The Line in the Sand

I'm done with diapers. Thomas is over 3, smart, and capable of holding his urine for over four hours. His stubbornness and my laziness have combined to create a problem. He was wearing Pull ups but treating them like diapers. So yesterday I drew it:

He will wear underwear during the day. And sit on the potty on a regular basis. Our first success was the same underwear from morning through nap time until just after supper. Then we had our first messy failure.

I don't regret quitting in December, I was frustrated and he had only peed on the potty one time. After the break I've developed a calmer attitude and he's now peed several times in the potty. I got rid of the downstairs changing paraphernalia and cleared the changing station out of his room. There is now a folding changing pad and box of wipes in his closet for real messes and a stack of diapers in his pajama drawer. And there is no! going! back!


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