Good Grief

So to prove eligibility for baseball we have to hand over Alex's birth certificate (not a copy, we'll get it back), plus 3 of the following dated Feb 2011-Feb 2012:
Driver’s License 
❑Voter’s Registration 
❑School records 
Welfare/child care records 
❑Federal records 
❑State records 
❑Local (municipal) records 
❑Support payment records 
Homeowner/tenant records 
❑Utility bills (i.e. gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal) 
❑Financial records 
❑Insurance documents 
❑Medical records 
❑Military records 
❑Internet, cable or satellite records 
❑Vehicle records 
❑Employment records 

I'm surprised he doesn't have to give a DNA sample!


Grandpa said…
I would think that proof of age and residence should be enough to prove his eligibility.
scissorbill said…
I agree, Jim!
LBJ11 said…
You aren't kidding? That's crazy!

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