$8.97+13 Bottles of Powerade

We want to take the boys on a Fenway tour.  A Red Sox game would be great but pricey and surely David and Tom would get bored before the second inning.

Tickets for the tour are $16 for adults $12 for kids.  Or if we add it to a Go Select Boston tour we'd essentially get one child free.

Or our local grocery store is running a special this week.  When you buy $15 worth of Coca-Cola products you get a free ticket.  Powerades are on sale for 69¢ each but they are regularly $1.19 and I learned through couponing that oftentimes you can get the machine to trigger the coupon if you buy enough at regular price even though you only pay the sale price.

My test run yesterday worked.  Thirteen Powerades triggered a free Fenway tour.  So for $44.85 we'll get the whole family into the tour and 65 Powerades.  That's over sixteen gallons!  We can always donate what we do not drink. 


Mother Goose said…
You are so weird!
LBJ11 said…
But funny!

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