Thomas is really enjoying story hour at the library. He spends 45 minutes with other 3-5 year olds listening to stories, singing and painting. So sadly I have to forgo the chance at a $20 Target gift card today so he can go.

In other painful news, Alex left his math notebook home this morning. I saw it in front of the computer last night and considered moving it to his place at the table so he'd see it but I resisted. I will be right by his school but he needs to learn some responsibility so I'm not going to do it. Better to learn these things at ten than...never, right? I can picture it if I bail him out-Valentine's day 2022 he forgets to get flowers for his girlfriend so he texts me (direct brain to brain probably we won't have phones in the future) and asks me to take care of it for him. Or, maybe our brain phones will take care of everything for us and there will be no more forgetting.


Mother Goose said…
A chip off the old block! :)
I wouldn't have brought it to you but I would bring it to Alex. He's such a worrier. Guess I'm getting soft in my old age.
LBJ11 said…
Moms are supposed to teach lessons - Grandmas are to be soft.

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