Put This In Your Spreadsheet

So I love to save money. Allan discovered our cable, internet and phone could be cheaper by switching providers and tried to haggle with the current company. They didn't budge...enough so he sent me a spreadsheet showing the savings for the next two year contract period.

We pulled the trigger. I've lost two and a half days worth of errands waiting for technicians and the new DvR box doesn't display the time. So Alex has been late getting to bed and late getting to the bus stop in the morning.

I first checked our basement and found three broken clocks. Then I ran to BB&B and bought this:

I like three things about this clock:
it goes with our decor
it has easy to read non Roman numerals so it will be nice to teach the younger boys with
it was under $50

But, it stopped working and a fresh battery didn't help. I ran back to BB&B and exchanged it. The new clock had a loose hour hand so it worked until anytime after 12:00 then the weight of the hand would swing down to 6:00 and there was no way to tighten it.

So I went back and of course the only other good option was $150:

It's 30" in diameter and has glass protecting the hands.
I can't remember, but don't even want to know if our new cable, phone & internet plan will save $150 over the next two years. Of course even if the answer is no it fills the empty wall quite nicely and should last more than two years.

On a related note-do you think a 20 lb clock is safe hanging on a large nail hammered into a stud?


Mother Goose said…
Yes, perfectly safe
Grandpa said…
From Comcast to ????
scissorbill said…
MonkeeMommy said…
As much as you love shopping.......you could have found a better deal somewhere else on clocks!

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