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Why does it take two hours to mop the kitchen floor?

Because first the kitchen must be scrupulously clean. And then the floor must be vacuumed and since I'm dragging that out I will get the living room too so that must be scrupulously cleaned and then by the time I get to a task that takes twenty minutes, tops I'm tired and need a little break.


David was sleeping like a little angel this morning so I let him sleep in since I planned to go near his school on my way to the Y.

I wanted to finish balancing the checkbook before taking him to school so I cut it to the very last minute. And then as I was about to close up I noticed a thief took a $2,000 cash advance from our credit card account. I didn't have time to deal with it so I grabbed the boys and put them in the van. And noticed that Tom had pooped his pants.

I did what any mother of the year would do, I lowered his pants just enough to turn the turd out onto the garage floor, buckled him into his seat, and high tailed it to kindergarten.

I did clean him up and change his clothes at the Y though.

Sugar Sugar

My weight loss slowed down so I decided to shake things up by reducing my carb intake. Not Atkins-I eat two fruits and all the vegetables I want. Just nothing white.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with the cardio but I can still do it. And now I've hit the 10 pound loss mark.

Even with David and Tom requesting honey sandwiches for lunch!

Forgotten Memoirs

My book club picked Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden to read for March. I read it shortly after it came out in paperback, probably in 1998. I remembered that I liked it and that it was about a Geisha and vaguely that Geisha entertained men in Japanese teahouses.

I started reading it again and was drawn in right away and while a few things would ring a bell I was so sad to discover how much I've forgotten. It makes me want to reread any book I liked that I read before I had kids. I think they somehow sucked part of my brain out.

Whistler's Mother

The other day Allan asked me if I knew that Alex can whistle. I said no and was surprised that he had developed the skill while I wasn't paying attention.

Well, boy, do I know it now. He. Will. Not. Stop. Whistling.


We're so proud of Alex, he made the Majors team in baseball. At age 10 he is automatically on the Minors team and can try out for Majors but he's up against the 11 year olds who try out and the 12 year olds who didn't make the next team that are automatically placed. He and Allan have worked hard practicing this spring so I love this picture because it captures their shared excitement:


Tom got his finger slammed in a door a couple of months ago. It's looking pretty normal. The human body is pretty amazing.


*David and I are growing tomatoes and sweet william flowers.
*Last night Alex, about 30 people from two local churches, and I packaged meals to feed over 5,000 people in our county.
*Today I'm making yogurt.
*Tom is daytime urine continent and sometimes nighttime too but has never pooped in the potty. Grrr.
*Baseball tryouts for Alex are this weekend, cross your fingers.
*I'm anxiously anticipating an Amazon order that I placed using a birthday gift card. It's the Pioneer Woman's new cookbook and from the authors of Run Like a Mother it's Train Like a Mother. Eat butter, run a lot.
*I want to run another marathon. I'm putting that here so I don't have to see Allan's face fall. But! Honey! If I don't run Hartford but do Baystate in Lowell you can have the freedom to run Hartford and if I don't do the training group but train on my own that'll cut an hour out of my Saturday morning routine.
*I've cut Diet Coke intake down to o…


Alex has decided he will continue on with scouting and went to a Boy Scout meeting on Monday. He needed one patch removed from his shirt and two patches applied. Allan took the easy job and removed the old patch! With no visiting grandmas on the horizon I had to tackle the job myself. I found a great example in the basement:
As you can see I lack a sewing badge on my Girl Scout sash.

They're on:

and good enough at least until he earns his sewing badge and thinks he can do a better job himself!

Ice Melts

Three nights in a row David has filled a cup with ice and left it on the counter overnight. I wonder how many times he plans to do this before he'll fully accept the fact that ice melts! He's a young scientist. And he likes to drink the water in the morning.


Allan spent the weekend putting some much-needed shelves in our basement. I can't wait for him to load them up next weekend!


Adding a spoonful of plain yogurt to Nugget's food every day has done wonders for his gas!


I wanted to try something new at the gym so I took a spinning class on Tuesday. I loved it! It was a killer workout. I've already taken another, longer class and am trying to figure out how I can squeeze in more and keep running at least 8-10 miles per week.

Do I see a triathlon in my future? Maybe!


I noticed a note on our door from a garden center asking me to call about an erroneous plant delivery. I called and the man apologized profusely and explained that the driver lost the card and then delivered it to Overlook instead of Overhill and now he's completely out of peace lilies but if we'll let his driver pick it up he'll be glad to give us a smaller plant in thanks.

I laughed and told him that I'm relieved to know someone isn't expecting my thank you note!

Energy Audit

We had an interesting morning. Allan spent four hours with an energy auditing company going through our house. I see added insulation in our future.


Thomas made this hat at the Y yesterday. He wore it all morning, including a trip to Sam's Club. I'm going to recycle it when he's not looking!


In the first picture Alex looks like David and in the second he looks like Tom.


This gorgeous plant was delivered this morning. By the time I realized there was no card the delivery van was gone and my assumption that it was from Allan was wrong. I'm pretty sure it was a mistake. But I don't even know where it came from to right the wrong. I guess I'll just enjoy it!


I served leftover mashed potatoes with dinner last night. David said, "I don't like potatoes without the syrup!" Gravy? I hope he meant gravy.

Moaning Helps

I had to pick Alex up from school yesterday morning. He was feeling ill during his state standardized testing but could not leave the room so he finished his test and then threw up in the trash can.

He laid on the couch and vomited many more times yesterday. At one point he told me, "moaning helps."

Today after laying on the couch and keeping liquids down he asked if he could go on the computer, "because Dad said I should get up and get moving."

So far so good.


Of all the holidays, Easter has the best candy!

How's the Weather Up There?

So my friend told me there's a former UCONN women's basketball player who is 6'8" with kids that go to her son's preschool. I'm oddly tempted to sit in the parking lot at drop off and watch for her, find her and stand next to her and make tall jokes. She'd make my 6'1" frame look petite! But then she'd probably challenge me to a free throw competition and the joke would be on me.


Daddy got the picture you were trying to get, David!

Future Cinematographer?

I found this video on my phone. I've watched at least a dozen times, laughing more and more each time.