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I had the best birthday ever yesterday!

And today is that weird day between my birthday and New Year's eve and with it being on a Saturday this year it's even weirder. Especially now that I'm thirty six. Ouch!

I'm going to curl up with my new Kindle and shop for books with my gift card!

I hit my goal of 1,000 miles this year. I can think of at least a dozen things to set as resolutions but I don't want to overwhelm myself ;)

Have a wonderful New Year and I'll see you in 2012.

Birthday Deals

You really appreciate how much of a wheeler dealer you are when your birthday comes around. Nine months ago I found a Dunkin' Donuts gift card near a trash can by a different restaurant as we were traveling to a race in Massachusetts. I registered the card online because it was the only way to check the balance as we were barreling down the highway. It had 37¢ on it, which I used the next time I bought coffee. A few days ago a postcard for a free drink for my birthday arrived from DD!

And I got a free side and drink coupon when you buy an entree from Moe's Southwest Grill.

An email for 50 birthday Swagbucks arrived today.

A happy birthday message from and ING Direct.

A $10 certificate towards my birthday dinner at Margarita's restaurant.

A free Redbox rental, $1 off a combo meal at Wendy's.

It's going to be a busy day!


My grandma took my mom and I out for dinner at my favorite restaurant on Tuesday night. She ordered an entree that I was considering so I got something else. She ate less than half of hers and brought it home for me to have for lunch yesterday. Then Allan took me for dinner there again last night.

Today I'll have to cook something :(



Balance Buddies

Here's David and Tom on the teeter totter at the Children's museum. My mom is in the picture, seemingly to add weight to Tom's side so he can make David go up. Actually she had to push Tom up to make David go down. This is me shaking my head. ------

My Scoop on the Scoop

I got Allan a new coffee maker for Christmas. Yes, we agreed that our new furniture would be our mutual gift. And then I got him a Kindle because he seemed very interested in it and when I was concerned he would just buy himself one and I didn't want him to feel badly for having no gift for me when I broke the rules so I gave it to him early. Then I heard he got me a gift and we saw the commercial for this new coffee maker and he liked it so I bought it.

We were using a Keurig but there were three problems:
-small cup sizes, the maximum size was 8 ounces and unless I had JUST done the vinegar cleaning we didn't get a full cup
-expensive K cups-they cost 35-50¢ each and since I was getting a short cup I'd often like a second and I just can't see spending $1/day on coffee at home. Yes, you can use your own ground coffee with the My K Cup but the device is difficult to clean and doesn't filter well enough, there was always a yucky sediment in my cup.
-dud machi…


Christmas Eve lunch: Five Guys Burgers & Fries
Christmas Eve dinner: thai peanut chicken skewers, crescent wrapped little smokies, cheese & crackers, egg bread, jalapeno poppers, cranberry bliss bars
Christmas breakfast: cornmeal waffles, bacon, orange juice & coffee
Christmas lunch: roast turkey, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, romaine salad, dinner rolls, Friendly's celebration ice cream roll
Christmas dinner: leftovers!

Merry Christmas


A New Old Story

I spent a lot of time with my Grandma Phyllis when I was young. So I thought I had heard all of her old stories at least once and many of them she tells every time I see her. Yesterday evening at a little holiday gathering she told one of my friends this story and it was new to me:
I didn't have any brothers or sisters when I was growing up. My husband Pete and I had five kids and they used to fight so bad I worried that it wasn't normal. But Pete told me he used to love to fight with his sisters and brother so much that they'd get up an hour early so they could get in a good fight before school. So then I didn't worry!


So...the potty training isn't going well. The other day he woke up completely dry after sleeping 10 hours so I put him on the potty in front of the TV for 30 minutes. He didn't go. We had to go somewhere so I got him dressed and turned my back to find a puddle on the office carpeting.

My mom is the most stubborn person I've ever met and she arrives today for Christmas. I'm going to turn Prince Stubborn over to Queen Stubborn and see who comes out on top.

The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Alex and David did a great job in the Sunday School pageant. Here's the description from Amazon about the book:
The Herdmans are the worst kids in the history of the world. They lie, steal, smoke cigars, swear, and hit little kids. So no one is prepared when this outlaw family invades church one Sunday and decides to take over the annual Christmas pageant.

None of the Herdmans has ever heard the Christmas story before. Their interpretation of the tale -- the Wise Men are a bunch of dirty spies and Herod needs a good beating -- has a lot of people up in arms. But it will make this year's pageant the most unusual anyone has seen and, just possibly, the best one ever.
Alex played Leroy Herdman and David played an angel.


David has to stay in bed until at least seven in the morning. The other night Allan was getting him ready for bed. It was just before 8:00 pm and David saw that the clock said seven. He asked, "There's a seven on my clock do I still have to sleep?"

Uh, yes.

Carla Veloso

Thomas is obsessed with all things Cars 2. When the usual characters were sold out at Aldi last November I bought him this one.

Her name is Carla Veloso but he couldn't say that so instead he called her Shoe Carnivaloso! We visited Shoe Carnival for the first time during our power outage.

Well, we lost the car. I looked everywhere and finally resorted to paying double on eBay because now it's 'hard to find.' When it came in the mail on Wednesday I just couldn't wait until Christmas so I gave it right to him. And then it was lost again.

My friend texted me yesterday afternoon to see if I still needed one because she was at Walmart and found them. Since ours was missing I said yes and then last night I found it under his bed. His death grip must have relaxed while he was sleeping and she slipped away. Since he likes to watch the movie as much as possible he can now say, "Carnival Oso."

I'm okay with having a spare!

First Dental Visit

Happy as usual:

He was cooperative but kept closing his mouth and using his strong tongue to chase whatever instrument was in his mouth. He has two two-year molars erupted and the other two are bulging. May explain the mood lately.

Alex had two baby teeth pulled. It was his first experience with novacaine. I had to laugh at him trying to drink a milkshake afterward. He said his lip felt fat and then he sluuuuuuuuurped that shake and had a line of drool escaping his mouth.

This reminds me of a gross story: he was recently eating trail mix and working on typing a report on the computer when he lost a tooth. He left it lay and later, I was on the computer and remembered him eating the trail mix so I tossed the 'popcorn' piece into my mouth only to discover that it was his tooth, EW!!!!!!!

My Stove Knobs

I had the knobs in a dish on the back burner so the children don't turn on the stove. I've mentioned before that I'm dyslexic when it comes to figuring out which knob applies to which burner and on Sunday when I started to boil a pot of water and wandered away to watch the boys operate the train around the christmas tree that smell of burning plastic didn't initially get my attention because the train can make smoke and the smell is quite similar.

By the time I realized what I had done my remaining oven knobs had become one:

Freezer Meals

I love these recipes because they each make two meals, one for now and one to stick in the freezer. I'm doubling both recipes to have two meals for a friend who's about to have a baby, two for a neighbor who's in the hospital, one for us to eat tonight, one for us to eat tomorrow night and one of each to put in my freezer!

Source: via Giana on Pinterest
Source: via Giana on Pinterest

Christmas Tree


1:1 Lunch Series

Today I'm having lunch with Alex. He gets to pick the restaurant. Up next:

12/17 Allan & David
12/24 Me & Thomas
12/31 Allan & Alex
1/7 Me & David
1/14 Allan & Thomas

Three Year Stats

Thomas 37.4 lbs, 39.5 inches
David 31 lbs, 37.5 inches
Alex 40 lbs, 41.25 inches


Last night was the annual holiday party for kids & families at Allan's employer. I remember being so impressed the first year we went. They really go all out-pizza, chicken fingers, fries, cookies, drinks, crafts galore, a balloon man, live music, and a visit from Santa complete with a nice gift.

After my third year I'm pretty sick of it, though. It's very crowded and I don't like people in large quantities. And my boys were fighting like dogs in the line to see Santa. I know it's because they know Santa is fun to pretend but not 'real' because you should have seen the two young boys in front of us, they were like Stepford children and their mom subtly let on that this was not the norm.

Next year maybe Allan will agree that they're all old enough/manageable enough for me to drop them off!

Swiss Miss K Cups

Alex gets up first in the morning because he has to be at the bus stop by 7:20. The house is cold because we have the thermostat set to warm up later. He likes to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate to warm up in the mornings.

I'm cheap. Frugal. Whatever. So why did I pay 77¢ each for Swiss Miss K cups for him when packets of hot chocolate cost 10¢ and the homemade variety even less?

To avoid the empty packet on the counter, the trail of powder, and the dirty measuring cup of course!

And, maybe, because I feel slightly guilty for not getting up sooner with him and I know he feels like big stuff using the Keurig.

Family Christmas Picture

Warming up the camera...

I had to laugh to myself and be grateful that it's just a picture rather than a video because in between shots the kids were griping and bickering and Allan and I were yelling and then we'd all stop and smile. He'd check the image, complain about something and we'd start all over again. And with five people including a three year old wiggler we could sit there all day and never get the perfect shot so we chose the best of the bunch and sent it off to the printer.


We went to LEGO KidsFest on Friday. Much fun was had by all.

Mommy's Boy

Thomas, watching Allan and I hug each other, "Daddy, don't love Mommy!"

Print Friendly

I have to share my new favorite website. It's Print Friendly it takes all pictures, large text, etc. down to nice simple printable document. I especially love it for recipes.

They're Doughnuts!




Don't These Look Good?


Whoop Whoop!

We have a least 2 teaspoons of potty in the potty! Don't tell him but I was going to give it one more day and put him back in diapers if he didn't do something because I was so discouraged.

And since it's a half day his next big brother was here to see it!