There's a garage in town that has the entire wall papered in what look like race bibs.  I started my own collection:
I'd run one every weekend if I could afford it.  This is going to be much easier than decorating a garage wall with license plates from the different states we've lived in because we're not moving again.  I hope.

My favorite bib is the one from Hershey because they printed my name on it.  My least favorite are any that don't state the race.  The one from the ND state fair in the upper left hand corner had so few identifying marks I had to write on it with a sharpie.

I can't stand seeing the garage doors open.  For some reason it feels like the house has it's fly open.  I take Alex to the bus stop in the mornings (yes, I drive-I can run a marathon but the .1 mile at 7am on a daily basis is too much to bear) and close the garage door for the 10 minutes tops that I'm gone in case a neighbor drives by on the way to work and sees it.  I guess if I ever do get this wall papered in bibs no one will see it but me. And Allan if you want to start your own find a different wall please.  Your medal can hang near mine but our bibs shall not touch. 


MonkeeMommy said…
Everyone should have an "I love me" wall!
lbj11 said…
Where are the medals hanging?

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