Sunday School

Today is my last day of teaching Sunday School.  I've really enjoyed the kids.  Especially last week during the closing prayer we had all the kids together and we were holding hands.  An adorable three year  old girl wiped her nose with my hand!

After two years I'm ready to pass the torch.  I'm looking forward to the fall when Tom will go and Allan and I can drop them off and then go for coffee before church.

I made a cake for the kids, double layer Aunt Elda's chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and the centers of the sunflowers are mini Oreo cookies.  Cakes are much better for dieters to make than cookies or cupcakes, I would have eaten at least four of them but this way I had just a sample of the frosting.  I even bought an individual pack of Oreos so there would be none left to tempt me!


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