Hot Air Balloon

I've always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon.  In fact, I was recently getting a physical and my doctor asked me what my plans for the summer where and when I told him a trip to Lancaster, PA he told me he went on a hot air ballon ride there (and crashed along the highway and was told to stay in to keep his weight in the balloon but he didn't listen!) and I thought to myself, "I've always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon."  Little did I know that my wish was about to be fulfilled at Allan's company picnic.  We went up, up but not away because it was too windy above the trees.  Still a check for my bucket list.
Alex played paintball.  David and Tom went on pony rides.  We all enjoyed a mobile petting zoo, a huge swimming pool, a rock climbing structure (harder than it looks, I only made it halfway up), multiple inflatable jumping structures and slides, all manner of sports (Alex beat me in horseshoes and David & Tom attempted shuffle board.)   There was an arcade, an ice cream truck, LEGO sets for all the kids, a raffle for a kayak, a pair of nice bikes, a 3 day all expense paid trip to LEGOLAND, a cake worthy of the Cake Boss, lobster, steak, steamers, ribs, fried chicken, hamburgers & hot dogs, baked potato bar, pasta, veggies, salads and a brownie sundae bar.  And we all got T-shirts and airbrush tattoos.  We were too pooped to stay for the fireworks.  


Mother Goose said…
Holy company picnic Batman!!
LBJ11 said…
What she said!

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