We went to Hammonasset beach yesterday as sort of a last hurrah before school starts.  The kids had a great time.  The friend that we went with was brave enough to bring her 8 year old,  newly two and quite adventurous 2 year old and newborn and between the two moms and six kids the worst thing that happened was a splinter.  I'm not counting the time the two year old made a run for the water and flung herself in face first the moment her life jacket was removed because we responded quickly and she didn't even cry.

Fall is looking busy already.  I've agreed to watch an eleven year old after school until his parents get off work.  David will be in full day school for the first time and Tom starts two morning preschool on September 11.  Fall baseball is starting soon for Alex and David and Tom will be in consecutive soccer matches on Saturday mornings beginning after labor day.  The half marathon Allan & I have been training for is Sept 16 and my marathon is Oct 21.  If Allan decides to run the Hartford half we'll both be squeezing long runs into those busy weekends so it's a good thing I've opted out of teaching Sunday School this year.  I look forward to the routine of school, it's 8:15 and I'm still in my bathrobe!


Mother Goose said…
Yippee! Maybe I'll get to see the boys play baseball and soccer!

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