Loose Tooth

David has his first loose tooth.  Poor kid, I blogged his first tooth coming in and I'm still blogging as it gets ready to fall out.  

The Lyme story:  Sunday night he pointed out a bump on his head and said it hurt.  He couldn't remember hitting it.  There was no rash but we could definitely feel the bump.  Monday he got off the school bus looking lethargic and complaining of a headache.  I gave him some ibuprofen and realized he had a fever.   He perked up but by the time the medicine wore off the headache and fever were back.  He woke up very upset early Tuesday morning complaining that the bump hurt and we could see that it was bigger and looked like a bruise.  By the time I got him to the pediatrician's office we saw the distinct bullseye around the bump.  He was pretty miserable yesterday and still feverish.  He woke up this morning feeling better and has had three doses of antibiotics by now.  Hopefully he'll be 100% by tomorrow because it's field day and Friday is the last day of school. 


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