Gu Marathon Sampler Review

I ordered this sampler from Road Runner Sports.  The description wasn't as clear as I'd like as far as the flavors so I thought I'd spell it out for anyone who is wondering.  It's definitely a bargain but if you can't tolerate a certain flavor you wanna know what you'll get.

For $99.99 I got:
free shipping
35 serving canister of Gu Brew electrolyte drink in lemon-lime (very much like Gatorade)
14 serving canister of Gu Brew recovery drink in Strawberry-Watermelon
4x12 count tubes of Gu Brew electrolyte fizzy tabs (very much like Nuun, no calories-just electrolytes) lemon lime, peach tea, orange, pink grapefruit
12 packs of 4 Chomps each (1 serving, I'm used the the bigger 2 serving packs) orange (no caffeine)
12 packs of 4 Chomps blueberry-pomegranate (no caffeine) these are like gum drops
8 pack Gu Roctane gel blueberry-pomegranate (35 mg caffeine)
8 pack Gu Roctane gel chocolate raspberry (35 mg caffeine)
8 pack Gu Roctane gel cherry lime (35 mg caffeine)
24 pack mixed Gu energy gel: (oddly this had a few Roctane mixed in)
          3 vanilla bean (20 mg caffeine)
          2 espresso love (35 mg caffeine)
          2 strawberry banana (no caffeine)
          2 lemon sublime (no caffeine)
          2 mint chocolate (no caffeine)
          2 mandarin orange (20 mg caffeine)
          1 pineapple Roctane (no caffeine)
          1 blueberry-pomegranate Roctane (35 mg caffeine)
          1 chocolate raspberry Roctane (35 mg caffeine)
          1 vanilla orange Roctane (35 mg caffeine)
          1 cherry  lime Roctane (35 mg caffeine)
          2 jet blackberry (35 mg caffeine)
          2 chocolate outrage (20 mg caffeine)
          2 tri-berry (20 mg caffeine)
2 water bottles

I do not know if you get all the same flavors every time though.  It'll take my husband and I a good while to go through it so I won't be reordering anytime soon.

Here's how I plan to use these:
midweek run under an hour or hourlong spin class-just water or electrolyte tab plus water
midweek run over an hour but less than 2-Gatorade/Gu Brew
long run 10-15 miles either one pack of chomps or one gel every 3-4 miles
long run 15 miles plus/race day-mix of Roctane, caffeinated, decaffeinated gels every 3-4 miles
recovery drink after long runs

Now, doesn't that just make you want to grab a couple of packs and take off?
2013 update/review:
I still have a few orange Chomps, a few Brew tabs and most of the Gu Brew powder left.  The orange Chomps are okay but not my favorite.  The electrolyte tabs are just not necessary in my opinion and I hate the taste of the Gu Brew powder.  My favorites from this sampler were the blueberry pomegranate Chomps, the cherry lime gel and the recovery drink.  I'm back to chocolate milk post-run again because it's cheaper.  I also sold all the chocolate Gu on eBay because it didn't sit right with my stomach.  I would probably not buy this sampler again because now I know what to buy in boxes.  I would probably stick with gel only and since the Roctanes are pricier I would order a box of mandarin orange and a box of lemon sublime gel since I like to alternate caffeinated and decaf and my husband hates strawberry banana.  I still have both bottles and lids and bring them to spin class.


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LBJ11 said…
Must be genetic - I hate strawberry banana too! Lol!

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