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Well if this picture of my weight over the last two years doesn't speak to me then I guess nothing will. Ugh. I am, however, still in great shape with a resting heart rate of 50. So it shouldn't be too hard to get back down. I'll have to give up the Shamrock shakes and the Cadbury mini eggs though.

Diaper Bag

I carried this bag from 2001-2004
and from 2006-2012! It still looks pretty good but I'm happy to to send it off to it's new home!

High Hopes

I did a little shopping last night. I sincerely hope the product on the left is as life-changing as the product on the right. Dark chocolate Cadbury mini eggs? Yes, please.


Two days in a row Thomas wore the same underwear and pants from morning until night! Unfortunately he hasn't pooped since Monday.

He never asks to go so I simply put him on the potty every couple of hours and about half the time he pees. I'm amazed how long he will hold it. Hooray!

2 Y 2 M

We've been in this town for two years, two months. I am so notorious at the Y that they check me in before I get to the counter and today I was called by name by not one but two different librarians. Then I ran into one of Alex's friend's mothers at the grocery store and on the way out met a fellow Y member. Time to start putting on some makeup before I run errands I suppose!

At 6'1" tall it's a good thing I have a good memory because it just makes sense that more people recognize me. I'm easy to see waaaay up here.



Gonna Bore a Hole

"I'm gonna bore a hole and I don't know where, I guess I'll bore a hole right in there!" Thanks to Grandma Arlene for teaching him this little trick. He really has some force behind that finger!

Musical Beds

Yesterday David was sent home from school sick and I took him to the doctor because he had a fever of 103, loose cough and was listless. He has strep and possibly mild pneumonia.

So he's all antibioticked up.

I went to bed early and Tom woke up crying. He joined me in bed and tossed and turned. Then Allan came in and put Tom back in his own bed and his crying woke David up so David joined us. Then David fell asleep and we did a switcheroo with Tom. By then it was midnight and I'd had enough of Tom poking at my face and complaining and I realized he needed to be in his own bed to fall asleep so I put him in it and got in his bed until he fell asleep. Two hours later I woke up as stiff as can be from being forced into the wall and tried my best to get my creaking body out without waking him up. It worked and I luxuriously spent the rest of the night uninterrupted in my own bed. But of course they were up on time this morning.

I saw a great quote this morning and it is …

The Line in the Sand

I'm done with diapers. Thomas is over 3, smart, and capable of holding his urine for over four hours. His stubbornness and my laziness have combined to create a problem. He was wearing Pull ups but treating them like diapers. So yesterday I drew it:

He will wear underwear during the day. And sit on the potty on a regular basis. Our first success was the same underwear from morning through nap time until just after supper. Then we had our first messy failure.

I don't regret quitting in December, I was frustrated and he had only peed on the potty one time. After the break I've developed a calmer attitude and he's now peed several times in the potty. I got rid of the downstairs changing paraphernalia and cleared the changing station out of his room. There is now a folding changing pad and box of wipes in his closet for real messes and a stack of diapers in his pajama drawer. And there is no! going! back!

Workin' My Way Back to You, Babe

It seems I've caught him over the English Channel. I'm ashamed to say I had to look it up on a map, I must have been staring at the cute boy in front of me during Geography class. I can't wait to do more than stare at the cute boy who's headed my way.

I'll have to snap a picture of the plane over the Atlantic. I showed Alex one of Allan on his way out and Alex said he had a long trip over the pond.


Allan is on his way home from a business trip. I laughed and laughed at his airport limo when he left. It really was a limo this time because the driver had to bring 6 people home from the airport so he got to ride in style. I was teasing him, telling him I didn't know he was going to be on an episode of The Bachelor!


Thomas is really enjoying story hour at the library. He spends 45 minutes with other 3-5 year olds listening to stories, singing and painting. So sadly I have to forgo the chance at a $20 Target gift card today so he can go.

In other painful news, Alex left his math notebook home this morning. I saw it in front of the computer last night and considered moving it to his place at the table so he'd see it but I resisted. I will be right by his school but he needs to learn some responsibility so I'm not going to do it. Better to learn these things at ten than...never, right? I can picture it if I bail him out-Valentine's day 2022 he forgets to get flowers for his girlfriend so he texts me (direct brain to brain probably we won't have phones in the future) and asks me to take care of it for him. Or, maybe our brain phones will take care of everything for us and there will be no more forgetting.

Operation Spaghetti Sauce

Today is day 3 of the spaghetti sauce sale. I paid $2.29 on eBay for 20 60¢ off 2 jars which will double at my store so I get 60¢ off each and they're on sale 2/$3. The caveat is that I can only use 4 coupons per trip. So I've made a few trips and I have a few more planned. Before you call Hoarders: Buried Alive to come and do a show on me March is our church's month to supply the local food pantry.
40 jars @90¢=36
1 casualty (Thomas dropped one on our garage floor) -90¢
cost of coupons -$2.29
$39.19 or 98¢/jar when combined with a $1 on sale pound of pasta will feed a family of four for under $2, yay!


Last night I felt brave. We took the boys out for dinner. We quit doing that about 2 years ago when we decided it was silly to spend over $50 to suffer when we could suffer at home for $10.

They were surprisingly good! Since we had chinese even Tom ate (rice) and we had only one spill and no dirty looks! A triumph!


So I got a gift card to buy new underwear for my birthday. I went up a size since it seemed like the ones I had were pretty stretched out and I've grown since I last bought them. But the new ones are a little big and they slide down at night. So I can either get a bigger ass or smaller underwear. One involves hours at the gym and deprivation and the other involves ice cream.


It turns out I like love guacamole. I wonder how many other foods I will discover as I slowly shed the pickiness of my youth. A friend told me your taste buds regenerate every 7 years but on a rotating basis so you have to keep trying things to see if you like them. I will never like ketchup though, I've built up too much of a mental hurdle to overcome that disgust!

5 Years Ago

This month we had the agony of teeth coming in and the ecstasy of teeth coming out.

Doggie Pajamas

The third owner of the doggie pajamas is a reluctant model.


Alex reluctantly wore bandaids as a little kid, David outright refused them. So we have a collection of Spiderman, Dora, and Spongebob bandaids from over the years.
Thomas is obsessed with them. He wears one to protect his hurt finger until the nail can grow in but yesterday I decided in my professional opinion that the wound needs air. He threw a screaming fit and after a 20 minute air session I put another one on. And then right after he went to sleep I snuck in and removed it (yes, I'm a coward.)

This morning we woke up to, "I need a bandaid!!!"

Healthified Breakfast Burritos

So I've been sneaking Alex's burritos for lunch. I decided to make a healthier version for myself. I'll just have to label the bag so he doesn't get sick!

1 dozen local eggs $2.25
1 can black beans $1.09
16 wheat tortillas $4.26
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese 88¢
fresh salsa 16 oz $2.33
8 oz button mushrooms $1.99

I sauteed the sliced mushrooms in some oil for a bit then added the eggs and scrambled them. Mixed in everything else and put about 1/2 cup into each tortilla and rolled them up burrito style with the ends tucked in and then froze for an hour in a single layer before transferring to zipper bag. To serve wrap in paper towel and microwave for 2 minutes. 80¢ each!

Wherein Dad Gets All the Credit

I drove to the store yesterday evening, bought the ice cream and brought it home. Allan scooped some in a bowl for Thomas.

This morning he's all sing-songy and saying, "Dad got me green ice cream!"


David declared this his second favorite food (sausage is #1)

Recipe here, it just begs for some chicken tikka masala!