David was sleeping like a little angel this morning so I let him sleep in since I planned to go near his school on my way to the Y.

I wanted to finish balancing the checkbook before taking him to school so I cut it to the very last minute. And then as I was about to close up I noticed a thief took a $2,000 cash advance from our credit card account. I didn't have time to deal with it so I grabbed the boys and put them in the van. And noticed that Tom had pooped his pants.

I did what any mother of the year would do, I lowered his pants just enough to turn the turd out onto the garage floor, buckled him into his seat, and high tailed it to kindergarten.

I did clean him up and change his clothes at the Y though.


Allan said…
I hope you'll also clean up the garage before Nugget does... ;-)
Anonymous said…
That was funny! Well not the thief thing but the poop thing.

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