David and Tom invented a new game.  Tom rides his big wheel on the driveway, fakes a crash and yells for an ambulance.  Then David runs over and puts his hands on Tom's shoulders and guides him to the backseat of the car where he lays him down and covers him with a blanket.  Then they repeat this.

Except yesterday Allan's car was conveniently in the driveway so he could mow and today they're having to make do with my van in the garage.  It's just not the same.  And of course the blanket they were using lives in Allan's car so I tried to give them a towel and that wouldn't do so I had to get a real blanket.  I'm going to let them play this out until they tire of it and then give them a box of bandaids!


Mother Goose said…
Make a crash cart for them.

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