*David and I are growing tomatoes and sweet william flowers.
*Last night Alex, about 30 people from two local churches, and I packaged meals to feed over 5,000 people in our county.
*Today I'm making yogurt.
*Tom is daytime urine continent and sometimes nighttime too but has never pooped in the potty. Grrr.
*Baseball tryouts for Alex are this weekend, cross your fingers.
*I'm anxiously anticipating an Amazon order that I placed using a birthday gift card. It's the Pioneer Woman's new cookbook and from the authors of Run Like a Mother it's Train Like a Mother. Eat butter, run a lot.
*I want to run another marathon. I'm putting that here so I don't have to see Allan's face fall. But! Honey! If I don't run Hartford but do Baystate in Lowell you can have the freedom to run Hartford and if I don't do the training group but train on my own that'll cut an hour out of my Saturday morning routine.
*I've cut Diet Coke intake down to once a month and coffee enhancement down to 1 Tablespoon of Natural Bliss creamer. And I've lost 9 pounds.
*I'm loving spin class so much I bought a pair of fancy shoes that clip into the pedals.
*Even though we have a dog on staff yesterday David went to the library and read to a therapy dog. It's supposed to encourage new readers by giving them a chance to read without being corrected. It was so cute but I didn't want to interrupt by taking pictures.
*Report cards came in this week. Two observations: Alex got an A in band even though he doesn't practice as much as he should and David fell a notch in writing his name. It's the same name, how do you get worse at writing it? Then I realize he's putting the tail on his a on the wrong side so we had a lesson at the breakfast table. When he was making his name tag for the therapy dog he wrote the D and then hesitated and wrote a capital A. Cheater!
*Alex and I have tickets to see The Hunger Games on Sunday. He will flip when I tell him about it, we both enjoyed the books.


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