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Help me! I'm not ready for snow! We just put our short sleeved shirts away and I had to forage for hats, boots and mittens.

Woo Hoo

See the glue stains on the orange jacket? I got them out thanks to a hot water wash with OxyClean! My sister bought really nice jackets for my nephews (you have to in North Dakota) and handed them down to my boys. Now if I could only figure out how to remove tar-Jameson and Gage used to like to pop tar bubbles in the street!

Poor Nugget

I spent two hours last night listening to a seminar on how dogs think and why their wolf pack mentality affects their relationship with their people. Poor Nugget is in for a rude awakening!

Fall Boys



And it feels so good!

He was in the lost and found at church!


I put a shoe organizer to good use in the pantry. Each pocket holds ten packets, an entire box of oatmeal!
Thank you Nugget for pointing to the oatmeal.

Missing Monkey

I lost Thomas' beloved Georgie. I last saw him before church when I dropped Tom in the nursery. They bring all the kids back for communion at the end of the service and in hindsight he didn't have Georgie then. We went to a corn maze with a group from church yesterday afternoon so the pastor was kind enough to meet us back at the church to look around and we didn't find him.

Sadly, I last remember seeing Thomas set Georgie on a table in the nursery and saying very sweetly, "you wait here a minute." It breaks my heart! A couple weeks ago Tom and I were waiting outside for David's bus and he set Georgie by the garage door and told him, "you wait here, I'm going to wide my bike." He really loves that little monkey

Hopefully he will turn up.
Looks like I need to head to Big Sky, Montana to try this place out!

Funny Little Owl


Bake Sale

I couldn't find the right recipe for the monster cookies I signed up to make so I decided to make caramel corn. After 3 batches I was out of brown sugar and had only filled 12 bags! So I made kettle corn. I think I've popped over 50 cups of popcorn! I'm so glad I did this today instead of tomorrow morning because it took about five times longer than I anticipated.

Wish List

I think my three race medals would look great hanging from this:

See, there's room for your medal, Allan and there's lots of room to grow ;)

Of course, for a tenth of the price Lowe's has this:


So, somebody had a birthday on Saturday. I remembered on Friday but forgot until Saturday evening at around 6:30. I was in a state, as you can imagine, and poor Nugget had to drag five shoes from the mud room and drop them in the middle of the living room floor before I realized that not only was it his seventh birthday but in all the excitement around here he had missed both breakfast and dinner.

He's forgiven me, thanks to some extra snacks, pets and the promise of a cake next year.

Funny story about Nugget: a few weeks ago I bought a new box of going to bed biscuits and this time I got the large dog size. Allan puts him in his crate at night and instead of giving him the whole large biscuit he was breaking them in half and putting the remainder on the top of the crate for the next night. After a few nights he realized that he was getting a new cookie every night and Alex told him that after he opens Nugget's crate in the morning he jumps up there and eats the other h…

Pretzel Shortbread

I found this recipe in Martha Stewart Living magazine. It's the perfect combination of salty and sweet. I want to make it again but Alex keeps eating all the pretzels!
Here is the recipe. I used an 8x8" pyrex baking dish and pressed pretzel sticks into the the shortbread before baking instead of using pieces.

Celebrity Marathoners

Valerie Bertinelli, Boston Marathon 2010 (5:14:37)
Katie Holmes, New York City Marathon 2007 (5:29:58)
Ted Koppel, Marine Corps Marathon 1983 (5:09:08)
Oprah Winfrey, Marine Corps Marathon 1994 (4:29:20)
Al Gore, Vice President of the United States at the time, Marine Corps Marathon 1997 (4:58:25)
Mike Huckabee, Governor of Arkansas, Marine Corps Marathon 2005 (4:37:29)
Dave Ramsey, Country Music Marathon 2007 (5:17:48)
Jared Fogle (Subway's Jared), New York City Marathon 2010 (5:13:28)
Meredith Vieira, New York City Marathon 2010 (5:59:00)
Al Roker, New York City Marathon 2010 (7:09:44)

Well, I beat Katie Holmes, Dave Ramsey, Meredith Viera and Al Roker!
This is no exaggeration!


Click here, where the energy to wave my arms came from I'll never know.

Good News

I finished! 5:15:16 5:17:08 I must have been delirious when I looked it up the first time.

And Uncle Lee is recovering as expected!

Five Things Friday

*I updated the software on my phone. It took 20 minutes and stripped my bootleg ringtones. Otherwise, I don't see a difference.

*Say a prayer for Allan's uncle Lee, he's having heart surgery today.

*Marathon tomorrow. 30 mph wind gusts predicted. If they're in the right direction it might help! I'm amazingly calm today. I feel like the day before my labor was induced with Alex-I know it's going to hurt but I just don't know how much.

*I just finished a rash of eBay selling. I planned for 15% in fees and that wasn't right so after shipping and a low bid I lost 23¢ on an auction. Of course, that buyer paid right away not like the winner of the Ben Ten watch. I love/hate eBay.

*David has been getting scared at night again, he's a light sleeper and noises chase him into our room. Last night we put a sleeping bag on the floor and he slept there until morning. I'm wondering why the hell we didn't think of that two years ago!!!!

Beer Bread

Step 1: put 1/2 cup flour in a bowl and hand it to your little helper along with a spoon and measuring cup (distraction purposes only) Preheat oven to 375 and butter 9x5" loaf pan.
Step 2: put 4 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1 1/2 tsp salt in 1 cup measure. Fill to the top with all purpose flour and level off. Pour into sifter and sift into large bowl. Sift another two cups flour into bowl, stir well. (Or use 3 cups self rising flour, no salt, no baking powder.)
Step 3: add 1/2 cup sugar, stir again.
Step 4: add 12 oz beer, quickly and firmly stir together for 20-30 seconds only. Do not over mix, batter will be lumpy.
Step 5: Spread into pan and top with 3 tablespoons melted butter.
Step 6: Bake 50-55 minutes until loaf is golden brown and has pulled away from sides of pan. Clean up little helper's mess and get him dressed you lazy caregiver.
Step 7: Remove from pan and cool on rack for at least a half an hour before slicing.

Ben Ten Watch

Alex bought this watch when he was around David's age. I think he paid $10. It was floating around our toy collection and a friend told me they're pretty valuable. I just sold it on eBay for $32!

It has some scuff marks but still works and I was clear about the marks. New on amazon the watch sells for $139 from third party sellers.

I wonder what other valuable junky items are floating around the house!

Lunch Tracker

Thanks to the 'Find iPhone' app we put on our phones in case they get lost or stolen I was able to track my lunch on it's way home from Five Guys after Alex played baseball. Yum.


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I got home from soccer late, realized I missed our grocery delivery (and incurred a $15 fee) and David dropped a glass and cut his foot all within five minutes. Thomas was hungry and crying for bread.

And I thought, how blessed am I that my child is hungry and all I have to do is open the drawer and make him a sandwich. There are too many mothers on this planet that do not have this ability.


Last fall I came down with a cold before I ran my first half marathon. I was so worried that it would mean that I wouldn't be able to finish the race and I spent a tortured 3-4 days trying every home remedy to get better. Up until mile 3 I was still unsure but in the end I finished and I doubt the cold cost me even a minute on my time.

This time, I've spent $200 on a training group and dedicated five months instead of three to training. My family has sacrificed for me to get the training done.

So I'm taking a step that some would say is crazy but I think is worth it. I'm staying home over the next week to minimize my chances of getting sick. I know with two kids in school there's a chance I'll get sick anyway but when I line up I want to know I did everything I could.

I have my Sunday school class covered, cancelled music class, postponed a MOMs club activity, stocked up on library books and plan to order a grocery delivery. I'll miss a few drugst…

Baby Basket

This was fun to put together!

I Wish

*October 15th was tomorrow.
*I had a picture of Alex in his new glasses.
*David would remember why he and Jack, Josephine, and Dionaris had to stay in for part of recess with their heads down.
*Thomas would show a little interest in the potty to motivate me to start training.
*Nugget would be nice enough to let loose during play group.
*Allan would stop wearing his beat up old Cisco T shirts on the weekends.
*I had a gingerbread latte from Starbucks.
*I had thought to shave my legs in the shower yesterday.
*I had a roll of clear cellophane to wrap a basket.
*My eBay auctions find bidders today.

Words With Friends

Aunt Linda is killing me. I'd like to have her, Aunt Ellen & Aunt Mary over for a Scrabble tournament and watch them duke it out. I wouldn't want to play, I'd just serve drinks!


The house is a mess, there are four loads of laundry to be folded and I have no clue what we'll have for supper.


I put a skeleton on the front door, a ghost soap dispenser in the bathroom, bought and mailed a retirement card to the boys' dentist and finished making a baby basket for the church fall bazaar in November.


Allan & I had dinner at a great Italian place in West Hartford on Friday night. I was all set to order this:
'Housemade sweet potato & marscapone ravioli sage butter, amoretti cookie & toasted hazlenuts served with zucchini'

but Allan ordered it so I had to go with something else. My something else was good (rigatoni bolognese) but not as good as the ravioli. I must go back. Soon.


How can it possibly be October already?