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Batch Two

Batch two of handmade soap turned out much better than batch one. I used coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, castor oil, lye, water and fragrance. It smells delicious and I cannot wait until it's ready to use!

Foil Dinners

We had the Cub Scouts over on Friday night to assemble their tin foil dinners for an event on Saturday. So last night we had family foil dinner night with the leftovers. I over spiced mine but the kids had so much fun making them I think we'll have to do it again.

Tough Boss

David was playing with his dinosaurs. He had one in each hand. He said, "This guy works for me and he hasn't been working hard enough. Time to kill him." then he bashed them together. Ouch.


I've had an off week. I've felt crabby, tired and like I weigh a ton. I did my planned workouts and kept the kids reasonably cared for but let laundry and cleaning back up.

Today I snapped out of it and spent two hours scrubbing the kitchen and doing laundry. I'm taking a quick lunch break and will do the floors, dust the living room, and clean David's room while Tom naps.

Then I'll have some chocolate!

I Love Alex Burritos

Alex has to leave our house to walk to the bus stop at 7:18. My alarm goes off at 6:51 but I hit snooze at least once so I am just not up in time to make him breakfast. He gets himself up and makes his own lunch and needs but an occasional reminder to brush his teeth.

I made a batch of breakfast burritos for him last week and he loves them. I made a double batch today and smiled thinking that I may still be in bed but I can love him a little in the mornings. Then I cracked an egg and in the process of trying to drop it into the skillet on the stove it fell in between the crack between the stove and the counter and disappeared completely and then I frowned.

Anyway, I used 2 lb pork sausage, 2 dozen eggs, 2 cups shredded cheddar and 24 flour tortillas. I browned, drained, scrambled, mixed, rolled, flash froze and then gathered them into freezer bags. You could also add salsa. He need only remove, wrap in paper towel and microwave for 2 minutes.

Heat Seeker

David likes to lay on the gel mat in front of the sink in the mornings. There's a vent there and he calls it his heater spot.

Pinewood Derby

Alex went out with a bang...he took first place for his den in the final Pinewood Derby of his Cub Scout career. Poor Allan, I pointed out that he has to assist with up to ten more cars!


I made soap! I'm not sure if it turned out because I stirred for over two hours and it didn't 'trace' but that can happen with olive oil soap so I poured it into molds anyway. I started to unmold it today and realized it's not quite ready for that but when I started to clean out my containers I got suds! So maybe it'll be okay. I won't know for 3 weeks or so and will need to ph test it to make sure it's safe. But I did have fun and am now awaiting a kit with the right oils to arrive from Washington state.

The Finger

He pulled the nail off last weekend. It's so awful looking, like half his finger is missing that we have to keep it covered with a bandage. That's an image for another blog.

My Impossible

It took 26.2 miles of slow running for me to fall in love with my own legs. I grew up with asthma, a convenient excuse for avoiding exercise. I had a tall mother who hated her height and I topped out at more than 3 inches taller than her, a convenient excuse to hate my own body. I gained confidence in my body when I delivered each of my sons and nursed them into fat, round little chunks of unconditional love. But it was the marathon that made me feel like I could do anything. I wonder what's next?


Alex has a friend over. I just heard him run down to the basement and back up to his room. I asked him what he had:
"National Geographic"
I asked him if it had naked people in it:
"uh...yeah but they're really weird"
Then I heard ten year old boys giggling.

Copycat Shaken Iced Passion Tea Lemonade

2 Tbsp Country Time lemonade mix
1 cup strong brewed Passion tea

Add lemonade powder to tea, stir to dissolve. Pour over 16 oz cup full of crushed ice. Shake!

Bottoms Up!

I've been making smoothies for breakfast. I start with spinach (can you tell?) then add frozen berries and/or banana, a hunk of fresh ginger or a hearty amount of cinnamon, a scoop of protein powder (whey protein), a half tablespoon of flax seed, and either some almonds and water or a glug of coconut milk or grape or orange juice. Then I eat like crap the whole rest of the day.

Sugar Cookie Bars

One minute I'm checking email. The next I'm on Pinterest. Then I'm making these:
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest Yum!

Undoing the Damage

Read here how Nugget slowly invited himself on our furniture. Since that time he's become quite attached. So when we got new furniture just before Christmas we decided to keep him (and his smell) off.

I started putting waxed paper along the cushions. It seemed to deter him for awhile but then I caught him curled up on it. After three weeks of saying no and chasing him off we're now at the point that he at least looks guilty when he gets caught. I came home yesterday after a two hour trip to the grocery store and for once he greeted me at the door. I ran to the living room and felt the warm cushions and shook my head at him.


I got hit with the flu on Sunday afternoon. I had a short burst of normalcy yesterday evening but when the Motrin wore off it was back to the chills, body aches and sore throat. I'm feeling human again today but plan to take it easy and stay on the Motrin for at least another day.

My family has been wonderful, Allan stayed home to get David off to school in the mornings. Alex was always willing to fetch things for me and David makes a great bed warmer/snuggler. Thomas...well, he tried the motivational speaker approach by repeatedly telling me, "you're not sick!"

And for the first time, I'm starting to believe him.

The Finger

A full week after some idiot accidentally pinched Thomas' finger in the door to childcare at the Y it looks like this:

Taking it Back!

Okay, okay so we were using the Keurig until we ran out of K cups. Yesterday we officially switched to The Scoop and today I'm taking it back. It just doesn't get hot enough. When we tried our own ground beans the flavor just isn't there and by the time I add my creamer my coffee is only warm. I think we just need to give up on single serve and go back to the $12 Mr. Coffee that works fine.

When Nerds Reproduce

We all need a night off. And all three* of our children need regular baths. So I came up with a handy tool to help rotate nights on (Mom, Dad) with bath requirements (David, Tom, Nobody):
I used and X-acto knife to slit a clipart bathtub printed on card stock. There's even a summer schedule: David & Tom, David, Tom, David & Tom, Nobody and a winter schedule: David & Tom, Nobody. You could obviously do any combination because the wheel keeps turning in all fairness so even if you did David, Tom, David, Tom, David, Tom, Nobody the nobody night would come around to your name eventually. Excuse me while I go bathe David. And Tom.

Alex takes his own baths.

We're Racing!

This large box of clothes arrived from my sister today. David and Thomas spent an hour this afternoon racing their cars on top and while Thomas napped I took a sharpie and drew a track so they're back at it. Who knew a box and a sharpie could entertain two boys so well?


I was reluctant to switch to Kindle. Okay, I didn't want to lay down the money for the device when I pay approximately nothing per year to read any book I want from the library. I work interlibrary loan and never, ever pay a late fee. You know you're behind the times when your 84 year old grandmother tries to talk you into adopting a new piece of technology. So when she and my mom gave me a Kindle for my birthday I started working the electronic interlibrary loan. And I discovered Pixel of Ink, a great website that lists free books several times a day. I have dozens of free books to read that I now own and the emails from the library are coming in! I just enter my library card barcode and choose a 7 or 14 day loan period and it takes me right to the amazon link to download. The book automatically expires from my device so I don't have to remember to return anything. Even the library in North Dakota has this service so it's worth checking into. Yep, I'm a c…

King Stubborn

Well, the queen tried but she was unable to get the prince to go potty in the potty so I think this means he's now the king.

Patiently Waiting

for her master to come downstairs