MFI Marathon

I'm going to run another marathon in the fall.  This time I'm going to train with MFI-minimal family interruption.  Last summer I was up at 5:15 to meet my training group 20 miles away at 6:30 every Saturday.  Add in an up to 4:24 run, the drive home, ice bath/shower and recovery meal and I wouldn't be much help to the family until afternoon.

So today I ran a mile with the dog and then took Tom to the Y and did the other 9 while he was in childcare.  David and Allan went to teeball, he fed the older two lunch and we exchanged a few words before he had to take Alex to baseball.  

Since the kids can be in childcare for up to two hours a day I will do x-9 at home in the remainder at the Y with both younger kids.  And my weekly runs will continue to be at the Y while Allan is at work.  


LBJ11 said…
All I can say is "Why?" See, I have never liked running and I never can understand why anyone else likes running. Kind of like the way you feel about ketshup, I guess.
scissorbill said…
Haha! I do hate ketchup!

I know it's weird and has gone beyond just getting exercise but I guess if I have to be obsessed/addicted to something this is pretty reasonable.

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