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a) my feet, I've lost two toenails-such is the life of a marathoner

b) 144: the number of miles I ran in August

Safe Snack List

Barnum Animal Crackers
Betty Crocker Fruit Rollups, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Snacks
Breakstone's Cottage doubles
Bugles (original)
Cheese, cream cheese
Club crackers
Dunkaroos: vanilla and chocolate
Fresh fruit or canned fruit
Fresh vegetables
Gogurt and yogurt (no crunchies)
Hunts pudding snacks: chocolate, vanilla, chocolate swirl, milk chocolate, chocolate fudge
Individually boxed cereals: Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Kix,
Cheerios (plain), Life, Frosted Mini Wheats, Lucky Charms
Jello pudding snacks: chocolate, vanilla, chocolate swirl
Keebler fudge stripes and mini fudge stripes
Keebler Club crackers & cheese
Keebler Grahams, original, cinnamon, honey
Keebler Gripz: chips deluxe, double chocolate and Cheez-it
Kelloggs Nutri Grain bars: strawberry, apple
Kelloggs rice krispie treats: plain, rainbow, chocolate drizzle
Kelloggs YoGos
Kraft Handi-Snacks: mister salty pretzels 'n Cheez, Oreo cookie sticks …


After I cleaned out the freezer and pulled the dirty dishes from the dishwasher and washed them with water I heated on the stove yesterday evening the power came back on. And from the map below it looks like we are very lucky to have it. Cross your fingers that school starts as planned tomorrow!


We're expecting buckets of rain and crazy wind, power outages. Hopefully nothing more than that!


How many of you had this guy hanging in your home when you were a kid?

"Grace" by Eric Enstrom

I remember thinking he was a relative of ours.


"Chocolate Milky"
"Sweet Tomatoes"

Blueberry Picking

We came home with less than a pint! And as you can see from Tom's bucket I had to throw a good chunk of those out because they were green. We gobbled up what we had and I bought blueberry muffins from the grocery store.


It's 9:51 am, I've had my coffee and I haven't had to break up one fight. Life is good!


I'm tired. I started week 9 of 16 of marathon training. The kids are sick of each other and fighting like crazy. The house is a mess. The dog is shedding like never before. The man is neglected. And I'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiYaaaaaaaaad!

10 & 5

Alex: 61.5"(>95th%) 90.4 lb (86th %)
David: 43" (43rd %) 40.4 lb (55th %)
Alex @ 5: 48.25", 52 lb

Alex adult height prediction based on this calculator: 6'6"
David adult height prediction: 6'1"

Mom's Night Out

It's true that you just need to see someone who has a more challenging life to appreciate what you have.

Last night I met a mom at mom's night out for the mom's club (Mom, mom, mom...I've heard that before) and she has an 11 year old. A four year old. A two year old. With special needs. And a one year old.

And her husband is in Afghanistan until February.

If I'd have known all that when we ordered our drinks I would have bought hers! And then another one and then driven her home and taken her babysitter home.

We're going to rally and work up a meal delivery plan.

I have it good, I know I do but a little reminder now and then doesn't hurt.

Summer Reading

Today was the end of summer reading celebration at the library. The boys won! As you can see by the stickers below it was pretty close. For every two books read the boys put up a green sticker and the girls put up an orange one. Alex read twenty books. He was very reluctant to have his picture taken:
But not at all reluctant to have a celebratory ice cream sundae.

These two monkeys were not reluctant to have their pictures taken:

Taco Tom

Allan noticed that Thomas wraps his comforter all around himself so that it's piled around him like a taco at night. The whole comforter is up on the top third of his bed. It's so cute. I finally washed his sheets for the first time since he's been in a big boy bed, we've had a laundry pile up that is finally under control. I noticed all three boys kick the flat sheet down and only use the bottom sheet and comforter. Alex doesn't use pillow cases and David didn't either until we got him the Pirates of the Caribbean sheet set that has Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow on it, now he leaves it on.

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Template/play along instructions here.

Outside my has been raining all day.

I am thinking...Allan hasn't played golf on Monday evenings since July because it keeps raining.

I am thankful...for the above! And a little guilty because he enjoys golfing.

In the still smells like bacon because we had waffles and turkey bacon for supper.

I am wearing...a white Tshirt and a pair of green khaki capris.

I am creating...stronger leg muscles. I ran 16 miles Saturday, 4 yesterday and today is a day of rest.

I am the park in the morning.

I am Alex and David will do tonight. They made a fort in the living room and want to sleep in it tonight.

I am reading...nothing! I finished the Mephisto Club a few days ago. I have a couple of options but haven't started a new book yet.

I am hoping...Allan finds a new job at his same company, he's not happy lately.

I am looking forward starting August 31st

I am hearing...the TV f…


There was a lady in church yesterday, probably in her seventies wearing a spaghetti strapped sequin gown. Allan raised his eyebrows but I thought to myself, "you go, girl!"


Thomas to Allan on the way down the stairs this morning: "Go down on bum bum, Dad!"

He didn't listen.


I rented a movie for the kids with a free code on Wednesday. It was due Thursday by nine so I asked Allan to grab and return it on the way to the baseball game and he forgot. Friday morning I tried to return it but the machine was full and I had this in the car:

And the next two closest machines are inside grocery stores. Allan offered to run it over last night but I figured the cost of gas would match the cost of another day's rental. So I finally returned the stupid thing today incurring two day's rental fees in addition to my free day. Good thing they liked the movie!

If You Let a Dog Out of His Crate

He'll want you to feed him breakfast. And if you feed him breakfast he'll want to go outside. And when he comes back in he'll want his morning biscuit...

Allan took Alex to a baseball game so he was up late last night. And Nugget's crate is in Alex's room and Alex feeds him. So Nugget is sleeping in along with his boy today because I'm too lazy to do all of the above. You're in for a treat during the teenage years, old dog.

David's 5th Birthday & Preschool Graduation

David's 5th Birthday & Preschool Graduation, a set on Flickr. Somehow I forgot to post the birthday pictures. Thanks to a favored reader for the gentle nudge ;)


David: "Can I have something to eat?"
Me: "How about an ice cream cone?"
David, hopeful: "With ice cream in it?!"
Me: "Yes"
David: "Can I have it in a bowl?"


I got a new running watch that tracks my heart rate, speed, elevation gain/loss, and time. When I bring it near the computer it updates each activity and includes the map where I went. Yay! I love data. Allan said I should do his job. I said he should do my job. We had a stalemate right there.

Here's my resting heart rate. Pretty cool, I guess marathon training is benefitting more than my legs.

Magic Milk Shakes

We made these after dinner. Yum! The problem is I can now make a delicious chocolate milkshake with pantry ingredients, I think I'll forget this recipe for awhile!

Over It

Okay so you know I'm over my front loader. Here are a few more things I'm never doing again:

Friendly's Restaurant-yuck, overpriced, should have done this years ago.

Downy-overpowering, cloying, grease stains, not safe for workout clothes, Ew. Purex crystals are much better.

Sonic-greasy, doesn't taste good, crowded, what's the appeal?

Dunkin Donuts-leave a strange film on the inside of my mouth. The coffee is okay though.

Domino's Pizza-I think they've changed their 'formulation' two times since I crossed them off but I'm not tempted to try them again at all.

Baseball hats-I used to wear a regular baseball hat for running and just got a lightweight, sweat wicking, white with dark under the brim to reduce glare running hat and I love it so much I'll never go back to the baseball hat.

Cheap feminine protection-if you have to deal with the mess the good products are better. How many years until menopause?

PC's-we got this mac in 2006 b…


I hate my front loader washing machine. It takes well over an hour to wash a load. And it never spins towels right, I always have to go back and put them through another spin. We recently spent over $400 repairing the machine and now the water sensor that the previous owner installed isn't working right so I have to unplug the washer, wait until the light stops blinking and plug it in again to wash clothes. And since my machine sometimes hesitates mid-cycle (making it take LONGER) the water sensor resets and then the machine freezes until I come back, unplug it and resume the cycle. We go through way too much laundry to screw with this piece of shit machine. I want my old Kenmore top loader back but you can't even find the old ones anymore.


Have I told you how much I love my husband? We were playing miniature golf for David's birthday. I agreed to pick up the ice cream cake from my cash if he would pay for golf out of his. The sign said:

Adults $7.50
Kids 5-16 $5.00
Kids 4 and under: FREE

Now, David had been five for about four hours. Allan walked up and said, "Two adults, two kids five and up and one two year old."

I read a quote about integrity having to be 100% of the time or it's not integrity but I can't think of it and it fits this situation perfectly. I wish I could find it.

The biggest boy complained about his poor performance, requested many do-overs and whined when we told him he had to count all his strokes. We're doing our best to help him grow up to have integrity like his dad, fortunately we have a few years to work on it!

Be Still My Heart


The Face

This is the face of someone who just experienced his first bad friendship. A boy at camp was nice at first and then progressively got meaner as the week went on. Said 'friend' was a fan of saying, "I was just kidding! Can't you take a joke?"

This is the face of someone celebrating his last day of being four years old. Someone who is being given the gift of independence starting tomorrow as I will no longer be wiping his butt. Someone who pooped twice today, surely out of spite.

This is the face of someone who has discovered he can get out of his bed and wander around instead of napping. Someone who can defeat a childproof doorknob. Someone who can climb on the bathroom vanity and cry because he can't get down.

Clean Mud

3 bars Ivory soap
2 rolls toilet paper
6-8 cups warm water

*microwave soap 1 bar at a time for one minute. Add to ripped toilet paper and pour water over the top. Mix well.

Sigh. They won't need soap in the bathtub after this activity. I should tell my cousin Shannon that my attempts to make Play Doh by mixing Kleenex and water when we were kids were not far off.