same as May: 72
2011 Map: Brookville, PA

Lip Balm

I'm addicted to lip balm while driving. I can go days at home without feeling the need for it but once I'm in the car I'm like an addict searching, searching. I have one in my cup holder, one in Allan's door and at least three in my purse.