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My mom and I had a big secret for several weeks! I lied and told my sister I just couldn't make it to her graduation because I was too busy with the kids and their activities. My mom gifted me airfare and Allan got home early on Friday and spent the weekend taking care of the boys so I could surprise Allison. She was so surprised, she cried. I'm so proud of you, Goose and glad I could be there to celebrate your special day!

Little Snuggler

David asked me last night night if he could get in bed and snuggle with me this morning. I was so glad that he remembered, I know my days snuggling with him are numbered. He's already refusing to play with GIRLS!


I'm down sixteen pounds! I joined WW and that has pushed things along. Four more pounds and I'll be at my goal and switch to maintenance which is my real challenge. I can lose but I always seem to gain it back. I'm trying to develop a better relationship with food. This is something I will always struggle with so while I may not look like the typical person at a Weight Watchers meeting I can relate to everything they say! The battle is on.

Free Labor

Grr, I had to plan my day around our alarm company coming to install a propane sensor and they called 30 minutes before the appointment to cancel. But before I had a chance to register my complaint they offered me free labor to reschedule. $80 part, $85 labor. Now I'm thrilled!

Opening Day 2012

Let the games begin! Unfortunately they lost their first game but Alex caught a fly ball in right field and looked great out there. I recently found his first baseball picture!



Nugget vs Turkey Vulture


Nap Time

Tom has decided that even though he occasionally needs a nap he is too big to take them. So today I laid down with him in his bed.

He waited until I fell asleep and then got up and started playing in David's room.

I still haven't outgrown my need for a nap!


This cat lives near the library. I've seen her in the library several times, she is the friendliest cat I've ever met. This is the first time I've seen her in the magazine basket but the librarian told me it's her favorite place to nap!

Pee Wee Sports



half-pound increments on the side

For the last 10 days I've been stuck, despite eating well (two cinnamon rolls the exception) and working out like crazy.

Sigh. This is hard.

Tom! Tom! Tom!

I'm laughing at David right now. Allan is giving him and Tom a bath and just asked, "Who wants to get washed first?" David answered, "Tom! Tom! Tom!"

But the poor lad doesn't realize Allan only uses one washcloth when he bathes two boys so Tom! is the lucky one.

Cinnamon Roll

It's Easter morning. A day for celebration. And I'm having a cinnamon roll, diet be damned. Because if I don't have one it's the kind of thing that will haunt me for an entire year.

Put This In Your Spreadsheet

So I love to save money. Allan discovered our cable, internet and phone could be cheaper by switching providers and tried to haggle with the current company. They didn't budge...enough so he sent me a spreadsheet showing the savings for the next two year contract period.

We pulled the trigger. I've lost two and a half days worth of errands waiting for technicians and the new DvR box doesn't display the time. So Alex has been late getting to bed and late getting to the bus stop in the morning.

I first checked our basement and found three broken clocks. Then I ran to BB&B and bought this:

I like three things about this clock:
it goes with our decor
it has easy to read non Roman numerals so it will be nice to teach the younger boys with
it was under $50

But, it stopped working and a fresh battery didn't help. I ran back to BB&B and exchanged it. The new clock had a loose hour hand so it worked until anytime after 12:00 then the weight of the hand would …

Parking Plumb

Installed it myself: +1
Can't park without help: -5


Poor kid has so many names, he's confused. We were on our way into story hour and I asked him to find his name tag. I asked him which letter it started with and he answered, "T-O-M-ASS spells Tom-Tom!"

He starts preschool in the fall and I think I'll tell the teacher to call him Tom.

Egg Dying



Consumed 70,292 calories
Exercized 16,685

Cadbury Cream Eggs exercized off: 111.2
Cadbury Cream Eggs eaten: 0

And with that this has officially become the most boring blog on the internet!