Saint Anthony's

I believe it was 2004 when my mom and dad came to visit us in Massachusetts.  They were staying in Boston and my dad was the type to do and see as much as he possibly could on vacation.  A civil war battle field is only 200 miles away?  Gotta go!

So we met at the famous Pizzeria Regina in the North End and he and I shared a pizza called Saint Anthony's.  It was a white pizza with garlic, onion, peppers and fresh basil.  It was the best pizza he ever had.  He enjoyed it so much he was sweating as he ate it.

We had to visit Pizzeria Regina and I had to have Saint Anthony's pizza in his memory.  I got a little teary as we sat down but I knew he'd want me to enjoy the place.  And I did!  It was the second best pizza I've ever had.


We are: clamco said…
That looks sooooo gooooood!
Mother Goose said…
I remember the long hike it was to get there more than the pizza. Lol! He insisted he had to have pizza at Pizzeria Regina because that's what his guide book said. He didn't realize what a hike it would be to get there. And didn't expect a line quite that long :) Did you have to stand in line for a table this time?

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