Road Trip

We had a whirlwind trip to Pennsylvania and back because Alex had to be home for baseball.  We saw Sight & Sound's musical, "Jonah" which was amazing and got to visit with Aunt Aimee and Allie and Ethan as well as Grandpa and Grandma.  And sadly Alex's team lost the game we rushed home for and now they're out of the tournament and baseball is over for the summer.   I had to laugh, Allan called his mom the night before we were due to leave to see if Nugget could come along.  It costs over $25/day now to board him and they keep them kenneled for most of the day.  He was less of a pain than usual which was good.

David had my phone for a few minutes in the car and here is how he documented the trip:

If that didn't make you feel like you were along for the ride he also took video:


LBJ11 said…
Oh my - the tooth video is priceless!

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