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Baseball Boo Boo

If you look closely you can see the outline of baseball.  He didn't get hit with a pitch, this was from him lowering his glove while playing catch during practice.  They are now 3-0 in the tournament with one game to go on Friday.  Last night's game ended after four innings thanks to the mercy rule.  The top two teams move on.

A New Low

I'm no longer tracking what I eat and still maintaining the loss.  After four months of focusing on every bite food has lost it's grip on me.  But I can't slide back into old habits.  I have to keep my portions small so my stomach doesn't stretch out again.  I have two more weigh-ins at WW and I will make lifetime and no longer be charged for meetings.  I plan to continue weighing in there regularly to keep myself honest.

Children of the Corn?

Several weeks ago I was pointing out the corn seedlings to David as we drove by.  We drive by this field often.  He didn't believe me when I told him that corn would soon be taller than him.  Today was a good day to stop and compare:

Gu Marathon Sampler Review

I ordered this sampler from Road Runner Sports.  The description wasn't as clear as I'd like as far as the flavors so I thought I'd spell it out for anyone who is wondering.  It's definitely a bargain but if you can't tolerate a certain flavor you wanna know what you'll get.

For $99.99 I got:
free shipping
35 serving canister of Gu Brew electrolyte drink in lemon-lime (very much like Gatorade)
14 serving canister of Gu Brew recovery drink in Strawberry-Watermelon
4x12 count tubes of Gu Brew electrolyte fizzy tabs (very much like Nuun, no calories-just electrolytes) lemon lime, peach tea, orange, pink grapefruit
12 packs of 4 Chomps each (1 serving, I'm used the the bigger 2 serving packs) orange (no caffeine)
12 packs of 4 Chomps blueberry-pomegranate (no caffeine) these are like gum drops
8 pack Gu Roctane gel blueberry-pomegranate (35 mg caffeine)
8 pack Gu Roctane gel chocolate raspberry (35 mg caffeine)
8 pack Gu Roctane gel cherry lime (35 mg caffein…

Youngest Fan

Tom wore Alex's practice jersey to the game tonight.  It looked like a dress!  It would have fit David better but he refused to wear it.  Alex is #24 and the name is spelled correctly, Tom just doesn't make the best model.
They won their first game 9-1 last night.  I left tonight's game and the score was 3-2 us.  Alex hit a double and then caught a pop fly playing center field.  My heart almost burst so I had to take the little kids home and put them to bed.  I'm not cut out for spectating.  I didn't play sports as a kid so I didn't learn to deal with the ups and downs of competition.  The spelling bee just doesn't prepare you enough.


There's a funny website that posts pictures of auto correct texts gone wrong.  Allan & I had one today:
Damn You, Autocorrect

Busy Day

I had an insanely busy day today. I got up after not sleeping well because David was in our bed due to thunderstorms. I then:
Ran 5 miles
Got David & Tom fed and dressed and took them to the Y
Ran the remaining 7 miles
Came home, stretched, showered & got ready
Did 2 loads of laundry
Fed them lunch
Cleaned the kitchen
Vacuumed 1500 sq feet
Dusted the office
Picked up the living room
Grilled 2 lb shrimp to bring to a baby shower tomorrow
Washed 2 windows
Cleaned the bathroom
Planted some flowers
Had friends over for dinner-roast pork and chicken tacos with homemade refried beans and rice Cleaned up the kitchen
Ran the dishwasher for the third time today
Folded & put away laundry
Collapsed in bed with iPad to blog and read as long as my eyes will stay open.

 Tomorrow will be a day of rest!

Lost Tooth

He's such a big boy!

Love This Quote

From Willa Cather's My Antonia: "Grandfather's prayers were often very interesting. He had the gift of simple and moving expression. Because he talked so little, his words had a peculiar force; they were not worn dull from constant use."

I feel like my words are worn dull from constant use!

Good Grief

So to prove eligibility for baseball we have to hand over Alex's birth certificate (not a copy, we'll get it back), plus 3 of the following dated Feb 2011-Feb 2012:
❑❑Driver’s License
❑❑Voter’s Registration
❑❑School records
❑❑Welfare/child care records
❑❑Federal records
❑❑State records
❑❑Local (municipal) records
❑❑Support payment records
❑❑Homeowner/tenant records
❑❑Utility bills (i.e. gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal)
❑❑Financial records
❑❑Insurance documents
❑❑Medical records
❑❑Military records
❑❑Internet, cable or satellite records
❑❑Vehicle records
❑❑Employment records

I'm surprised he doesn't have to give a DNA sample!

Knoephla & Sausage Casserole

1 lb smoked beef sausage
1 small onion
5 eggs
3 1/2 cups flour
1 1/4 cups milk
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups half and half or cream
Morton's Nature's Seasons blend or salt & pepper

*Preheat oven to 350.  Dice onion.  Quarter sausage lengthwise and slice into triangles.  Brown with onion in skillet.  Meanwhile boil stockpot full of water.  Mix flour, milk, eggs and salt adding more milk if necessary to create thick batter.  Drop by teaspoons into boiling water.  Knoephla will float when done.  Drain and toss with sausage and onion in 9x13" pan.  Pour half and half over the top, season with Nature's Seasons or salt and pepper.  Bake 30 minutes.

Source: My Mother

Can't Imagine Why

I brought the checkbook (and 2 boys) to Allan midway through baseball practice so he could pay for shirts.  When I got it back he had removed the cover.  Can't imagine why:


David and Tom invented a new game.  Tom rides his big wheel on the driveway, fakes a crash and yells for an ambulance.  Then David runs over and puts his hands on Tom's shoulders and guides him to the backseat of the car where he lays him down and covers him with a blanket.  Then they repeat this.

Except yesterday Allan's car was conveniently in the driveway so he could mow and today they're having to make do with my van in the garage.  It's just not the same.  And of course the blanket they were using lives in Allan's car so I tried to give them a towel and that wouldn't do so I had to get a real blanket.  I'm going to let them play this out until they tire of it and then give them a box of bandaids!

Drive Through Communion

We love our pastor.  David and Tom feel slighted because we won't let them take communion so he always finds them after the service and gives them the leftover bread.  Today Pastor Tim was in the parking lot and he stuck his head in the van to congratulate Alex on making the All-Star baseball team and Dave and Tom started chanting, "the bread! the bread!" so he ran back into the church (he literally ran) and came back to deliver their bread.  I had to get a picture:
And we heard last week that he came extremely close to becoming the next bishop in the New England Synod.  He was nominated in the first round and made several cuts until it was down to him and another pastor.  I'm selfishly pleased that he didn't get elected!

MFI Marathon

I'm going to run another marathon in the fall.  This time I'm going to train with MFI-minimal family interruption.  Last summer I was up at 5:15 to meet my training group 20 miles away at 6:30 every Saturday.  Add in an up to 4:24 run, the drive home, ice bath/shower and recovery meal and I wouldn't be much help to the family until afternoon.

So today I ran a mile with the dog and then took Tom to the Y and did the other 9 while he was in childcare.  David and Allan went to teeball, he fed the older two lunch and we exchanged a few words before he had to take Alex to baseball.  

Since the kids can be in childcare for up to two hours a day I will do x-9 at home in the remainder at the Y with both younger kids.  And my weekly runs will continue to be at the Y while Allan is at work.

All Star Birthday

Today is Alex's 11th birthday.  He found out last night that he made the All Star summer baseball team.      And today is the last day of school.  He is on cloud nine!

And David is Five

I was getting my blood drawn this morning while Alex and David were at school and the phlebotomist was talking to Tom.  She asked him what his name is and how old he is.  He answered, "I'm three.  David is five."  I had to laugh because David is a big part of Tom's identity.  But he didn't mention Alex at all.

He's still not 100% with his pronouns.  I had to state my name for verification and he piped up, "his name is Mommy!"

Loose Tooth

David has his first loose tooth.  Poor kid, I blogged his first tooth coming in and I'm still blogging as it gets ready to fall out.  
The Lyme story:  Sunday night he pointed out a bump on his head and said it hurt.  He couldn't remember hitting it.  There was no rash but we could definitely feel the bump.  Monday he got off the school bus looking lethargic and complaining of a headache.  I gave him some ibuprofen and realized he had a fever.   He perked up but by the time the medicine wore off the headache and fever were back.  He woke up very upset early Tuesday morning complaining that the bump hurt and we could see that it was bigger and looked like a bruise.  By the time I got him to the pediatrician's office we saw the distinct bullseye around the bump.  He was pretty miserable yesterday and still feverish.  He woke up this morning feeling better and has had three doses of antibiotics by now.  Hopefully he'll be 100% by tomorrow because it's field day and F…

Ice Cream Therapy

David has Lyme disease.  His doctor prescribed antibiotics, his auntie prescribed adjunctive ice cream!


I don't think David has ever had such clean hands!


Here's one way to keep the critters out of your garden:
It's a wolf decoy.  And it's right by the Y where they have a warning sign about a mama fox with a nest that she is trying to protect.  So the wolf pretty much scared the pants off me.

Afternoon Antics

One minute Dave & Tom were playing book fair with the shoes in my closet then Dave had my slippers on and he was the mom and Tom was the dog and getting locked into Nugget's crate. And somehow in the middle they managed to cover themselves in baby powder so now their hair is grey like old men but they smell like babies.

Dormez Vous

Oh Dee Doo Dah Day

Sam's Club

We went to Sam's club because we needed peanut butter, bread and milk.  They do have the best prices on those items you know, we're now buying the six pound can of peanut butter!
We came out with all the things on our list plus blueberries, strawberries and a TV.


There's a garage in town that has the entire wall papered in what look like race bibs.  I started my own collection:
I'd run one every weekend if I could afford it.  This is going to be much easier than decorating a garage wall with license plates from the different states we've lived in because we're not moving again.  I hope.

My favorite bib is the one from Hershey because they printed my name on it.  My least favorite are any that don't state the race.  The one from the ND state fair in the upper left hand corner had so few identifying marks I had to write on it with a sharpie.

I can't stand seeing the garage doors open.  For some reason it feels like the house has it's fly open.  I take Alex to the bus stop in the mornings (yes, I drive-I can run a marathon but the .1 mile at 7am on a daily basis is too much to bear) and close the garage door for the 10 minutes tops that I'm gone in case a neighbor drives by on the way to work and sees it.  I gues…


No track.  No tee ball.  No baseball game.  No closing of the concession stand this evening.  No watering my new plants.

Oh the possibilities!

June Challenge