How's the Weather Up There?

So my friend told me there's a former UCONN women's basketball player who is 6'8" with kids that go to her son's preschool. I'm oddly tempted to sit in the parking lot at drop off and watch for her, find her and stand next to her and make tall jokes. She'd make my 6'1" frame look petite! But then she'd probably challenge me to a free throw competition and the joke would be on me.


LBJ11 said…
I don't know..... 7 inches is enough for some things but not enough to gloat height over. Nice try - but she'd have to be at least 7 FEET tall. It reallt is a fun daydream though.....
MonkeeMommy said…
Besides, Gooser, you are really 6'2".

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