Youngest Fan

Tom wore Alex's practice jersey to the game tonight.  It looked like a dress!  It would have fit David better but he refused to wear it.  Alex is #24 and the name is spelled correctly, Tom just doesn't make the best model.
They won their first game 9-1 last night.  I left tonight's game and the score was 3-2 us.  Alex hit a double and then caught a pop fly playing center field.  My heart almost burst so I had to take the little kids home and put them to bed.  I'm not cut out for spectating.  I didn't play sports as a kid so I didn't learn to deal with the ups and downs of competition.  The spelling bee just doesn't prepare you enough.


Anonymous said…
Hi Sarah! Good luck with being a "spectator" at your boys' events; it's just beginning. I remember watching Lindsey doing gymnastics and playing basketball and how my heart would pound! I found that covering your eyes, praying, and deep breathing helps;) Enjoy it all!!!

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