Shuttle Bus

I got back to town Sunday night and was on the shuttle bus to long term parking after 11:00 pm. There were 13 people on the bus and I sat next to a lady who started chatting. She asked me where I was and when I told her ND she said she was back home in MN and then wanted to know how I like the east coast. She didn't like my response (I love it!) and told me that the last time she had been home and returned to CT she went to the gym and forgot she was back in CT and greeted the woman next to her on the treadmill and was met with a scowl responded with, "Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot I'm back on the east coast and have to pretend you don't exist!" Now, it's true that we were the only people on the bus talking to each other and I doubt a shuttle bus at the Minneapolis airport would be mostly silent but, in my experience New Englanders are a bit more reserved than Midwesterners but just as friendly once you get to know them.


Grandpa said…
Then I wonder how she explained your talking with her...or was that supposedly your ND upbringing?

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