Operation Spaghetti Sauce

Today is day 3 of the spaghetti sauce sale. I paid $2.29 on eBay for 20 60¢ off 2 jars which will double at my store so I get 60¢ off each and they're on sale 2/$3. The caveat is that I can only use 4 coupons per trip. So I've made a few trips and I have a few more planned. Before you call Hoarders: Buried Alive to come and do a show on me March is our church's month to supply the local food pantry.
40 jars @90¢=36
1 casualty (Thomas dropped one on our garage floor) -90¢
cost of coupons -$2.29
$39.19 or 98¢/jar when combined with a $1 on sale pound of pasta will feed a family of four for under $2, yay!


LBJ11 said…
You are - brilliant!
Mother Goose said…
You are -sick!
Sick but good!

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