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Long Days

Yesterday Tom and I went on nine different errands while Alex and David were in school.  He talked the entire time and fell asleep in the car on the way home.  The silence was heavenly.

I'm looking back to a time when I had only a three year old.  I considered it a full time job and now it's a break.

Alex's friend came over for the first time.  I think as long as everyone gets along it'll be fine babysitting him four days a week.  I made them do homework and play outside before turning on the Wii.

Today I have a day off from running and not a single errand to do so I'll be tackling laundry and the big detailed house cleaning list that I printed off.  Between preschool and Spongebob I hope to have the whole house deep cleaned by Thanksgiving.  I can't stand clutter so that is where I always start and I manage to have everything in it's place every day but I'm too tired to get the scrubbing done and it's starting to show!

First Day

Alex is in sixth grade and it's his second (and final) year at intermediate school.  Next year is middle school!  He had a good day and said his teacher is, "like any other teacher, they're all the same."
And David is in first grade. It's his first year of full day school.  His new friend is in his class and they sat together on the bus.  He left at 8:15 and didn't get home until 4:15.  He seems tired.  Tom and I had a great day.  I got the house picked up, a load of laundry started, we went to meet our friends at the park, went to the Y and I ran 8 miles, we had a packed lunch in the lobby, I showered and then we drove to West Hartford to get groceries at Trader Joe's.  We got home a few minutes later than Alex's bus used to get here but it was a half an hour late for no good reason.  Tomorrow I start with the after school babysitting.


I was watching a friend's eight month old baby and David wanted to help feed her.  I had to record it because he was opening his mouth more than she was.  Music provided by Tom.

Peanut Butter

I scooped the last of the six pound can of peanut butter I bought in June today.  And the last two times I've been to Sam's they didn't have the big cans.

I did buy a 25 pound sack of bread flour and have made 6 batches of bagels, 5 loaves of bread, 1 batch of pretzel rolls, 1 batch of pizza dough and a pound cake in my new machine.  We're down to under $20 a loaf now!  The bulk flour brings my ingredients cost way down, it's only 32¢ for the flour for a dozen bagels.  And that's the most costly ingredient.  

Bill Spanswick

Alex had a very memorable evening.  My friend's father in law pitched for the Red Sox in 1965 and he was in town for his grandson's birthday.  I sheepishly asked if I could bring Alex over for an autograph.  We read up on him on the internet, including this article and headed over with a new baseball and a sharpie.

He was so humble and friendly that we both left with stars in our eyes!  His son graciously gave Alex a signed baseball card and as Bill signed the ball he commented that the players today just scribble their names.  He also mentioned that the players today are much more vocal and back in his day they didn't dare open their mouths.  I wanted to sit and chat with him longer but we didn't want to crash the birthday party.

The card looks just like this one but with a signature.  Alex set it on the car seat on the way home, afraid to touch it.

Rocks $3

David and this boy have played together nonstop for the last week.  Today they decided to sell rocks.  For THREE DOLLARS each.  Good luck, boys.


We went to Hammonasset beach yesterday as sort of a last hurrah before school starts.  The kids had a great time.  The friend that we went with was brave enough to bring her 8 year old,  newly two and quite adventurous 2 year old and newborn and between the two moms and six kids the worst thing that happened was a splinter.  I'm not counting the time the two year old made a run for the water and flung herself in face first the moment her life jacket was removed because we responded quickly and she didn't even cry.

Fall is looking busy already.  I've agreed to watch an eleven year old after school until his parents get off work.  David will be in full day school for the first time and Tom starts two morning preschool on September 11.  Fall baseball is starting soon for Alex and David and Tom will be in consecutive soccer matches on Saturday mornings beginning after labor day.  The half marathon Allan & I have been training for is Sept 16 and my marathon is Oct 21.  If…

Fish Family Farm

We met some friends at a local dairy farm today.  First we checked out some chickens and then had lunch.  We petted the cows and felt their sandpaper tongues licking us then we got some delicious ice cream.   And on the way out I had to buy some cream and chocolate milk in these adorable glass bottles.  The chocolate milk tasted like melted ice cream it was so good.  I might return that bottle when I get more but that cream bottle is going to be mine forever!

Bye Bye Big Blue

Allan went for a ten mile run on Sunday and left Big Blue (Alex's half gallon water jug) at the end of our street.  And someone stole it.

I ordered a new one but blue was more expensive so we'll now have a Big Red.

Eleven and Six

Alex 63.5" 96.6 lb
David 45" 44.4 lb

Alex at age 6: 51.25" 58.5 lb he was 45" on his fourth birthday.

And Tom hopped on the scale and weighs 40 lbs, David was five before he weighed that much.

Bread Week

I got my machine on Thursday and quickly made a loaf of white bread.  Then I set the timer overnight and made cinnamon raisin bread.  On Friday I made pretzel rolls to go with our dinner.  Friday night I set the timer to make a loaf of whole wheat bread.  Today I made bagels that are so good I think if we were not already married Allan would have proposed to me for.  We're down to $55.98/loaf or just $4.67 per bagel.  I just toasted one and put butter on it and it was worth $4.67!  Recipe here.

That Was Quick

That's a $279.90 loaf of bread!

In Loving Memory

----- It's been a bad week for small appliances.  A few months ago my stand mixer started wheezing so I put it away and started using the hand mixer and my own muscles.  Yesterday I got it out to make banana bread (which apparently is another good freezer breakfast idea) and it made it's last circumnavigation around the bowl.  
And today I put the ingredients in the bread maker and got it going only to hear it's motor give out shortly after combining everything.  My mom & dad gave this machine to Allan for Christmas just after we got engaged.  I've made many, many loaves of bread in this thing.  And now I can get one that has a collapsable paddle and makes commercial looking loaves.  
Hey babe, we've outlasted the bread maker we are in the big leagues now!

So I had a ball of dough and both of my dough kneading appliances are dead.  I had to hand knead it and let me tell you I'll have a new machine on it's way to my house before that dough is …


Last night for dinner I made a double batch of breakfast burritos and now there are sixteen in the freezer for the kids to have for breakfast when school starts.  And today I made pancakes for lunch and there are two dozen for the same purpose.  I hate kids' cereal but am not really up to making fresh healthy breakfasts every day.

I could also do waffles, any other ideas?

Eleven Years Ago Today

Warning to my mom: this video contains three very important and no longer with us people from your life.  And Allison's ex-husband.  But you look good!  Proceed with caution.


I'm so glad I took under a minute to grab two sunflower seeds from the birdseed bag in May and poke them into the dirt by my mailbox.  Since then I've done absolutely nothing to the plant and soon it'll have three flowers:

The Creep

As summer winds down and we are in the three weeks until school starts window I've realized two things have crept later and later into the day.

We are all getting up later in the morning, dangerously close to 8 and since Alex's bus comes at 7:20 that is going to hurt.

And my runs are pushing towards the 1:00 pm childcare closing whereas during the school year I had to be home for the kindergarten bus at 12:05.  Of course, as my October marathon approaches the runs are getting longer and longer and I am getting used to the heat and humidity too so maybe this is less of a bad thing.  I just wish I could get my butt out of bed to get some miles in before Allan goes to work.

Next week I'll start reeling everybody back on track!

Summer 2012

Summer 2012, a set on Flickr. Alex's birthday to David's birthday with a bible school family night and trip to Boston in between.

Scout Camp

Alex spent last week at Boy Scout camp.  It was his final scouting hurrah since he's not going to continue.  He had a great week with swimming, fishing, canoeing and developing an exceptionally bad smell.  He took two showers and brushed his teeth twice.  Ew.

It's good to have him back.  I had to empty the dishwasher myself all week.  And he and David are getting along famously and playing with all of David's new toys.

Today Allan & a friend are taking the kids to an air show.  Tom is scared of the high powered hand dryers in public bathrooms so as much as I would love a day to myself he is staying home and I promised to take him swimming so he'll have a little fun too.  I've been under those jets at air shows and I know he will not like it.


10:00-10:15 Greet 5-6 (why can't everyone RSVP?) 5-6 year old boys
10:15-10:45 Play build the tallest Duplo tower
10:45-11:00 LEGO scavenger hunt
11:00 Order Pizza
11:00-11:15 LEGO Bingo
11:15-11:30 Pinata
11:30-11:50 Pizza and Cake
11:50-12:00 Presents
12:00 Goody bags & bye bye

LEGO Pinata

1.  Find a cardboard box and cut holes in the top to insert hanging rope.
2.  Cut the extra support out of the inside or the kids will be whacking all day long.
3.  Cut a false bottom with X-acto knife, fill pinata with candy and loose LEGOs and lightly tape false bottom in place with masking tape. 
4.  Wrap the box in Solo cup coordinating wrapping paper.  I got this at Walmart.  Cut holes to accommodate the rope.
5.  Cut Solo cups along handy dandy line.  Hot glue to box.  Don't measure, just eyeball.  Unless the engineer is home, then for goodness sake measure twice. 6.  Admire your work.  Marvel at your $3.47 low cost creation.  Find an adult beverage to pour into a leftover Solo cup.  Sing the song, you've earned it.  Let's have a party!

Update: it took 6 direct hits with a baseball bat to spill it's contents. 


I have a list of things to do to get ready for David's birthday party.  And I don't feel like running.  I just figured this out:
1:00 PM childcare closes at the Y
12:55 it takes 5 minutes to get them checked and settled in
12:20 I only have 3 miles to do today
12:05 it takes 15 minutes to get there
12:00 it takes 5 minutes to get their shoes on and get them into the car
11:40 they will need lunch beforehand
11:39 one minute to hit submit, check email and get off computer
I have 39 minutes to:
pick up dog poop in the back yard
fold a load of laundry, transfer one and start another
sweep the front step and walkway and pick a few weeds
vacuum the living room

Winner! Winner!

I won a coffee mug from Entenmann's for national donut day.  I vaguely remember entering and I don't know what the grand prize was but I'm thrilled with my new mug.
Last year I won a $100 gift card from a blog giveaway.  I'm on a roll!