I'm down sixteen pounds! I joined WW and that has pushed things along. Four more pounds and I'll be at my goal and switch to maintenance which is my real challenge. I can lose but I always seem to gain it back. I'm trying to develop a better relationship with food. This is something I will always struggle with so while I may not look like the typical person at a Weight Watchers meeting I can relate to everything they say! The battle is on.


We are: clamco said…
Congratulations! I know how hard it is to lose weight and keeping it off is even harder. I spent a year losing 20 pounds two years ago. I've gained 13 lbs back. It's a constant battle!
LBJ11 said…
Wow - you are very close! And just so you know - you are my hero!
scissorbill said…
Thank you both so much!

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