Ice Melts

Three nights in a row David has filled a cup with ice and left it on the counter overnight. I wonder how many times he plans to do this before he'll fully accept the fact that ice melts! He's a young scientist. And he likes to drink the water in the morning.


Mother Goose said…
I can picture them loaded down with spaghetti sauce :)

And I would totally have them full before he had a chance to fill them.
Mother Goose said…
Whoops! Wrong place for above comment. My bad.

David takes after you with the experiments. Tell him to put toilet paper in the water in the morning and maybe it'll be gone by the time he gets home from school... Or not :)
Grandpa said…
You COULD put fresh ice out just before he gets downstairs in the morning to see if he thinks in a scientific way. In other words if he realizes what had to have happened. And starts by saying, "MOM!!"

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