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The Safe Road

A few months into our marriage Allan sold me on his contact solution.  My lenses feel cleaner and I can wear them longer into the day without feeling discomfort.

So we've been sharing a bottle.  And he comes up to bed after I do so he'll take the cap that I lovingly replaced and leave it on the counter where it sits until morning.

Today I decided to get my own bottle!  I'm tired of living dangerously and asking for an eye infection.


Instead of pinning recipes this week I decided to try some.  We had Mexican Stuffed Shells:

Source: via Sa on Pinterest
I omitted the cream cheese.  It was a hit and I'll make it again.

We had Tomato, Basil, Garlic & Parmesan Pasta:
Source: via Sa on Pinterest
And there are leftovers I'm looking forward to eating for lunch tomorrow.

This shredded pork is in the oven right now and I'm enjoying a glass of leftover Dr. Pepper:

Source: via Sa on Pinterest

Little Alex


Memory Lane

Yesterday I was looking in the basement for the cable that transfers data from our video camera to the computer and on a whim brought up the Playmobil set for the boys to play with.  They played all day long and I transferred seven hours of Alex's first month onto the computer.  When I look at our wedding pictures I think, "who lets children get married?" and yesterday it was, "who lets children have children?"

Here are Alex & David playing tree house.

Saint Anthony's

I believe it was 2004 when my mom and dad came to visit us in Massachusetts.  They were staying in Boston and my dad was the type to do and see as much as he possibly could on vacation.  A civil war battle field is only 200 miles away?  Gotta go!

So we met at the famous Pizzeria Regina in the North End and he and I shared a pizza called Saint Anthony's.  It was a white pizza with garlic, onion, peppers and fresh basil.  It was the best pizza he ever had.  He enjoyed it so much he was sweating as he ate it.

We had to visit Pizzeria Regina and I had to have Saint Anthony's pizza in his memory.  I got a little teary as we sat down but I knew he'd want me to enjoy the place.  And I did!  It was the second best pizza I've ever had.

Boston Pictures

David eating a cannoli from Mike's Pastry on the Mass Pike
Tom squishing a penny at the Prudential Center Observatory Alex with Ted Williams at Fenway Alex & David on the Duck Tour David driving the Duck in the Charles River Alex driving the Duck David sitting in the Green Monster seats Tom with David Ortiz's handprints The Crew at the Pru
David climbing at the Children's Museum
Tom at the Children's Museum
Mesmerized at the Aquarium
Make Way For Ducklings Sculpture at the Public Garden, Tom riding Mrs. Mallard
Playing in the fountains on the Rose Kennedy Greenway Wearing his Patriot's Jersey at Red Sox Batting Practice

Extra Playtime

We spent the weekend in Boston.  Allan dropped Nugget off at a new boarding place and came out with a sheepish grin telling me he paid $6 extra per day for the extra playtime.

I'm a skeptic.  And an optimist.  So while I don't believe that they don't do the extra playtime but ask you to pay for it anyway I do believe that they give every dog the extra playtime and only charge the willing.  It's not like he'll be able to tell me when I pick him up later this morning.

I also think those penny squishing souvenier machines are just stocked with squished coppery disks and the actual penny that you put in is pure profit.

We did come home with a few of them, 51¢ each at the Prudential Center Observatory and Children's Museum, $1.01 at the Aquarium.  Or 51¢ at the rest stop on the Mass Pike on the way home.


Alex: "It looks like David just pushed Tom off the couch."
Tom: silent
David: "It was an accident.  I tried to help him but I was still in tiger mode and that scared him."


Tom has been fully potty trained for 6-8 weeks.  Yay.

He still doesn't wipe his butt and usually doesn't tell anyone he needs it wiped but we'll find the evidence in the toilet and check him and he's clean.

Allan the engineer deduced that he's sitting his relatively small butt on the big toilet and it's spreading his cheeks such that the poop comes out without leaving anything behind.

I think it's his low fiber diet!

$8.97+13 Bottles of Powerade

We want to take the boys on a Fenway tour.  A Red Sox game would be great but pricey and surely David and Tom would get bored before the second inning.

Tickets for the tour are $16 for adults $12 for kids.  Or if we add it to a Go Select Boston tour we'd essentially get one child free.

Or our local grocery store is running a special this week.  When you buy $15 worth of Coca-Cola products you get a free ticket.  Powerades are on sale for 69¢ each but they are regularly $1.19 and I learned through couponing that oftentimes you can get the machine to trigger the coupon if you buy enough at regular price even though you only pay the sale price.

My test run yesterday worked.  Thirteen Powerades triggered a free Fenway tour.  So for $44.85 we'll get the whole family into the tour and 65 Powerades.  That's over sixteen gallons!  We can always donate what we do not drink.

I Would Never Hate You

I wanted to make Pinterest inspired LEGO favor bags for David's birthday party.  I'm not a scrapbooker and needed an $11 punch for the studs.  My sister offered to punch and mail them for me.

But I went to the store and realized that finding a red card stock to match the bags I bought would be a challenge.  I texted her and told I didn't need them five days after I asked her to punch them and asked her not to hate me.  Her reply made me smile:

"I would never hate you."

And you know, I feel the same way.  It's so nice to have a forever friend.  And lucky for me she's been there my whole life.  She had to wait 2 1/2 years for me.

Here's how my bags came out:

Smart Dog

A new study suggests kids that grow up in homes with dogs are healthier than kids who do not have dogs.  I guess Nugget was doing something important here.

Hot Air Balloon

I've always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon.  In fact, I was recently getting a physical and my doctor asked me what my plans for the summer where and when I told him a trip to Lancaster, PA he told me he went on a hot air ballon ride there (and crashed along the highway and was told to stay in to keep his weight in the balloon but he didn't listen!) and I thought to myself, "I've always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon."  Little did I know that my wish was about to be fulfilled at Allan's company picnic.  We went up, up but not away because it was too windy above the trees.  Still a check for my bucket list.
Alex played paintball.  David and Tom went on pony rides.  We all enjoyed a mobile petting zoo, a huge swimming pool, a rock climbing structure (harder than it looks, I only made it halfway up), multiple inflatable jumping structures and slides, all manner of sports (Alex beat me in horseshoes and David & Tom attempted shuffle board.)   Ther…

Road Trip

We had a whirlwind trip to Pennsylvania and back because Alex had to be home for baseball.  We saw Sight & Sound's musical, "Jonah" which was amazing and got to visit with Aunt Aimee and Allie and Ethan as well as Grandpa and Grandma.  And sadly Alex's team lost the game we rushed home for and now they're out of the tournament and baseball is over for the summer.   I had to laugh, Allan called his mom the night before we were due to leave to see if Nugget could come along.  It costs over $25/day now to board him and they keep them kenneled for most of the day.  He was less of a pain than usual which was good.

David had my phone for a few minutes in the car and here is how he documented the trip:

Ah Ha

I found the missing shoe.  It was in the hamper with a pair of dirty shorts and underwear wrapped around it.  David.


Yesterday we were getting the boys' hair cut.  Allan was telling the beautician how to cut Tom's hair and said, "he's a two."  Tom told me, "I'm two, Mommy!" and I told him he's still three but hair is a two.  He put one hand on his head and one on his face and said, "My hair is two and my face is three!"

And this morning he asked me if I have a penis.  When I told him no he answered with, "I will find you one!"