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I don't like to talk on the phone.  Especially business-type calls.  I just bit the bullet and:
*left a message with Alex's friend's mom regarding bible school
*rescheduled a dentist appointment for all three boys that conflicted with bible school (and got another triple header-yay!)
*scheduled my own dental appointment
*scheduled David for a checkup-he has to urinate frequently and ignoring his kindergarten teacher's concern from April didn't make the problem go away
*scheduled David's annual physical-tried to get the above problem worked in but they can't do it that way but I did get a double header and now have Alex's next physical booked
*scheduled my own physical, I see my doctor every other year and I'm due again.

Whew!  I deserve chocolate.

Bird's Eye View

Alex (who climbed up on his own) watched the entire parade from here.  David (who was placed in the tree by his tall mother) sat here only briefly.

Fun Weekend


Ten Milers

I have run 10-11 mile training runs nine times.  It's the peak distance before a half marathon.  My first half was in October 2010:
9/18/10 13:27 per mile
My second June 2011 and I took 20 minutes off my first time:
4/3/11 11:51
4/24/11 11:44
5/29/11 12:16
I ran two as part of the marathon training:
7/02/11 12:25
8/20/11 12:30
And here are my three before my next half:
5/13/12 11:44
5/20/12 11:49
5/27/12 11:56
So it looks like I can reasonably hope to beat my last time.

Revolutionary War Encampment

Say hello to my favorite soldier for a day:
They made candles, wrote with a quill, enjoyed a lunch of beef jerky and cornbread, and watched a musket firing.


Happiness this morning was discovering a quarter cup of coffee left in my mug when I thought it was all gone!

High & Tight

New haircut.  Look!  He's thrilled with it.

Sunday School

Today is my last day of teaching Sunday School.  I've really enjoyed the kids.  Especially last week during the closing prayer we had all the kids together and we were holding hands.  An adorable three year  old girl wiped her nose with my hand!

After two years I'm ready to pass the torch.  I'm looking forward to the fall when Tom will go and Allan and I can drop them off and then go for coffee before church.

I made a cake for the kids, double layer Aunt Elda's chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and the centers of the sunflowers are mini Oreo cookies.  Cakes are much better for dieters to make than cookies or cupcakes, I would have eaten at least four of them but this way I had just a sample of the frosting.  I even bought an individual pack of Oreos so there would be none left to tempt me!

Big Brother

The little boys and I met Allan for lunch yesterday.  I told them they had to finish their lunch before they could have their cookies.  David finished his but saw that Tom was refusing to eat so he started spoon feeding him.  I would say that Tom has this entire family wrapped around his little finger.

Laugh of the Day

A letter from the parent-teacher organization came home with Alex this week.  They are looking for large tents and water jugs for the Revolutionary War encampment:

"If you have any of these items please contact Deb Lastname @"

#### are numbers

If I were going to be HotMom I'd want to be HotMom01 or not at all.

And!  I went to pick David up from school and parked next to a car with decals promising to teach pole dancing.  I wonder if that's HotMom's car.


I weighed in yesterday and hit one pound over goal.  I went to playgroup and didn't have a second cup of coffee so I saved the creamer points.  I played cards with my friends all evening and ate only what I planned.  This morning I was rewarded with my goal weight.  Yay!  I have to hit it at Weight Watchers and then stay within 2 pounds either direction for 6 weeks and then I will be a Lifetime Member.

Naturally, the occasion calls for a new purse:

The Paper Menagerie

TV turnoff week has left David with some time on his hands in the afternoon.  He drew these birds free-hand and cut them out.  He was delighted last night when a real bird landed on our deck and looked in the window, seeming to admire his paper friends.

Tidmouth Sheds

Tom's obsession with Thomas the Tank just continues on...I've been thinking that the train table he plays with for hours each day along with the track and many of the trains were gifts to Alex and a few additions were gifts to David when he was younger.  And Tom started demanding a roundhouse and turntable so I ordered them.  They arrived yesterday in the middle of TV turnoff week-perfect!

Good Underwear

I bought David some LEGO Star Wars underwear.   He got 5 pairs of them but only 1 made it through the wash and into his drawer as of yesterday.  I asked him if they fit okay and he told me he wasn't going to wear them because there was only 1 pair and he didn't want to waste them.  Life is short, Dave, wear the good underwear!


Happy Mother's Day

See the beautiful flowers I got from my boys:


Here's Dr. David pointing out the red rash on Tom's chest.  Turns out he has eczema.  After a few days of Lubriderm followed by Aquaphor at night and then just Lubriderm in the morning his skin looks normal.  And I'm ready to buy stock in Lubriderm and Aquaphor and buy both at BJ's!

Hot Sauce

We were at the farmer's market this morning and Alex decided he wanted to try some habanero hot sauce.


Five mother's days ago: Mothers.

Good Things

I'm thinking of two good things that happened to me this week.

 1. Our almost 6 year old computer started having problems. It was getting the Mac equivalent of the blue screen of death. I made an appointment at the Genius bar and since the computer and monitor are all in one it's heavy. And of course the Apple store is in a huge mall that I'm not familiar with at all so I couldn't park appropriately. So I wheeled it into the store on a Max Headroom skateboard and the Genius fixed it for me at no charge. I told him I was slightly disappointed that now I can't get a new one and he recommended rolling it down the escalator.

 2. I feel like Allan and I are two ships passing in the night. Between baseball, track, teeball and that pesky full time job of his we don't see much of each other. I was complaining that I'm the only one in the house that knows how to take the trash out last night. This morning he had to be at work at 7:30 but he still made tim…


I saw a Subway receipt on the seat of Allan's car. His total was $6.38. He tendered $21.40. Only Allan. This also explains why he never has any ones when the kids need them. I had to pay for my own Mother's day flowers from the kindergarten plant sale yesterday.


The shampoo from this post was thrown out. It had a conditioner twin that got stored under the bathroom sink, moved and transferred to our bathroom closet. I've been trying to use up what I have and put the bottle in my shower a few months ago. And today I finally used it up! Ridiculous.


I took Alex to a guided bird walk this morning. I thought I wasn't interested but next time I'll bring binoculars too! We saw:
 Baltimore Oriole
 Canada Goose
 Spotted Sandpiper
 Tree Swallow
 American Robin
 White Crowned Sparrow
 Warbling Vireo
 Rose Breasted Grosbeak
 Chimney Swift
 Eastern Towhee
 Red-winged Blackbird
 Mourning dove

We heard:
Perula Warbler
Blue Warbler
Pileated Woodpecker

When in Rome

We had lunch at Five Guys after my sister's graduation. I love Five Guys but it's readily available in Connecticut so I had Taco Johns! They have Johns readily available in Minot but no 5G. Here's my nephew Jameson thinking I'm nuts for eating Johns.

Shuttle Bus

I got back to town Sunday night and was on the shuttle bus to long term parking after 11:00 pm. There were 13 people on the bus and I sat next to a lady who started chatting. She asked me where I was and when I told her ND she said she was back home in MN and then wanted to know how I like the east coast. She didn't like my response (I love it!) and told me that the last time she had been home and returned to CT she went to the gym and forgot she was back in CT and greeted the woman next to her on the treadmill and was met with a scowl responded with, "Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot I'm back on the east coast and have to pretend you don't exist!" Now, it's true that we were the only people on the bus talking to each other and I doubt a shuttle bus at the Minneapolis airport would be mostly silent but, in my experience New Englanders are a bit more reserved than Midwesterners but just as friendly once you get to know them.