Extra Playtime

We spent the weekend in Boston.  Allan dropped Nugget off at a new boarding place and came out with a sheepish grin telling me he paid $6 extra per day for the extra playtime.

I'm a skeptic.  And an optimist.  So while I don't believe that they don't do the extra playtime but ask you to pay for it anyway I do believe that they give every dog the extra playtime and only charge the willing.  It's not like he'll be able to tell me when I pick him up later this morning.

I also think those penny squishing souvenier machines are just stocked with squished coppery disks and the actual penny that you put in is pure profit.

We did come home with a few of them, 51¢ each at the Prudential Center Observatory and Children's Museum, $1.01 at the Aquarium.  Or 51¢ at the rest stop on the Mass Pike on the way home.  


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